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A cozy home

After the Christmas decor is put away
the tree's are stored for next year and all those pretty ornaments in their 
glitzy colors and shiny finishes are wrapped and set aside safely

the house can sometimes feel so.bare.

I adore Christmas and the trees and the ornaments
 and the garlands and baskets and buckets of bling
and sprigs of pine

and putting it away gives me mixed emotions

But I embrace that quiet, simple, uncluttered look that January brings.
It feels fresh and clean and new and I like to keep decor quiet

I don't really like too much going on over on the sideboard all the time
or too many bits of decor on the table or in the corner of the room.
I like things pretty simple and natural

Comfortable, warm, welcoming elegance is what feels best to me.
So when the charm of Christmas is getting put away
I like to bring warm touches of winter to the house.

Candles on the bench warmly light the room while a warm
fire in the fireplace glows softly in the background.

A thick, chunky throw on the sofa 
is a staple and I love wrapping up in it

and so does Bella 
who also loves napping by the fire on a comfy pillow.

 Little blooms warm a room up
and bring that bit of the warmth of Spring
when the chill is in the air.
These spray roses have long started drying 
but I love the way they look and so have kept them out

I also love lanterns with candles here and there
Bring one in from outside and use it on the fireplace or the floor
to add that bit of extra glow 

Warm chunky throws
glowing candles
simple, sweet bouquets to warm the room
all help bring a bit of cozy to those winter days
over here

Today I am joining a fantastic group of bloggers 
sharing some of the ways that they warm their rooms for winter

Monday, January 13th
Tuesday, January 14th
Wednesday, January 15th
Thursday, January 16th
Friday,  January 17th

Happy Tuesday everyone
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  1. This is such a pretty room, Courtney! I can just imagine curling up on the sofa with my pup, enjoying a crackling fire. As always, I love your dried roses and the little French side table is just beautiful!


  2. Just beautiful, Courtney. I love the glow of the fire across the floor.

  3. I said perfect ways to warm and cozy up in the winter months!

  4. Lovely as always, Courtney! Nothing like a real wood burning fire! ~Christy

  5. Nothing better than a crackling fire on a cold winter day!! Your room is not only warm and cozy, ti's gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  6. Very cozy looking, Courtney! I found I kept things simple when the Christmas décor was all put away, too.

  7. Beautiful Courtney...LOVE the wreath hanging from the mirror!

  8. Oh this is such a lovely place to curl up and just enjoy a cup of tea or read a book. Beautiful. Hugs, marty

  9. Courtney…I can just sit with a cup of tea and look at your pictures all day!…they are so magnificent…truly defines cozy and warm!!!

  10. Gorgeous! I wish I could be in front of that fire! So cozy! It reminds me of growing up in Scotland!

  11. Courtney it's beautiful and you did a lovely job as always. I adore your style, and your signature roses alone are worth the trip.

  12. Oh dear, your prose and pictures are just too delightful! I want to grab my book and head right over. :)

  13. Your home is always gorgeous and amazing any time of year Courtney. A sea of beautiful flowers and romantic candles are always perfect in my world.

  14. I'm sighing and swooning over here Courtney! I feel like I just visited a cottage in the English countryside and snuggled up to the roaring fire. You've created such cozy spaces and ones which are meant for renewing the spirit. Your talent astounds me again and again my friend!

  15. So pretty, Courtney! It's always a joy visiting your blog!

  16. Your home looks so warm and cozy, Courtney! Love seeing little Bella napping by the fire! Hugs...Debbie

  17. Christmas trees and decorations are still up at our house. I would love to share pictures but don't know how...................
    It is snowing and blowing here. We are blessed with a warm, cozy home -(an old house that is hard to heat when it's 20 below).
    Soon the glitter will be put away we will enjoy the soft, quietness of Winter.
    Thank you for sharing!

  18. I feel the same way when all the pretty Christmas things are gone. This year I kept a few galvanized silver balls out with candles nearby. I love a cozy look to my home. And of course a throw on the couch to cozy up with. Flowers always add that special touch.
    Blessings, Diane

  19. Your room, like your whole house, looks perfect as always! Bella looks so cozy too!

  20. Hi Courtney!!!

    How I love your rooms in your house!!!

    The flowers are gorgeous and the candles give a beautiful glow. I can see you getting cozy with the blanket,
    good book in hand with a glass of wine in the other!!! The fireplace keeping you warm with Bella on her blanket...
    A beautiful picture!!!!

    The room looks great!!!!!

    Pam xox

  21. So cozy!!! & I always love your choice of flowers. You make me want to go out and buy some fresh flowers to put around our house :) xx Liz Marie

  22. Your living room looks cozy and comfortable. I love that we both have our fluffy friends in our cozy posts. They sure do help to make our homes cozy! It's great to be cohosting with you.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  23. Your living room looks cozy and comfortable. I love that we both have our fluffy friends in our cozy posts. They sure do help to make our homes cozy! It's great to be cohosting with you.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! What a sweet photo of Bella too!

  25. LOVE, Love LOVE all the pretty roses and have been following your blog for a while now. LOVE it!!! Have a great day, Lisa

  26. Simply beautiful as always, Courtney! I could easily curl up in your cozy spot in front of the wonderful fire. Especially with that cutey-patooty pup of yours. I really enjoyed partying with you at The Cozy Home Tour this week!

  27. Holy freakin cow, those shots are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!!! LOVE these pics and your home is just too beautiful for words!

  28. I like a lot of white in my January decor after the colours of Christmas!

  29. What can I say - just beautiful! I want to come to California to visit and cozy up by that fire!

  30. Oh I totally agree about kind of missing the whole feeling of Christmas decorations, but it is kind of refreshing and gets me a little excited for the new year and starting over! Your home is just amazing, and it makes me want to just sit by the fire and have a good chat with you☺ Thank you!

  31. So beautiful and serene. Thanks for sharing your lovely scene.

  32. My friend, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, you're home exudes comfort. :) I LOVE that throw. Want! Although my furry babies would most likely take it over. Loved seeing your home and the fire. xxoo, Barb

  33. Your home is cozy and romantic. I love the roses and your fireplace- perfection. So happy to be on the Cozy Home Tour with you. :) Samantha

  34. Such simple beauty! I agree about the mixed emotions about putting the Christmas decor away. I embrace the simpleness of the "post-Christmas" decor! :)

  35. Well you completely succeeded in creating a cozy home Courtney!! Love it all especially that cuddly throw! I love simple decor at this time of year too! Pinned!

  36. Your fireplace is amazing and adds such a warm touch to your room. Stunning photos as always!

  37. Stunning as usual!! This is definitely cozy. I just want to curl up on that couch and read a book ;)