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A few faux favorites

  I was so excited to preview some pretty amazing pieces of furniture
gorgeous rugs and even amazing accessories while at High Point Market.
It seemed like around every corner there was another inspiration just waiting
to be discovered.

So many different things caught my eye and inspired me while I was there.
 Things like big pieces of furniture and small things like delicate faux florals.

I shared a look at some of the faux florals recently and several of you
 let me know that you had one of these gorgeous arrangements from NDI
 and how much you loved them and just how well they have lasted for years

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time
you already know that I think that having flowers and greenery is truly part of the finishing touch
 in a room and is at the top of my list
 A beautiful bouquet of  flowers in the perfect complimentary color
or even a twiggy green olive tree in a bucket on the counter is perfect.

Olive trees and topiaries are one of my favorite green accents to add to a room
Whether they are a boxwood or a rosemary or an evergreen variety
I will admit- that I have been known to bring them home.
My husband shakes his head because he knows all too well about
how my green thumb works with topiaries-
they are really not a great marriage.
I love them- but they just don't like me for some reason.
I guess it's that either I water them too much, water them too little,
 give them too much sun or maybe it's not enough sun.

So after years of buying little charming topiaries and being sad when they are not thriving
maybe some of the best topiaries are the ones that last and last
and do not require any special care-
like these little dainty topiaries that I am in love with from NDI.
photo NDI

I saw them in person at market- they are darling.

I picked them up and loved them instantly.
In little 'aged' terra-cotta pots and with their lifelike foliage-
I  definitely think I need this grouping to place on the sideboard.

Love this little olive tree too
Photo NDI 

 All of the different style topiaries at Natural Decorations Inc. were absolutely beautiful
and  I could imagine several spots for each
Plus- they are husband approved. These will last and last.

I love to have a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house 
but sometimes faux just makes more sense.

Like if you have allergies or someone in the house with allergies
or maybe you have cats that like to eat those pretty blooms
or you live in a climate that makes it hard to keep fresh flowers for more than a couple days
Or maybe you simply want a special bouquet that you love
that will last and last

 I  admit that I wondered if the faux florals would look real but  they did.
They looked incredibly real and some of them even felt real
I wanted to walk over and smell them.
They looked just like flowers you would pick up at the market but in gorgeous bouquets
ready to display.

These are just a few of the ones that caught my eye:

These were so pretty- and  a vase of these on the table by your bed would be lovely.
Gorgeous- and no worries about allergies while you sleep for those of you who are allergic to real grasses or blooms.

I have several bunches of faux hydrangeas and snowball viburnum in
 one of the armoires- they are gorgeous and their pale coloring is perfect
for a chippy basket or a farmhouse pitcher.
 I love them.

There were tulips, hydrangeas, lilies roses, ranunculus, peonies and so much greenery out to enjoy
 I had no idea that there were that many different types of faux plants and florals
and that they were not like the ones of yesterday

Beautiful wreaths & fruit and vegetables like artichokes too.

They had them in several styles and sizes of artichokes- I wanted a box full.
Artichokes are one of things that are perfect to place in a basket on the island or the counter
for their pretty color and texture or for a photo even
but if you have had real ones - you know they start looking iffy pretty quickly

I also have a big crush on lime green and white together

Here's a close-up of the petals to show how they look

There were even fragrances in various scents for your home as well.

I hope that you enjoyed some of the favorites I saw while in High Point and
if you are looking for a special bouquet or  faux greenery- 
such as those topiaries that don't require a green thumb to keep looking good~
 take a peak to see what some of Natural Decorations Inc. latest creations are.

They have so many more items to browse through on their website 
and so many to choose from in each different color.
They really are doing a pretty amazing job making faux fabulous - you will find many of their
pieces appearing in movies, magazine stylings and celebrity houses.
You can find more about NDI, their products and where to purchase 
on their website 

I was compensated by High Point Market Authority to share 
NDI with you but all opinions are my own


  1. Wow those are gorgeous! I have a hard time finding quality silks where I live. I will definitely check their web site out

  2. Very nice pictures.

    I love roses !!!

    Love from Holland.

    Thea ♥

    Crea by Thea

  3. Love them, so pretty perfect for that mid winter flower blahs!

  4. The trees and flowers look so real. You don't have to worry that you have killed them. I can't believe that the flowers aren't real - they good so good. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Every NDI arrangement that I see sparks a desire to own that beautiful thing. I loved this post and all the gorgeous flowers.

  6. Sometimes faux is fine and fabulous! Thanks for introducing us to this wonderful source.

  7. I have a couple of arrangements from NDI and they are premium. I especially love the hydrangea and peony - two of my favourite natural flowers, but these ones don't die off within a day or two.

  8. It's so nice to see such beautiful flowers while we are sitting here in another snow storm in Michigan. I jumped over from another blog when I saw the title of your blog. I am mostly French, although I was born and live in the US. It would sure be nice to live in a French country cottage!

  9. I have a large NDI arrangement that I purchased at an auction a few years ago. It has roses and hydrangeas in a tall glass vase and it still had the tags on it. I priced it on their web site and it was over $500...I paid $20! Now that made me happy!