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Boxwood love

I have a *small* little love of boxwood wreaths

Maybe it's their rich color
their delicate leaves or their lush, full look

Or maybe it's that they are so simple and so beautiful at the same time.
I was noticing today while I was cleaning up and taking some photographs
that I have quite a few different boxwood wreaths in the house right now.
I think mostly because I used several for Christmas decor this year
and have left them up because I love how they look.

I have a crush on little spindly wreaths too
Like this sweet little 5 minute wreath  I made for the farmhouse cupboard

and those tiny little wreaths for napkin rings

This was the first year that I found large fresh boxwood wreaths a the market
Usually I make small fresh ones or purchase the larger ones preserved

This wreath in the kitchen was fresh a few months ago and has dried naturally 
which- means that I just haven't spritzed it with water
I know that there are ways to preserve boxwood wreaths and garlands, etc.
but I have never tried any of them.
 I have to say- even though it's faded a bit- I am loving how it looks
especially with a jute webbing tie 
and against a chalkboard edged in gold.

It's simple and charming and perfect for a fresh look in January.

Something you might have noticed-  my paper whites finally bloomed!
They pretty much started blooming just a couple days before Christmas
so a little late this year for some reason- even though I planted them early.
But they are blooming away happily now and
I am using them in a few of the Christmas photography projects I am working on

There's my random post of the week 
all inspired by that boxwood wreath in the kitchen.

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  1. I have always wanted boxwood wreaths but have always found them way too expensive. This year Trader Joe's had quite large ones for 10 each. I was able to buy three! Love them!

  2. I'm with you...a HUGE fan of the boxwood wreath! They are just so bright and fresh! Yours look beautiful! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  3. I love boxwood wreaths too and just bought 2 different sizes of preserved boxwood wreaths. I love the fresh ones for Christmas and I have a friend who makes them to sell and I trade the wreaths for some sewing I do for her. The past 2 years she has been in Haiti and i've missed those wreaths! Next Christmas she will be here again and I'm looking forward to having a bunch of wreaths again! I ususally purchase loose boxwood to add to decor but never take the time to make my own wreaths. Loved your little five minute wreath - I need to make some of those next season!

  4. I have always loved the look of boxwood wreaths. I made myself a faux on a while back and that has kept the need for a real one at bay for a while.

  5. I, too, love boxwood wreaths, and yours are lovely. I wish I could find an inexpensive source, though. And your paperwhites -- oh, my!

  6. Beautiful. I cannot seem to find boxwood wreaths in my area - and would definitely settle for a realistic faux version! They add so much life to a space. :)

    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  7. I love your boxwood wreaths, I was looking for them also , I'm sorry I missed them at Trader Joes.
    Maybe next year.,:)