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Eucalyptus wreath~ diy

The other day I shared a peek at the living room
getting a little bit of it's cozy on for winter
With a warm fire in the fireplace
lots of candles
and a chunky throw on the sofa

I also re-styled the mantel and kept it more simple for winter
with just a eucalyptus wreath on the mirror
which I made using that eucalyptus I ordered for Christmas decor.

In November- I ordered a box full of fresh eucalyptus to use for the mantels
and for garlands and accents.
I made a thick garland to drape on the fireplace in the bedroom
 (more on that one coming soon)

 and for the living room
it was simply placed on top of the mantel

I knew that the eucalyptus would dry well 
and that after the Christmas decor was put away, 
I wanted to make a wreath with some of it

You can purchase wreaths pre- made- they cost somewhere around
$80 and up depending on the size.


Here's what you need:

eucalyptus branches
a grapevine wreath in the size you would like

Start by attaching the wire to the grapevine wreath and securing it.
Next attach the first piece of eucalyptus by laying it on the wreath and wrapping the stem and wreath with the wire (looping it around) 

Then continue with the next piece of eucalyptus
 and the next, the next and so on until your wreath is covered.

When the eucalyptus is dry there will be some leaves that drop and areas 
that are not as full as a fresh eucalyptus wreath.
So I tucked in a few extra pieces to fill it in and give the wreath fullness and more shape.
I didn't wire these pieces- you can either tuck them into the grapevine
or use a hot glue gun

 Simply attach the eucalyptus to the wreath 
 to add in the extra fullness where you would like

That's it. 
Simple simple simple.

Happy weekend.

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  1. So pretty Courtney,I bet it smells amazing too!

  2. Oh wow! I love the look of that wreath! Eucalyptus is so pretty fresh or dried. Beautiful!

  3. So pretty and I imagine the smell is divine.

  4. Hi Courtney!!!

    I wish I could have a wreath, but, my hubby hates them. Oh well, what's a girl to do?

    I would love one like this!!!


  5. une très belle idée!
    je vais aller voir au marché si j'en trouve!

  6. Its beautiful Courtney !
    Happy weekend for you.

  7. Its beautiful Courtney !
    Happy weekend for you ♥♥♥


  8. Love that Courtney…and would love to order eucalyptus next year…the fragrance is spectacular…Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I was thinking about making a eucalyptus wreath, and wondering exactly how to go about it, and then i saw this post! Thanks! I love the way the eucalyptus smells... i have some in my shower and every time the bathroom steams up it scents the the whole room....


  10. just gorgeous. and I bet it smells beautiful

  11. love this! must smell amazing! going to give it a try.....

    Lois@pineridge hills

  12. This is a pretty wreath, Courtney, and I like that you were able to repurpose something for the holidays so that it was usable later on in the year--good idea!

  13. Such a delicate touch to your lovely room, and I am sure it smells nice too!

  14. Courtney, that wreath is beautiful in its simplicity. Your room is gorgeous too. I'm a new blogger enjoying your blog and a follower.

  15. I love your wreath! Gosh, I have the same eucalyptus tree growing outside my window! Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and it needs trimming!!!