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New drapes... with a twist


 Remember those new drapes that I made for the guest bedroom?
The ones made with that gorgeous french floral stripe fabric and tassel fringe?

Well, I promised to more about how I made them
A little secret- even though the gorgeous floral stripe fabric is new
the fringe and lining of these drapes
are not.

I found these drapes probably about 6 years ago 
Loved them. Loved the color, loved loved loved the fringe
and thought they were perfect in that color, style, and price-
 which they were.
 Except for a few things which weren't perfect for my windows.
The fabric was the right color-a little thin but mainly-they were just not long enough.

So instead of the windows and french doors looking like they were wearing floods
I thought I could possibly let the hems out enough to add more length to them

 Since they were on big time clearance  and I loved that fringe
I figured they were worth a little tinkering

But then  my mother asked me if I wanted those sets of gorgeous vintage drapes 
that she had stored -  these project drapes were put on the back burner.

Fast forward a couple years...
 I ordered that gorgeous french floral ticking stripe fabric from Online Fabric Store.
and instantly thought of making drapes as one of the projects I would do with it.

When it arrived- I started to get ready to measure and cut
and I decided that I wanted to line them
and I was kicking myself for not finding a perfect matching fringe 
because the more I stared at the fabric- the more I thought
that would just be amazing 

Then-  I had a moment.
 Like a V-8 bam kind of moment

 I thought of those creamy fringed drapes and just wondered
if I was to tack the fabric along the fringe 
and sewed it along the top
would  I  possibly have lined & fringed french floral ticking drapes
in a super simple 
super fast easy step?


I am not a technical sewing girl over here- more like a wild hair woman
with an older sewing machine. I love creating and sewing- but
I would probably frustrate the you know what out
of most of you who really do know how to sew.

I am good with making random things like
 ruffled burlap tablecloths

Simple drapes and pillows, etc
and if I can figure out a short cut to get the look I want-

I am so there.

Here's what I did:
I cut my new fabric to size and pinned it to the original drape panel
I sewed along the edge of the fabric just along/under the edge of the trim on the drape

See the little bit of fabric sticking up in the corner over there?
Just push it underneath that little edge of the fringe for sewing

Along the top- the original drape was a rod pocket top.
I planned to use these with clips on a rod- so I wasn't too concerned about 
taking just a bit of the rod pocket (but there is plenty leftover either way)

I wrapped about 1-2" of the new drape fabric over the top
 pinned it and then sewed it into place.
Tack to the other edge of the drape 
and voila.
You have fringe trimmed and lined drapes with a new look

Now, I know that making drapes with a pretty fringe and lining 
from scratch isn't incredibly detailed. 
But since I already had these panels on hand and wasn't using them- 
they were perfect for a makeover 

I am loving how they came out.
You can find my original post here 
to see more of the finished drapes and you can find the fabric I used
which is called Covington Brodie Chambray HERE

How about a little fun for you to make your own drapes or pillows or whatever you would like?
How about a $100 giveaway to Online Fabric Store?
Awesome right? It's coming your way this week
and also, something else exciting coming your way-

I am curating a Joss and Main sale event this week- 
If you haven't signed up to be able to shop the events
here is a super quick invite code to have access to their site
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Happy Monday!

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  1. They are gorgeous, Courtney! I love that fabric. I consider myself an intermediate sewer for the last 25 years, but if I can figure something out on my own {I'm not very good or patient with patterns} and there's a shortcut involved, I usually go for it.

  2. Beautiful drapes and how clever! It is so rewarding to think of ways to use something we already have! Wonderful job!

  3. What a great idea! They look perfect! That is how I work too, random creativity at its finest :)

  4. These drapes are so pretty and the floral pattern makes me happy! Happy New Year, my friend.

  5. I am in love with the fabric on your new drapes. Wish I had anything decorated with blue but I don't. Still - you did a wonderful job.

  6. What a wonderful Eureka moment!!! Not to mention my kind of project, although even the sewing you call “wild woman” I call impressive! Beautiful, beautiful drapes!

  7. Your drapes are absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful idea ~ love these ;-)

  8. I think this is a genius solution and the drapes look totally amazing. I love it. Be sure to link up to Inspire me. Love this. Hugs, Marty

  9. Well, aren't you smart and those are gorgeous. I do not like to sew. Wish I did.

  10. Inspired, Courtney! The drapes look wonderful.

  11. I'm totally confused about what you did, but the drapes look beautiful before and after and I, too, love that fringe.

    1. I am not the best at tutorials- sorry!! I sewed the new fabric right onto the 'old' drape panel and used the older panel as the lining.

  12. Courtney, you know I sit quiet in the background usually, but,
    Wow--beaUtiful drapes! Beautiful job AND beautiful selection!
    They totally remind me of something "Jane Austen!"

  13. You are one smart puppy! Love the drapes!

  14. That is my kind of sewing project. I will cut corners where ever possible. They are really gorgeous!

  15. Brilliant idea Courtney!! That new fabric is just stunning. The fringe really makes them special, too!

  16. wonderful upcycle/recycle makeover my friend. They are lovely. Hugs!

  17. well aren't you very clever? as I walk around room to room digging through my collections of fabric.
    thanks for sharing and love your new drapes.

  18. That is a wonderful shortcut. I have sewn for many many years, but never anything complicated, and I am always looking for the easiest way to do things. Your drapes are gorgeous!

  19. Courtney, I just Love the way you did these!! I know if I can find a creative short cut with Home Decor I am so there.

    Huggs, Nancy

  20. They are gorgeous Courtney! Love the fabric and fringe alike!

  21. Courtney you do beautiful work. I really enjoy that you collect things and then recreate them into something functional and pretty.

  22. They turned out beautiful Courtney! The fringe was like a perfect necklace to a pretty dress.

  23. Well at least you can sew a straight line, I can't even do
    Your drapes are stunning, the fabric is just yummy...

  24. It all looks GREAT :) I hope you had a great Christmas holiday dear.

    Check out my new post...Cute curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion

  25. These curtains are absolutely gorgeous! I have a sewing machine, but have yet to tackle making ANYTHING yet! You seem like a pro to me! ;)
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  26. Just beautiful! Gorgeous fabric, and great job!!