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New Year Blooms

I love the feeling of a fresh start each new year.

The feeling that those goals and dreams that you plant on the first day of the New Year
can bloom into possibilities and realities.

That you have a slate that is just waiting for you to write on it.

I have been thinking about my 'word' of the year this year... 
 honestly, I always have a hard time choosing just one word
I am more of a several word type girl
indecisive,  indecisive..
choosing a few or a few sayings that each are about something
I want to focus on in the new year works until that 'one' word is clear

One of the sayings I am drawn to
and that inspired these photos
blossom, bloom & grow

In 2013- it seemed to be a year that had a lot of things, people and opportunities
that were bringing clarity about a few things.
There were several things started out small - like a little bud
and at first, they weren't so clear but as they grew and opened a bit they looked a little different
and became a little more clear

and then a little bit more 
and all of a sudden in focus. 
Maybe an 'aha' moment? I don't know.

I am excited and energized for 2014 and
like most everyone- have quite a few goals and dreams 
On the list- the usual 'resolutions'

get more exercise,
eat better
meditate and listen to myself and the quiet more

Blog wise-
Work more and work better
I have a few fun projects on the horizon-
 bigger remodel that have been on the back burner that will be finally.getting.going.
and some smaller projects, decorating changes and of course lots of DIY.

I would love to know what you would like to see more of as well.

I would love to travel more this year with my blog
 and travel more for fun too
 I am also doing quite a bit of photography  
I bought myself a new camera for Christmas and once I figure out how to work it 
 I will be taking a ton of photos
mostly for a couple big projects I have been dreaming about for a bit 
and that are moving into full force this year
Lots of writing on the agenda so making a plan to start with 15 minutes a day

Here's to a fantastic 2014
and to dreaming big
and making those big dreams come true

What about you? What are some of your resolutions for 2014?

Happy New Year everyone

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  1. This post makes me want to RUN out and buy some roses!!!!

  2. It all sounds fun and exciting.I too am enjoying the new slate.I haven't made any plan yet but I do feel inspired to do so ,maybe even tonight.When ever I try to think of a word for any year it's ALWAYS the same word so i don't do it any more-My word is always...JOY.

  3. Nice and cryptic;) I am behind you 100% and know that you can achieve wherever your dreams take you. Your words are awesome and so you!! All my love to you Courtney :)

  4. So pretty. I love the last photo with cheer in it. Happy new year. I'm looking forward to what your blog has in store. Take care.


  5. Je voudrais que dans votre coeur règne le bonheur... Je vous envoie tous mes souhaits de joie, de rire et de désirs... Que cette année soit très belle.

    Gros bisous à vous.

  6. I love pink roses and I love your words for 2014! Blessings on your projects and dreams for 2014!
    Blessings, Diane

  7. I love pink roses and I love your words for 2014! Blessings on your projects and dreams for 2014!
    Blessings, Diane

  8. All sounds very exciting Courtney. Happy New Year. I don't have a preference for anything really as you always make everything look nice

  9. And a very happy and blessed new year to you and your family!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful New Year coming up for you!

  11. I plan on just enjoying every day by day. I have very bad degenerative back disk problems and I made it through the entire year 2013 without a hospital stay and hoping for same in 2014. I am being careful ( avoiding major surgery)
    I am like you I need to eat less sugar and stick to healthy foods but they just don't satisfy my cravings LOL
    Love love roses and I seen a gal in line at the grocery store buying her a bundle of roses and I thought how pretty.
    I need a better camera also but sure I couldn't figure a new one out LOL
    this all sounds negative but i'm not really a negative person LOl
    I have enjoyed your beautiful blog all last year and will be stopping in all this year

    Happy New Year