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Romantic Style Event- Joss & Main

After Christmas- I crave a burst of freshness in my home
and the moving things around and redesigning
 begins as soon as the Christmas decor is put away.
I love to bring in a couple new pieces to mix with some of the older ones
and add those elements to the rooms for a fresh look in the new year.

When Joss and Main asked me to curate an event with them
that was all about the romantic style of the cottage- I was honored and thrilled to partipate
 I am so excited to share some of what you will find in the sale
which launches this evening.

Things like these chairs
which are just like the ones I have 

Gorgeous white ware
 a staple in my book

beautiful transfer ware

gorgeous vintage inspired garden bench

I am thinking my farmhouse cupboard needs this for flowers

and this too

Pieces touched with a delicate lines and elegant gold

and larger pieces- like a
 white slipcovered sofa

Plus so much more
everything is on sale 
just for the event

If you aren't a member yet- 
here is a link that will get you signed up 
and give you access right away

I hope you will head on over to Joss & Main
shop the sale 
and hopefully find a few perfect pieces to bring
 into your home for the new year!

Happy Tuesday!

The sale is now live
 find it here

Also- since there were technical difficulties with their website yesterday
they have offered this coupon to save an EXTRA 10% off any purchase
good for 24 hours only- so get shopping!!
use code 

I was compensated by Joss & Main to participate in
the curated collection but opinions and designs
 are my own of course.

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  1. Hi Courtney!!!

    I LOVE Josh and Main!!!!!

    They have the exact beautiful lines I love in decor. I've admired your taste since I began reading
    your Blog because it's the romantic cottage way I love to decorate. I add vintage women's apparel
    from days gone by. When I have people over they cannot believe how I decorate, they've never
    seen romantic cottage vintage put together the way I have it done.

    I enjoy showing it because of their reactions and when I'm asked where I get the inspiration from, your
    name and blog is always mentioned along with where I get my items from. Usually thrift stores and the
    like. My husband sits sometimes or I find him standing before one of my walls just looking at it and he
    always says I have a hidden talent. I just love the feel of putting together an idea I have and see it come
    to life once it's completed. And knew that it was done with thrift store finds!!!

    Thanks Courtney!!!

    Have a great week!!!

    1. So sweet of you Pam! It sounds like you definitely have a hidden talent- let it shine girl!! ;)

  2. Love those chairs, and the boxwood wreath would be perfect hanging on my mirror.

    1. I love them too - and yes, yes, yes to the boxwood wreaths- I use mine year round.

  3. How exciting. I can't wait to see.

  4. Oh my.....weren't we just emailing about this???!!!!
    Thank you Courtney? You are the best!!!

    1. Yes we were! I don't think they were able to get enough stock of the chairs to include them :( but maybe they will be able to add them in this week if they become available.

  5. I definitely have to check this out!! I am SURE it's beautiful ;-)

  6. I love Josh & Main! Your collection must be super popular as I have been trying to sign in for over an hour now. I hope I can get to few things before they sell out. You did a absolutely beautiful job Courtney!!

    Huggs, Nancy

    1. Sorry Nancy :( I think they might be having some issues with the site- I have heard others saying they were trying to purchase and couldn't get it to go through. Hopefully it will be fixed soon- Thank you for trying!

  7. congratulations on the josh & main event! it's beautiful beautiful. good job!

  8. congratulations on your josh & main event. beautiful beautiful. good job!

  9. So exciting! You have such great style that I know those items will sell out quickly.

  10. Oooooh just signed up. The only problem, I love it ALL.

  11. Courtney,
    I LOVE the chairs like yours and that set of 2 that have the black fabric are also lovely!
    You do pick nice things girl! and it is all so You! LOL
    I should remember to save money before Christmas for AFTER Christmas sales!
    I love Joss & mai and have been buying from them for awhile. So happy that you were asked to do this!