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White Ironstone Pitcher

It is the first week of 2014
and I have already stopped at the thrift store.
Yes. I know.
Why? I haven't even put away the Christmas decor yet.
So why am I out at shopping the thrift store for ironstone?

 I think it's called an addiction

Right before Christmas  I found a load of great old ironstone and blue transferware platters at some pretty great prices- just a couple dollars a piece. I picked up 3 blue platters- for that wall in the sitting area and a very old set of two ironstone transfer ware pieces

While I was shopping that day,
I also saw a huge Johnson Bros Ironstone pitcher
tucked in among other treasures on a shelf near the counter.

It wasn't priced terribly high but too high for my comfort zone 
since it had a little tiny ding in one side
and I was already buying that stack of platters & ironstone
and I knew that half price day was coming in a week

 I walked away. 
Rationalizing that I could probably find one in perfect condition on Ebay
if I decided I had to have it if someone bought it
and then I forgot about it.

But not really.

Because a couple days ago,
I remembered that it was almost half priced day at the thrift store
and I was wondering if that pitcher had found a home yet.
I decided to just stop and peek in the door while I was out and about
 and see if it was sitting on the shelf.

It was there.
 In all it's white embossed, curvy handle glory.
On half-price day.

So you guessed it... it came home with me.
If you have been reading my blog you already know
that I  kind of have a little obsession with white dishes.
I once filled the bookcases in the cottage with white dishes for a photography project

and my grandmothers old china cabinet  was filled with various pieces at one time.
Yes, I freely admit that I might be obsessed.

 But they are white dishes.
Always in style.
Easy to mix and match with everything
and overall perfect to use pretty much where ever.

So I justify the obsession.

Especially on half price day.

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right now- all about romantic style
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Happy Saturday

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  1. Such very nice pieces you find and so reasonably priced. I love white too. But, never seem to find much at low cost.

  2. Oh I love it, it is fabulous and for half price, I think it definitely had to come home with you. Hugs, Marty

  3. And, what a fabulous addiction it is! I LOVE all of your pieces, Shannon! I need to work on that myself (especially finding a bit of blue and white). Happy New Year!

  4. Oh goodness, Courtney … please delete my other comment (I was just on Shannon's blog and had her name on my mind … sorry). LOL :)

  5. I love the picture of your all white china so pretty. And as you said so easy to match in. I think you were really good waiting for half price day. I could not of waited.

  6. That is gorgeous! I love Johnson Brothers. I have a set of Richmond White that I love. I too would have gone back for that pitcher on half price day! Your Thrift Store is way better than mine!

  7. You are so funny. Plus I think that is a famous mold or popular one. I used to paint pottery and buy the molds and I recognize that one. It's so pretty. I've been refraining from going to the thrift shop because here in Italy I assumed they would be closed since in Italy the party is still going on. Realize the obsession might actually be the thrift shop.

  8. That is a gorgeous pitcher, Courtney! I would probably have been thinking about it constantly once I left the store. Although, sometimes they do price things a big too high. Glad you were able to get it on half price day. The dishes and platters look wonderful, too. Looking forward to seeing that wall. I have to do something in my dining room and have been kicking around the idea of plates or platters as one option.

  9. You find the best stuff. My thrift stores do not have anything like yours!

  10. Creative, stylish women nEVer have to justify their obsessions!!!
    What a FABulous find--I would have totally competed with you for it! ; D

  11. Some things are just meant to be. Beautiful!

  12. Okay, now that's just not fair lol ~ I'm like you, a bit "obsessed" but in a good way:) So glad you got it on half price day. I'm always just tickled pink when that happens. xoKathleen

  13. Beautiful pitcher, love the curvy handle especially!!! GREAT find!

  14. Obsessions keep us focused. They are a good thing.

  15. You were so lucky! Usually, when I find something like that, if I don't swoop it up it'll be gone forever! I love white pitchers too!

  16. You were very lucky! Usually, if I find something I fall in love with and I don't swoop it up it's gone! I love white ironstone too!!

  17. Hey, if you enjoy it isn't a bad addiction at all.

  18. Love it, and the blue and white, too. It was meant to be ;-)

  19. Don't you just love it when a piece just had to be yours? It's beautiful. I have the same weakness for enamelware. We're hopeless....

  20. Totally jealous!! You can't beat half price day!! :)

  21. Very Nice! Love it….it was meant to be!

  22. Too funny! I completely understand! I once HAD to stop on the way home from stomach surgery and a week in the hospital at TWO different Craigslist items for sale. And I bought BOTH!! Made my recovery sooooo much better, having those 2 pieces to look forward to working on!!!

  23. Love your collections! Glad you were able to purchase your newest treasure at 1/2 price!

  24. Love your all white collections! So glad you were able to purchase your latest treasure at 1/2 price!

  25. Hi Courtney!!!

    I also love white ironstone!!! I have several in different sizes and design.
    Yours is absolutely gorgeous and I was glad to hear that it was still
    there!!! There's nothing like going home without the item, hoping it will
    come down in price and then going back and paying less for it.

    Good things come to those who wait:)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


  26. Be still my beating heart ... what a fabulous find, especially reduced. White is just so classic & elegant & as you say, it goes with everything!

  27. I love how "chubby" it is and how delicate the handle is.

  28. The two of you were meant to be together:-) Addictions can be good especially when the end result is the beauty that you display.

  29. LOVE it. I have a lot of collections… my newest being ironstone!

  30. Well, I adore anything by Johnson Brothers, so I can see why you went back! I had no idea Johnson Brothers made things like pitchers, so now I will have to be on the lookout for something shaped as pretty as the one you found and brought home, Courtney.

  31. She is a beauty!
    I just love your chalkboard...there is one similar for sale at our shop and I wish we had 1/2 price day!

  32. We all have our obsessions. I have a few of my own, especially half price! Nice job. Milena

  33. I'm obsessed too and I've been to thrift stores already this year :::grins:::
    Happy New Year!!

  34. Ha!!! Fabulous that it was still there on half price day! What a score!... and i adore your white dishes. I collect them too, and they're pretty with everything...


  35. Yes, she is a beauty! Glad she was there waiting to go home with you, Courtney. Wish our thrift stores have half price days. ;-)

  36. Love your new pitcher, I too have started to collect ironstone. My mother hsd the Willow set and I got a few pieces plus alot of small white pieces.

  37. Such a pretty pitcher, I would have went back for it too!

  38. Courtney, this pitcher is Positively BEAUTIFUL!! So glad that it has a Lovely home to reside in :)

  39. I collect ironstone too! Your collection is gorgeous! This pitcher is so so pretty! Wish we could head out together thrifting for ironstone pieces! Pinned!