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$5 rustic charm

In winter- it always seems like I crave simple changes in the house.
Like new bedding or moving furniture around in a room for a different look 
Sometimes it's a new old treasure that swaps places with something else. 

Something like a $5 old weathered bench 
as a coffee table.

 With uneven slats of wood on the top

 a little bit of a warble to its shape

a paint speckled
weathered personality 

and old rusted wire holding it together at the bottom of the legs

this bench is a charmer. 

It is made of oak I think
and looks to be somewhat mission style 
with slats on each end and simple details like the center
 and subtle arch on each side 

I wasn't looking for a bench when I found it
but there it was sitting in a shed that I was rummaging through at a sale

Old, weathered and worn
 somewhat rickety and warbled

Yeah, you know I loved it.

I wanted something smaller and different in the living room than the tufted bench
Something more rustic with lots of personality and quirks
and that could hold a bevy of candles for warming up winter evenings

It was perfect and I am loving that quirky charm

My big projects have been on hold over here thanks to the muscle in my neck 
that is taking some time to chill and my husbands insane schedule the past couple weeks.
So for now, I am doing a lot of planning and jotting down and shopping for some new pieces online
and cooking in a kitchen that is stuck in the middle of a renovation  ;)
But I am excited about changes that are coming 
and some of the bigger changes that will hopefully get back in motion again soon.

Happy Monday

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  1. ooooh so pretty and for $5.00!!!! Wowie WOW!!!

  2. Love the bench, makes a great coffee table. Hugs, Marty

  3. That bench is perfection! Hope you neck feels better soon.

  4. I love that bench. The contrast of the rustic with your more fancy french style pieces is perfection in my book!

  5. What a sweet bench, Courtney! You know how I love a good rustic piece of anything - and this little gem adds so much charm and quirky-ness to your living room! Needless to say that the weathered gray is the most perfect color! Score for you!!!

    xoxo laurie

  6. I'm so sorry about your neck. Feel better soon. What a darling bench!

  7. It does look nice. I am doing the same thing. Instead of waiting for Spring to come I am changing things in the house now.

  8. Both quirky and quaint - love little distressed benches.

  9. You always find the prettiest pieces. So much character and charm.

  10. Super charming and looks just perfect in your space.

  11. Love how something so simple (not really) and old can bring so much warmth and love. I often wonder what these lovely old items would say about life if they could talk. I'm looking for slip covers that aren't too expensive........any suggestions?

  12. How cute, Courtney! Such a sweet addition to the room!

  13. Great find, Courtney! Looks great and is going to be lots of fun to photograph!

  14. Oh Courtney this is a charmer, I Love it too!!

    Thanks for sharing~

  15. Love the bench, looks great with your sofa and fireplace.

  16. You definitely have "the eye" for what has warmth. ...Hope your neck feels as good as new soon.

  17. I love that weathered bench, it's perfect!! Looks beautiful in your home. A wonderful subtle change.


  18. Adorei o banco e adoro o estilo cottage também amo a decoração provençal ! Sou brasileira de Recife ! Bj

  19. That bench adds the perfect touch of rustic to your beautiful home. Hope your neck is better soom.

  20. I love your beautiful rustic bench! The patina of the wood is wonderful!

  21. Your new/old bench is really pretty, and you're right--it is a perfect spot for a grouping of candles. Looks very cozy.

  22. What a great find...a fantastic bench...Kim found some great benches similar to yours in the glows of the candles and the certainly know just how to make a room so romantic!