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A shabby table~before

I am in love with this old  table on the patio.
Truly, it is such a beautiful, beautiful table that is completely
 covered in hand carved details.
Like lots of swirly, twirly scrolls, big seashells
 a chunky carved apron & beautiful top

I adore painted furniture and always love the transformation and new look paint gives to a piece.
 I have several freshly painted pieces in my home right now
and am actually looking at purchasing another one ;)
 but most of the time I prefer an original painted finish on an antique piece
an original painted finish that is old, chippy, peeling paint
that is perfection.

This table with all that pretty white paint had a shabby look that was charming 
but I wanted to refinish it
 mainly because I wanted to see the details in that parquet top.

 So it was stored in the project area for a bit and then
while re-doing a few spaces for a magazine shoot
 I was looking for something larger to fill
the space under the  pergola covered  patio
and thought of it.
(photo credit- Mark Lohman)

That square shape and shabby white finish fit the space perfectly- I loved it
and so there it stayed after the photos were done just as it was.
But then...
there was a random rain that came through one night a couple weeks later
and it caused water to puddle on the top of that table 
When drying it and rubbing the top with a towel
all that paint on the top started to bubble up and peel off.

With the paint came that old damaged varnish that was painted over in the first place.
So by now
I was obsessed with getting the rest off and started peeling away
and the more I peeled, the more of that paint came up.
Until it didn't 
and there were areas with stuck on paint that liked being there.

Scraping, chipping, nothing was getting that paint off. 
I knew it was a job that involved the big tools like paint stripper.
So the other day- I got back to refinishing it and got out my gloves and tools 
and started scraping that paint away.

I covered it with goop
let it sit and then scraped 
and did that again
and again
Possibly why they say the natural based strippers are not as good at getting the job done
but it eventually started to look something more like this...
with streaks of white and not chunks

and this

If you follow along on instagram you already saw a little bit of a peek at how it is looking
let's just say- the work is paying off
and I am officially in love with how it is turning out.

 More coming soon.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Love it! Talk about a treasure.

  2. Oh yummy! I can imagine how awesome it will look!

  3. I am loving the chippy look of that much personality now! Happy accidents.

  4. What is your instagram name? I'd love to follow you!

  5. Ooooh! I am loving the side where the shell is with the little bit of leftover white paint! :-)

  6. It is beautiful. I too love painted furniture but in this case bare is beautiful!! I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. Great job so far Courtney.

  7. I'm with Barb, love the carved shell!

  8. I'm with Barb the carved shell is lovely!

  9. This table is a gem. It looks so much like "you". Can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. looking good, can't wait for the bug taa daa!

  11. I like the idea of a table like this for a veranda area. I'm doing some veranda-dreaming today, so this is timely.