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Cottage Flowers~ Stock

Most of you know that I am a pretty big romantic at heart
and that adding touches of romance with flowers
to my home is one of my favorite things to do.

It's no different for Valentines Day

I don't do a lot of decorating around the house for Valentines Day
it's more of a sweethearts day than a decorating day for me
but I do bring home Valentine inspired flowers.
and nope- it's not roses. Roses double in price the week of Valentines Day 
just.because. and since I think that is a little crazy- I don't buy them.
Instead~ I  picked up some of my favorite cottage flowers 


Stock is one of those flowers that gets overlooked sometimes
and I am amazed at how many questions I get about what they are when I share them.
I think they are such a vintage romantic flower.
Covered in pretty little bunches of  blooms
 I love their soft petals and delightful scent
I think planting them in the yard in abundance would be amazing
It's going on the Spring planting list.

A bunch of them at the market is between $2.50 and $4 
and when I find them in the store- I pick several bunches up.
Last week- it was purple and white and this week
 a pretty mix of pinks  are perfect for a sweet 
Valentine inspired bouquet

or in a simple vintage green bottle 

They are so charming 
Even just petals collecting as they fall 


I have been playing around a bit with my new camera and the different settings
and thought sharing a few 'romantic' inspired photos was perfect for today
Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful  weekend
and that those of you in the cold weather are safe and warming up a bit!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you! I've never seen stock sold around here, I hope it's not just a native to warm climates...I will check it out. It's so pretty and yes, romantic! Does it dry well? I know you love that!

    Happy Weekend, Courtney!


  2. Courtney what beauty you create!!! Happy Valentine's Day sweet bloggy friend.

    Kate xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, they are one of my very favorite flowers!!! They smell like you, I buy bunches of them when I can and they last a long time too.......

  4. I love this flower... I bought some branches of them, few days ago but here in Italy they are quite expensive and it's not easy to find them.... Anyway you are right, they're so delicate and have a delightful smell!

  5. buon San Valentino!
    bellissime queste composizioni con i fiori

  6. Beautiful shots, love the simplicity!

  7. Love your LOVE! I'm looking forward to spring and playing with some of our homegrown blooms.


  8. Such a pretty little flower! Funny how something so tiny can carry such joy with it! Hugs, Leena

  9. I can't believe I missed this flower. Does it go by any other name?? My hubby groans this time of year when the mail comes --plant catalogs. I love going through them and dreaming. To tell the truth David Austin is my favorite catalog. What kind of camera did you get? The pictures are beautiful!!!

  10. I love stock!!! It has the most delightful scent (reminds me of my Grandmother's garden) and most beautiful pastel colors. I live in Michigan and grow it as an annual. It's available in the more upscale nurseries around my area.

  11. So pretty! I'm going to plant them again this year ... I'd forgotten how lovely they are!

  12. Stock is high on my list of flower love. I do not see it here in Greenville NC in stores very often. But when I do I buy all of them! They make a beautiful arrangement and the colors are perfect.

  13. so cute. I can almost smell them through the screen. ;) We bought roses for Hannah, but my pick was tulips and flowering branches. I tried planting Stock when I was a novice gardener, but they didn't last. I might have to give them a try again!