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Vintage floral plates

I am definitely what you  might call
 a romantic at heart.
I love the sweetness of a dreamy romantic look
and love to bring a little bit of that charm to my home everyday
in different ways.

It's easy to add that feeling with simple touches.

Flowers come to mind right away of course.
Maybe it's a bouquet of spray roses in a silver pitcher

or a dried bunch on a vintage book on the side table

or even simply a couple tiny blooms in an old inkwell 

Another favorite? 
 Using pretty vintage china as everyday dishes.

Yes, I will admit that I have a slight addiction to vintage china
I bring various pieces home often and adore them all. These were thrift store finds and I fell
for those scalloped edges & pretty details.
Even though they have a bit of old staining and crazing- it doesn't bother me 
and for just 50 cents a piece- they were joining the collection.

There were only 2 of them- but I am a fan of mixing vintage china on a table
I am loving their sweetness paired with the weathered wood on this table top

That little bit of vintage elegance with that shabby rustic~
it's my favorite look

Those sweet plates inspired a simple setting - perfect for a special lunch or dinner

It doesn't have to be a formally set table to be beautiful and romantic
Add a bottle of wine, soft music and candles 
sprinkle the tabletop with rose petals 
 You could even whip up a triple chocolate cheesecake  if you are so inclined
and you have a simple but sweet romantic inspired table for two for 
Valentines Day 

Happy to be joining these fantastic bloggers
sharing inspired Valentines posts all week long

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Happy Tuesday

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  1. Oh, yes! Very romantic! LOVE your roses, always! I can't pass up a pretty plate no matter what, either! These are gorgeous and your romantic setting is just perfect. I have been trying to figure out how to store and to better display mine - isn't it wonderful to know that these were once loved by someone and now are continued to be loved?! Perfect Valentine Tour post!

  2. Pretty plates, Courtney and perfect for your home.

  3. Roses never look better than when your creative hands have touched them! Beautiful, romantic and inspiring!

  4. I love vintage plates. I am envious of one of my cousins who started collecting pink flowered plates in all different patterns and has stacks and stacks of them. They are beautiful.

  5. I love all your roses and simple, but very romantic ways to use them! And those plates are gorgeous! :)

    Laura @ Inspiration for Moms

  6. Beautiful plates! Love the pink!

  7. I have lots of vintage plates too and use them daily, I can't pass a thriftshop, such a shame, because I have far too many dinnerware. Cannot display all, so store it in the basement. I love your romantic style especially with roses, just magnificant and inspiring because in my blog I'm mostly talking about the garden and plants.

  8. I LOVE THAT PLATE - so so pretty.

  9. Gorgeous! And a .50 cents each fabulous find!!!

  10. Beautiful photos Courtney! Yes I like you am a romantic at heart.I am lucky to have a husband that lets me share that part of me in our home <3

  11. So lovely Courtney, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I love your flowers, dishes, well... everything.

  12. So gorgeous! Love the flowers and the dishes! I am so envious of your photography skills. You always take such beautiful photos!

  13. Hear, hear for 50 cent china! I wouldn't have been able to walk away from them either.

  14. YES! YES! YES! You are a girl after my own heart, Cortney!
    Happy "Month of Romance"...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. A million dollar romantic photograph for fifty cents - Love the china and the roses. How clever are you!

  16. Your pictures are so pretty that I actually sighed out loud. Love your beautiful roses and pretty vintage plates.

  17. Such beautiful romance for just pennies, Courtney! Yep, you're a girl after my own heart, too. Love roses, chippy vintage tables, vintage floral dinnerware and roses. They make my heart so happy and my soul peaceful. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  18. Hi Courtney!!!!

    I love any china that has the color pink in it and your new pieces are beautiful!!!

    I went into my favorite thrift store once and found at the bottom of the pile of little plates and beautiful pink one
    with a cute little pink rose in the middle. I looked at the price and it said 25cents, so, off to the till I went. The
    cashier couldn't believe it was ONLY 25cents. She tried to get the manager to raise the price because SHE
    thought it should be at a higher price. The manager said 25cent is the price. My cute little place is hanging on
    the showroom wall.

    I love thrift store shopping!!!!


  19. Love, love, love the look as inspiration for the day!

  20. I love the simple elegance!! It's all very romantic! :)

  21. I love the simple elegance!! It's all very romantic!

  22. Oh just brighten up a room and make you feel good! Love your plates!

  23. Gorgeous plates Courtney and as always just love your photography!

  24. Courtney, it is all just so beautiful! That china is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing! XXOO Christy

  25. Just BEAUTIFUL Courtney! Pining every photo. It has wonderful touring with you again this week!

  26. What beautiful vintage plates, Courtney! They are perfect with your pretty flowers! Thanks so much for joining us...hugs...Debbie

  27. So beautiful, Courtney! I love vintage plates & china too ;)

  28. Love love love these gorgeous pics!!

  29. Beautiful! Happy to be on the Valentine Home Tour with you.