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A shabby treasure

Sometimes when you find a vintage treasure
it is already wearing the perfect color
and the perfect finish

Like this charmer

It was probably built for carrying tools and such back in the day
but somewhere along the lines someone painted it the perfect shade of shabby green

It has weathered and worn and faded a bit through the years

and it is covered in lots of dings and dents 
and is definitely  a little rough around the edges

Which I think suits it perfectly.

I love to use it to hold flowers for a centerpiece on the table 
or simply set on the sideboard for a burst of Spring color.

This week, 
I grabbed that little shabby treasure and  set it out on the coffee table on the patio 

You can place small jars of water inside for cut blooms 
or place potted plants inside as well and it is perfect for Spring.

I am loving it

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  1. What a splendid new treasure, it fits in perfect with your decor. Just beautiful as always.

  2. What a great color on it, Courtney! It looks wonderful holding your flowers, too. I have a black one a little longer than this at my booth, but it will be coming home soon for some kind of makeover. I really thought it would sell fairly quickly as these wood totes or tool carriers seem so popular in decorating. I'd keep it myself if I had a long enough dining table.

  3. I'm green with tool caddy envy :) Your ranunculus make a beautiful cottage pairing!

  4. So pretty, Courtney. I wish we had a nice outdoor area. Must be worked on.
    BTW, my link is missing.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Courtney. It must be serendipity finding an old tool box in just the right color. The ranunculus are beautiful and I love everything about this vignette.

  6. Beautiful vignette! As usual, magazine worthy!

  7. Love the color! Love the dings and dents! Love it filled with your beautiful flowers, Courtney! You always find the most amazing pieces! I'm still swooning over that awesome chippy coffee table! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Oh truly had found a great treasure...the color is so perfect for you!...looks so beautiful with the flowers of the gorgeous colors of Spring....and love it on that magnificent table!..truly a breath of fresh Spring air!!...So happy to "party" with you!!

  9. Beautiful! Love everything about this!
    leelee @ paperbagstyling

  10. I'm loving it too - and your flowers are stunning!

  11. Courtney the tote is such a find...a treasure for sure. Of course the way you have filled it is beautiful. It's says Vintage Charm to me...and perfection.

  12. Gotta love those vintage toolboxes. I finally got one of my own last fall and I've been using it constantly, filling it with seasonal goodies throughout the, pumpkins, greens, mossy balls....the possibilities are endless! xoKathleen

  13. I LOVE it! It is perfect as is.....I am a little green with envy!

  14. I love old goodness like that! The flowers look lovely in it too.

  15. I have something similar and i never know what to put in in because of the depth. never considered using it outdoors. so pretty!

  16. Gorgeous. I have a smaller version and it is one of my favorite pieces to use. Mine had to be painted but yours is just perfection.

    Have 've a great week.


  17. Yowza....absolutely gorgeous Courtney! The color is pure perfection <3