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Favorite French Touch

Do you have favorite touches you like to add to your rooms?

Maybe something with a touch of gold
like old vintage frames on the walls in the hallway, brassy candelabras
 or old pieces detailed with a touch of gilding.

I was asked to join a French inspired blog party- and for our first post - we are all sharing a favorite way to bring some of a favorite French touch to our rooms.

I have a ton of things that I love that could maybe be that touch- especially a French touch
Like gorgeous carved furniture with worn floral needlepoint coverings

Ticking stripe and floral pillows and drapes
or something simple like a bouquet of flowers in a vintage silver sugar
container on a gilded table

Maybe it's something rustic like an old weathered bench or cupboard
to bring in that patina

There are so many ways I love to bring in a touch of what I think feels somewhat French
and/or French Country in style to me.

When I think of French design- I think of romantic and elegant and charming.
Bouquets of fresh flowers are definitely a way that I add that touch to my rooms 
but another favorite way to add a little bit of that glamour and charm
 is with chandeliers.
If you have been reading my blog for any length of time
 you already know that I have a wee little love affair with blingy beautiful crystal covered chandeliers.

I pretty much think that almost any room can wear one
and it is just that much more beautiful. 

Some of my favorite chandeliers are in the dining area
 not one but two are above the 9' long dining table.

In the kitchen- we also have two vintage chandeliers-showing just one here
( this is an iPhone photo from instagram mid renovation which is hiding behind the flowers :)

In my bedroom there is an oversized one,
 in the bathroom I have a chandelier above the bathtub
  yes, there is even one out on the patio.

So for me- when I want to add a little bit more of that charm
and elegance that I think of when I think of French style-
a favorite way is to bring in a little bit of bling.

Hope you will stop by and visit the other blogs who are sharing their favorite touch
today as well and don't forget to come back by tomorrow morning for something special and a giveaway
Here's a little sneak peek...

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Yes, the chandeliers sure do add that romantic French touch.

  2. I love your beautiful chandys, Courtney! And the needlepoint is gorgeous! Have a great Sunday!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Courtney, I so love that mirror and the gorgeous reflection...your chandeliers are exquisite! I must say that I love the way you present your beautiful french decor always with the presence of the enchantment of flowers! Going to love this series!

  4. I do think of chandeliers when I think of you, Courtney! Your use of them in your home has been an inspiration to me and I'd love to have one in our dining area and two in our kitchen. That doesn't count the two small ones I'd love for our laundry/pantry area which runs together by the garage door entrance to the house.

  5. Beautiful, Courtney! I never get tired of seeing your pretty chandies!

  6. Courtney, every thing looks so lovely.

  7. Everything is beautiful, Courtney! I always love your floral touches, not only in actual flowers, but in fabric, as well!

  8. Courtney, your home reflects a style of charm and elegance. I'd love to dine at that 9' long French table. Wish I had space in our dining room for such a table. Exquisite! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your home.

  9. It is just beautiful, Courtney. You really have an eye for decor and also for photography-the perfect enhancement for something that is already gorgeous. Love the florals and the chandeliers. You just can't go wrong with those- xo Diana

  10. Oh I agree chandeliers are beautiful in any room in the home, I have one in my dining room bedroom bathroom etc, I too have a love for french style.....for me it can be romantic, classy, elegant, anything french is gorgeous to me ;-)
    Your home is simply gorgeous...


  11. Most of what I love about your decor involves your attention to small details, the fabrics used, and the textures. Your French style is so comfortable and serene - not imposing like some.

  12. I love it love it love it all, Courtney! The bling with the rustic = absolute perfection in my world! :) Not to mention your photography, which is always so incredibly beautiful! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Agreed, Courtney, chandeliers are a way to add a French touch. All of yours are beautiful.


  14. Courtney, your pictures and your style are always just breathtaking. I just love your needlepoint chair, and the pretty greenery around your mirror. :)

  15. There is such a touch of romance to the rooms. You can instantly fall in love. Your photos certainly reflect that. You have wonderful taste.

  16. Your home is so refreshing and inviting. I just love coming for a visit, even if it isn't in person.

  17. I've long been an admirer of french design, especially the use of chandeliers. I just acquired my first antique chandelier today! I'm giddy to hang it in our new home!

  18. I love all your French touches...especially the crystal chandys. Glad you gals are highlighting FC decor. I'm headed back to Paris and Provence in May in search of more great treasures. I always see chandys that make my heart swoon! You have tempted me to pick up more this time!