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Inspirations~ Accentrics Home

Are you ready for a little inspiration today?

If you have never been to High Point Market
 it is truly a treat for those of us who are inspired by beautiful furniture and accessories.
Showroom after showroom filled with gorgeous pieces and inspiration

At Market in the Fall, I was inspired by so many different pieces
There were modern pieces, colorful furnishings and classic traditional style 
 which are all beautiful in their own ways that I took inspiration from
Of course, some of my favorites were those pieces that looked like they were vintage. 
 Like something that would definitely catch my eye at an antique market
and call for a closer look.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite pieces of gorgeousness from 

When I went to High Point Market in the Spring of last year
I shared this gorgeous dainty chest that I fell in love with
and so many of you emailed to let me know how much you loved it as well

Remember these beautiful bookcases and chairs?
I seriously have the perfect spot for them- they are gorgeous.

These pieces are very similar in style, design and finish to my
favorites from Fall Market at Accentrics Home as well.
I love the way Accentrics pieces have that gorgeous old world style
and design with that distressed finish.
Their pieces truly have such character and charm

This chest was one of my favorites in Fall.
It is so much like the other one from Spring- but in a larger version
and with that delicate detailing- absolutely charming.

Another favorite?

I shared this console in the Fall- but it deserves another share.

Its curvy lines, details and carvings and 'bleached' finish- 
absolutely perfect.

I also love this perfectly weathered and worn beauty.

Missing just enough paint to make it feel like it is 100 years old
and I love the delicate curve of the legs and apron.

But, I love pieces that are a little glam and definitely refined as well.

Like this this beautiful bed. 

Those details are amazing and the other pieces in the room were gorgeous as well.
The nightstands were definitely put on the furniture wish list
and the dresser and mirror were my favorites from the room.

One of the things I love the most about Accentrics furniture is the attention to detail.

Carvings, moldings and charm galore
and just look at that chunky dentil detailing on the drawers. 


Whether you are looking for that perfect chest of drawers, nightstand, desk or table

or maybe something with a little bit of pizazz... 

Accentrics has so many different pieces that could inspire a whole room with their beauty.

 To learn more about the furniture in their line and to find a retailer near you

 I am excited to see what they have featured at Spring Market. 
I know that it will be absolutely beautiful as always!

Some photos courtesy of Accentrics Home by Pulaski Furniture.
I was compensated to share Accentrics Home but all opinions are my own, of course.

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  1. Oh I couldn't possibly pick a favorite - every single item is gorgeous!!!
    That desk leaves me weak actually lol

  2. What gorgeous pieces! It makes me wish I'd win the lottery so I could buy all new furniture!

  3. Oh I LOVE the bed, so much in LOVE with that bed! Of course the other pieces are wonderful as well, but drooling over the bed. :)

  4. Wow, these pieces are amazing! I am inspired!

  5. Gorgeous pieces Courtney!
    It makes me wish I would have not put so much paint on an armoire I am almost finished painting! I think I will do just a wash on the one I am going to put under my deck this summer. That will be a great outside look!
    Each of those pieces are amazing! That bed is just the style I love!

  6. Wow what a great collection of pretty pieces. I love that one with the zebra pizzaz! I could totally go for that piece!

  7. love love love that headboard and end tables in the bedroom. beautiful!

    locksley lane

  8. I really love some of these pieces! I love that desk on the fur looks so inviting! I've actually been to High Point and just drool at all of the furniture and displays. I actually live in NC and have only been to High Point Market twice!
    Leelee @ paperbagstyling

  9. All of these are just beautiful, beautiful pieces and they all have you name on them. I really love the bedroom...not a room everyone sees but so pretty! Thanks for taking the time to share your photos.

    I just redid a few things in my living room and I would love your thoughts. :)


  10. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un billet bien complet !... Nous pouvons tous y trouver notre vie !
    Personnellement j'aime beaucoup la console.
    Gros bisous

  11. Agree with everyone. ALL to beautiful to pick.
    I will dream about having them in my house.

  12. Agree with everyone. ALL to beautiful to pick.
    I will dream about having them in my house.

  13. Absolutely beautiful!! It would certainly be difficult to pick one piece among so many.

  14. Very lovely pieces to pick from...they are all so beautiful!

  15. That line is just exquisite!....Can't wait to see their Spring line!

  16. What a wonderful post. I'd like each piece! So beautiful!❤❤

  17. Hi there, where can i find the bedroom set that you posed in this photo?

  18. Hi there, where can I find this bedroom set? I went to the website posted, Pulaski, and could not find it on there. Thank you!

    1. Here you go: