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Inspirations~ Gold

When I was younger someone asked me if I was a silver or gold type girl.
I didn't really think much about it- I pretty much just liked what I liked
Though, silver platters and goblets always caught my eye at the flea markets
and platinum over yellow gold for me definitely.

I collected silver, mercury glass and the like for years and years but then
 eventually starting noticing how much of another metallic I have around the house
 that I have been collecting as well without realizing it.

There are brass candlesticks, bronze candelabras, sconces
 and little gold accents and treasures mixed in

I love all the gilded details on chests, dressers and armoires
and my grandmothers wheat sheaf table

If I found a piece covered in gold while junking- I loved it even more.
Those little florentine side tables?

Yep- they are gorgeous brassy golds

Old chairs with gold coming through the paint
and french armoires with lots of gilding
gold frames that were collected whenever I found them
and even some pieces that I had painted gold.

Gold mirrors and gold edged books & brass sconces- I love them all.
Even that big old chalkboard we made for the dining room.
Yes, it got a gold painted frame.

In my home, I was surrounded by those beautiful warm radiant gold tones 
and have been drawn to things glistening with gold as much as I was drawn to silver
and the love affair continues.

Last fall when I was walking around High Point Market touring the furniture showrooms
and jotting down things that I was loving. Gold made a big appearance there and
I have to say- there was a lot of gold on that list

It ranged from  a mix of vintage metals, modern shapes, furniture covered in
gold and furniture with just a few accents to lots of different accessories.
I thought I would share some of my recent inspirations

Here are some other beautiful inspirations- links at pinterest 

This is so gorgeous- such an inspiration.

Love love love oversized  gold mirrors

Gold with grays - such a great combination.

Of course- something covered in gold always catches my eye too

I am doing a little shopping and planning to add a couple new pieces 
wearing a little bit of gold to my home. 

What about you? 
Do you love golds and metallics in your home?
I think every home should have a little bit of sparkle with gold or silver or both
Happy Wednesday

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  1. Simply stunning.

  2. Hi Courtney, I'm a gold girl all the way! :) Tho I find some silver piece pretty, gold will always be my favorite. By the way, I have found some beautiful inspirations from your posts lately... thank you! Have a lovely day ~ Vanessa

  3. I would that I'm a gold girl, I love the shine and sparkle of gold....
    Your home is just beautiful....


  4. I love metallics always!
    I love your home too...
    Hugs from Rome

  5. I like gold, too and have definitely added more in my home.

  6. Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver après ma longue absence... Il n'est pas facile de retrouver ses marques... La végétation luxuriante, le soleil et la lumière de Île Maurice me manque déjà !

    J'ai fait une très agréable visite dans votre maison ... Vos photos sont superbes. Merci pour ce très joli partage.
    Gros bisous

  7. Oh my, your pictures have me drooling!! So gorgeous!! That wheat sheaf table is very special, and I just love all of your aged pieces. Beautiful.

  8. I have never been a "gold" girl, but like you I am being tempted into it and have it around the house with out even thinking about it.

  9. You are decorating genius, your decorations are simply perfect:)Thanks...

  10. I love the burnished looking golds... and gold and pink are so so pretty together...


  11. When the shabby chic look started weaving it's way into this old house, gold quickly followed. I love the vintage look of burnished nickel and worn silver...but there's something about gold that lends a warm elegance to the entire look. And yep....I've even painted some pieces gold and layered a dark wax on top to age it. LOVE!

    xoxo laurie

  12. When I was younger I preferred silver and platinum. Now gold is my favorite!

  13. Gold has always been a favorite of mine-we have gray walls and the gold is perfect against them ( just as you suggested!)

  14. Love your inspiration, as I have golds in hidden little pieces.
    Love over sized mirrors as well, and I can so see them resting in your home.
    Everything is just beautiful.

    Back to pulling up flooring, and creating a mess.

    Keep inspiring your beauty Courtney.

  15. Oh I definitely love the golds. I always have. I love those big mirrors too and almost had one once but we chickened out on the price and walked away. Your home is so pretty and reflects a lot of personality. Love the fireplace- the giant pine cones look really neat the way you laid them out.

  16. I love gold and silver. It's hard to say which one is my favorite. I had to banish my gold blingy door knobs to be able to appreciate the other golds in our home. Beautiful photos, Courtney.

  17. Oh there is so much here to love...what a fabulous wheat table and love that pink/gole little chest. Definitely inspiration here.


  18. Brass and gold fit the best in my decor...although I love them all! Your choices are always perfection!

  19. You have a truly beautiful home :O)
    I love a touch of gold, its a timeless, glamorous, warm colour and can be used in a delicate way to highlight key features or in a bold manner to create a stunning feature for a room. I love the oversized gold mirror above and the elegant side tables. Gold with grey is gorgeous too - grey is serene and calming, whilst the gold contrasts perfectly really standing out and adding warmth and style.

  20. You have marvelous taste. I have found in my home I have copper. It gives off that beautiful rich glow and I also have gold and one or two things in pewter. I love the furniture WOW!! I'm looking forward to seeing what other treasure you find.

  21. So beautiful. It feels simply elegant.

  22. I have to admit I like both gold and silver. And copper, too. Is brass making a comeback? Love your gold, Courtney. Such a pretty house you have.

  23. A little bit of gold always catches my eye too!

  24. Beautiful.
    I have to say gold. My mantel iseven painted gold with ornate gold corbels. Gold mirrors, gold everything around my house.

  25. I have a lot of gold in my booth right now too. I love grey, silver plate and pewter, but I have been buying a lot of gold and brass again without realizing it until I put together my booth vignettes. Also saw in the latest Flea Market Style magazine that brass is making a come back. Love your table!

  26. Love all the gilded touches in your home!! The antique pieces have amazing patina, don't they? I, myself, have a real weakness for carved, antique gilt picture frames, so I'm always on the hunt for those at flea markets and yard sales since they can be really expensive purchases otherwise. The petite gold table next to your bathtub makes such an unexpected and pretty addition in your bathroom...

    Enjoy your weekend!

  27. I love all the gilded touches in your home!! The petite table next to your bathtub makes for such an unexpected and pretty addition to your bathroom. The gilding on antique pieces have such an amazing patina, don't they? I, myself, have a serious weakness for carved, antique gilded picture frames, so I'm always on the hunt for those at yard sales and flea markets. Recently scored a small but gorgeous antique wood & gesso frame for $18 at a secondhand shop, and I must say it looks amazing against the blue walls in my guest BR.

    Enjoy your weekend and happy decorating!


  28. Just love all of the beautiful gold accent pieces in your home...I would have to say that I really love all of the metallics, gold, silver, copper...they are so classic, whether in interiors or wardrobes...

  29. I love anything that's gilded too. My first side table that I purchased was a gilded French Louis XV table. Over the top and perfect!

  30. What paints were used on the Ivory, Blue, and Gold dresser.