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Bolga Market Basket

It happens this way sometimes. 
You bump into something at a store that you didn't realize you needed
but that you have to have.

Something like that pair of skinny capris in a bold hot pink with a little satin detail
 that you just know when you put them on they will make you feel a bit more sassy.
Or those strappy wedge sandals that would be perfect  paired with those capris
 and a little white tank top
 I have such a weakness for wedge sandals.
 I might have a *few* pairs of them and yet, there is always another new pair I fall in love with.

 Or maybe it is a beautiful woven basket that you find sitting on a shelf at a thrift store
that instantly grabs your attention and goes right in your cart.

I found this basket while thrifting - just meandering down the basket aisle and voila- there it was 
 That gorgeous green, that pattern, the size- it instantly caught my eye.
It's a little hard to tell in the photos but this basket is huge
 much larger than some of the market baskets I have seen 
people carrying at the store.

It was one of those things that I wondered where would I put it - but only 
because there were too many places I could think to use it.

I love the natural and green fibers woven together in that intricate pattern
and the handle that has worn and darkened from use.

It's a bit wonky in shape- but it is a perfect size to hold magazines on the floor, firewood by the fireplace or even simply a bouquet of flowers after clipping them from the garden.

These are African Baskets called Ghana Bolga Market Baskets 
and you can find them in several places online or in specialty shops
 They are handmade and help the weavers support their families.
Since they are each handmade -no two baskets are exactly alike. 
I love that even though I found this one second hand- when it was originally purchased it helped
the artist and their family.
I might now be a little addicted to them and keeping my eye out for another one 
with a perfect color and pattern.

Loving it.

Stay tuned for the the how-to on building that vintage inspired rolling crate this week.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Love that basket - it's going to be so nice to have. I can't blame you for grabbing it- glad for you!


  2. Love your new basket Courtney! I just saw a vendor at our local farmers market who was selling baskets very similar to this one. You're right, it can be used for oh so many purposes! Marcia

  3. That is a beautiful basket and has such a neat story too! I would love to have a thrift store find as great as this... There must be some pretty awesome thrift stores where you are from!

  4. I love it, Courtney and I would have snagged it, too.

  5. I love it too Courtney. There is actually a organic food store near me that sells these and I have always been tempted to buy one. Now you have inspired me and I might be owning one soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. What a beauty. I certainly desired to be rescued! Dianne

  7. I love those baskets, they are beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous! Love the beautiful display you have created with those flowers... Stunning! Love ~ Vanessa

  9. Oh, you sure came across a gorgeous I want one!

  10. Wow Courtney....what a find! is beautiful and so special!

  11. The basket is lovely! I've seen the African women weaving baskets like those around the Charleston and Savannah area. I was planning on getting one this year. It is such a wonderful craft -- they use the grasses from that area.

  12. You were so very lucky,good for you,love these baskets. They are wonderful.