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Collecting~ French style chairs

I tend to fall in love with french style furniture pretty easily
Not just a little crush or a passing fancy.

Finding a gorgeous carved chair
with details and gilding and shabby wear to its paint...
sigh... it is definitely love. 

This week for our french themed posts-
we are sharing something that we collect that have a french feel.
I thought about sharing my transferware or Limoges dishes or even linens
but went with sharing some of the chairs I have that are french or french style.

Chairs are one of those things to me that are easy to add nearly anywhere in your home
and you don't have to have a full set or more than 1 to bring in that charm.
If there are a matching pair- I love them flanking the fireplace, or a chest in the sitting area 

But if it is a single chair-
 I don't love it any less-  I just put it by itself somewhere.

French chairs are my absolute favorites- though I have many different styles that I love.
I am not going to delve into the different 'Louis' styles and periods in this post
just going to share a few of my own favorite chairs with a touch of french flair.
I have a couple that are antique that are French (or at least made in the french style)  
 I am not opposed to purchasing a good reproduction.
Chairs do get used and moved around so sometimes that delicate gorgeous antique isn't the best choice unless it is in an area that isn't used all that often.

This set of french chairs found while I was shopping the Re-Store a few months back are dainty antiques and were probably made sometime around 1920 in Paris.

Nope- haven't tinkered with them yet. 
Waiting for inspiration. They were under $20 a piece and need a bit of work.

Is it the teal velvet or the carved to perfection gorgeousness that gets you on this one?
For me- it is both and when I found it at a thrift store- it was coming home with me for sure.
This chair is really an amazing little chair- I will have to share it in more detail sometime.

Even though the teal is faded in areas and worn, the patina and detailing on this
chair is absolutely amazing.  

One my favorite pair of chairs are these french needlepoint chairs.
which I have shared before.

Completely in love with them

They are both antique and original  and in amazing condition.

I also have several reproduction french chairs and
 am on the lookout for a couple more to add to the living room.
So the chair obsession continues. ;)

It is a crazy weekend here - with a lot of moving going on.
My oldest and his girlfriend are moving in and staying with us for a little bit while making a transition to a new area and getting a new place set up.
So you might see some updated grand kitten photos in the coming week or so.

Hope you will pop on over and see what the other blogs are sharing 
for their french collecting passions this weekend!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. You do have some beauties, Courtney and I have a bit of a chair obsession, but not all French style. What is it about chairs? Have a great week!

  2. I am loving your chairs! you have an eye for beauty! I think I had better not start looking for them….I may become addicted!

  3. Beautiful chairs, Courtney! I always ooh and ahh when I see chairs like this. Unfortunately {or fortunately} I have no room to bring any home so I content myself with looking at them in person and in pictures.

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Tout comme vous moi et mon ami sommes toujours très en phase lorsque nous dénichons de beaux fauteuils... Dernièrement nous avions acheté aux enchères une paire rare. Elle est moitié Louis XV et moitié Louis XVI avec du provençal. Mon ami l'a entièrement retapissée. Nous sommes sous le charme...
    J'ai beaucoup aimé votre billet... J'ai passé un agréable moment.
    Gros bisous ❀ ❁ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❁ ❀

  5. I am in love with all of your exquisite chairs...and If you one day find you get "tired" of them...I have a great place for them!!!...Oh, one can dream!!....Love this series!...

  6. All of these chairs are simply beautiful, Courtney! I don't think I've seen the green needlepoint one before. It's just amazing that you have some that are in their original state (and looking just fine!).

    I know you are going to enjoy having your son back under your roof for awhile. Mine have come back between transitions and I just ate them up!


  7. I love your chairs, Courtney! There is just something about chairs, isn't there? I'm enjoying our little frenchy group! Happy Sunday...hugs...Debbie

  8. Beautiful, nothing better then the beauty here, I too collect and create around French pieces; So conversational.
    Your home is of beauty.


  9. Want beautiful a collection of chairs Courtney. I am in luv!!!
    Hugs, Gee

  10. Your french chairs are stunning, I have to say the green needlepoint ones are my fav just gorgeous....
    I also adore french style chairs, they are elegant romantic and simply fit into many different style of decor....
    I receive some beautiful french dining chairs from a friend who was moving away and I just love them, I don't know now how she parted with them but trust me I was not

    Happy Sunday~

  11. Your chairs are so pretty. I adore the green ones...

  12. I have only run across one French chair in my junking excursions, guess I need to start traveling a little more outside my area in order to find ones like these beauties! I absolutely love the way the green ones pop against your neutral decor!

  13. very beautiful and very inviting. Blessings, Catherine

  14. I have to say your green needlepoint pair are my absolute favorites. I think mainly because of the color. I need more room in my house for occassional chairs as I love French ones too and would own so many more if I could!!

  15. Courtney this topic was one that I wrote a research paper on last term. Specifically it was the oval back chair. It was surprising that no one else in the class seemed to be interested in this style. Especially considering that this style has greatly influenced many a modern design, none of which do I fancy as much as the original styles and reproductions of original styles. I'm a classic girl through and through.

  16. Your chairs are full of Frenchy goodness - absolutely gorgeous, each one! The needlepoint chairs are my favorites. We have a long bench which is a French antique and covered in needlepoint and stuffed with horse hair. Chairs and benches are an obsession around here too, and they don't have to be French. ;-)
    I'm so enjoying the Collecting French Style series.

  17. I just love the way a chair can be placed to bring something special to a room, your pictures are beautiful, as always


  18. As always you have a wonderful piece here! Indeed, it’s not just lovely to see a beautiful vintage French style chairs, but also to own one. I love everything here most especially the blue French style chair! Classic!

    Sebastian of
    Granny Flat Super Store

  19. I think your chairs are wonderful~my favorite kind of chair is anything french. Very pretty Courtney!

  20. I too collect French chairs. Your collection is just dreamy!! I am not sure I can even pick a favorite; I love them all, but the blue velvet is very striking. I just bought two bergere chairs last week. They are at the shop getting new upholstry, and I just happen to be thinking about buying a set I saw at the antique store. Not a bargain, but they have lots of yummy details.