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High Point Market ~ Loloi Rugs

Day two at High Point Market
 and yes, another day filled with inspiration!

I have toured showrooms sharing  modern design
 to traditional design
 to lighting
 to accessories
to rugs
and showrooms sharing pretty much
everything in between.
I have a ton of inspirations to share with you in the coming weeks but
today- it's all about about rugs.

I am one of those girls who loves a gorgeous rug in a room.
It is definitely one of those things that warms up a seating area
 or adds a touch of charm to a bare bedroom floor.
At Market, I had the opportunity to preview a beautiful new collection
of antique inspired but new rugs
at Loloi Rugs.

From more edgy and modern  to colorful and fun to traditional 

Loloi Rugs make so many different rugs in so many different styles.

One of the things I look for when looking for a rug is something that is going to stand the test of time Mainly with colors, patterns and details and of course- it needs to stand up to a lot of use.
Often times,  I find that the rugs that I love the most
are those that are faded just a bit and more well loved in appearance.

Sometimes the perfect rug in a room is one that is older and has character and charm of a well worn piece. But maybe you don't really want an antique that is too delicate to walk on
or  have something that you feel you are not able to clean as much or as often for fear of damaging it.
That can keep you from enjoying those beautiful pieces.

When I walked into the Loloi showroom
 I immediately fell in love with several of the new lines of rugs that 
they were sharing at High Point Market. 
These are gorgeous like stopped me in my tracks when I was walking in gorgeous

There are several new collections which I will share with you
but I wanted to share a couple of my first impression instant favorites today.

A new collection called 'Pearl' is filled with all the gorgeous patterns and style and details of an antique rug right down to the look of the 'wear' 
but they are brand new.

There are darker colors- like the Heather Grey/Navy or softer like the Ivory Taupe. 
I think my favorite was the Teal-such a pretty color.

But really- each color was charming and perfect.

Another collection that caught my eye was the Ashton collection

You can see the 'wear' in some areas on these rugs- 
which is carefully replicated to look authentically like an antique rug.

The process is super detailed and involves a lot of washing and rinsing in a special process to fade the colors for that gorgeous antique look.

The Transitional Journey collection is beautiful as well

But even though I am in love with those gorgeous faded rugs
 if faded isn't your thing
Loloi also has some beautiful vibrant hues that I loved

Maybe it's the soft muted but more colorful rug that is perfect for your style

Or even something very traditional or modern in it's color and pattern.

I loved these that were more colorful as well.

These are in the Empress Collection

Just love their rich color 

and the detail- amazing.

They truly have rugs for every style and taste and room. 
Whether you love Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Shags or Indoor/Outdoor
there are so many to choose from.

Loloi also recently launched a new pillow line which is filled with an assortment of beautiful pillows
I will be sharing more in my next post- but here are a couple peeks:

So pretty right? 

There is something for everyone in their pillow collection- and think texture. 
More coming soon.

If you would like to learn more about Loloi Rugs, look through each of their collections 
and learn more about how to order
you can find more information on their website HERE

I was compensated for this post by High Point Market but all opinions
are my own of course.

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  1. I am with you!! I love the faded look -- it just gives the comfy look, like it has been around for many years and had seen many feet walking on it. Wish I could have been there.

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they? I love them. Truly beautiful rugs!

  2. I am with you!! I love the faded look -- it just gives the comfy look, like it has been around for many years and had seen many feet walking on it. Wish I could have been there.

  3. I LOVE the faded look of these rugs, Courtney! They're usually so difficult to find. There's nothing I like better than nabbing a nice, worn, faded rug for my house, and then layering them. Very boho! :) Had to pin a couple of these for future reference. Thanks for letting us know about them!

    xoxo laurie

    xoxo laurie

    1. They are so perfect for your style too Laurie! You would love them in person- so pretty!! I am pinning as well ;)

  4. I truly love the aged look of the rugs...I recently purchased a new "faded" carpet and actually look forward to its natural fading process..the new collection is gorgeous...and love those pillows too!...Great review of their collection Courtney...I LOVE the blue rug that is in the background of the chandelier!

    1. That blue rug was one of my favorites too! They are all so gorgeous- and the pillows are so pretty too. Was so great to see you in HP!! xo

  5. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je possède un grand nombre de tapis... Je les ai choisis comme on choisit une oeuvre d'art. Il faut un coup de coeur.
    Apprécier, aimer un tapis c'est aussi comme une sculpture. Il faut pouvoir le toucher, le caresser... j'aime marcher pieds nus sur les tapis.
    J'aime beaucoup votre publication et vos photos sont magnifiques.
    Gros bisous

  6. I’m not a fan in buying or selecting rugs but, I kind of like the design and it’s truly amazing to have one! I love the faded look which also a start for my new cabin. An empress collection!

    Sebastian of
    Bali Hut Super Store

  7. These aged and faded rugs are beautiful. Thank you Courtney can't wait to see what is next.

  8. The faded rugs are beautiful but many/most are made of 100% art silk (aka artificial silk), which is low cost to produce. They're reputed to not not wear well and to change colors when they are cleaned or washed. Maybe you could fill us in on the pros & cons of these materials?? I love them but I've been reluctant to buy them.

  9. Hi Linda!
    Sure- I am happy to ask about the details of how they wear and how to clean. Will share in my next post about them.