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Treasure hunting in High Point

Junking is such a good thing, right?
Spending hours scouring stacks of treasures
searching up high and down low 
in overloaded old buildings searching for
 that right piece.

The thrill of the find and fun of the hunt is what keeps you going
especially after a red-eye flight 
On Saturday- I was running on adrenaline. A lot of adrenaline. 
Oh and probably about 3/4 of a pot of coffee and a handful of almonds for breakfast.

I always think I am going to sleep on the red-eye flight. 
You know, get on the plane, put my iPod on, drift off into dream land 
while flying across the country and wake up 5 hours later refreshed.
It hasn't happened yet.  
Inevitably my mind wanders and I find myself getting 
out my computer at who knows what time it is in the country 
and starting a bit of writing.
Yes, writing. 
Red-eye flights are actually really good for getting a few things writing wise done
 though usually a decent amount of editing is in order when you write when you are tired. 

Even though it was only adrenaline, coffee and a pack of almonds that was keeping me going
 I was raring to go when I arrived in High Point and after a quick stop to get my press badge and a bite to eat at the media center- I was off and running.

Something that I love to do is to stop at the antique and vintage shops while in High Point. 
There are a couple of them that are filled with amazing pieces and I always find a ton of pieces I love.

Only problem is that I can't fit most of them on the plane as a carry on 
and it's cash and carry in a lot of places- no shipping.  
Yeah, it's kind of frustrating but it's fun to shop either way.
I met up with Kristen of Sophia's Decor who is truly a gem of a friend 
and we had so much fun scouring the three levels of treasures.

I thought you would have fun seeing some of the pieces that inspired a few photos. 
I have a ton more but in the interest of keeping this post regular length- and skipping some of the ones that are similar to what  I have shared before-  I chose a few fresh favorites.

These stacks of dough bowls... sigh. 
I pretty much love anything stacked together 

Galvanized was everywhere- and yes, I wanted it all.

Need a watering can? Or a wooden crate?

How about a Vespa?

These are one of those pieces that I to have in my home.
Gorgeous gorgeous.

We saw bottles galore.

Oh and books

Loved this display.

One of my favorite photos- this is an iPhone shot
of a naked chair in front of a huge bank of tall windows.
Not technically a very good photograph- but I love the vignette.

After shopping several antique store favorites
I also wanted to share some of the pieces that I found at Eloquence 
that inspired me. Truly THE most gorgeous pieces that are imported and reproduced.

and their displays... ahhhmazing. 

 Sigh. No words needed for these gorgeous photos.

Loved this naked chair

So there are a few glimpses of some of the vintage and antique pieces I loved.
If you ever have a chance to visit High Point Market for the week long event twice a year- I highly recommend it!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Wow - some really beautiful things! Now that's a shopping trip!

  2. Everything looked gorgeous, Courtney. I'm laughing at the all the wonky books in the case. That I can do! ;)

  3. Wow! What amazing places to shop! I loved everything.

  4. oh you lucky lady. I love everything, especially the striped down chair.

  5. Thank you for sharing. So many wonderful things!

  6. Courtney:

    May I ask for the names of these shops? I live in Raleigh and would love to venture out to these places. High Point is not that far away. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoyed North Carolina.........

    1. I am not sure if most of them are open year round- I know that 2 of the shops we went to are only there during the Market week. But the one with the colorful chairs in the first photo is called- Golden Oldies and the one right next to it is called Bobo. They both might be open year round. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks so much, Courtney! I appreciate it.


  7. OMG ~ I love those galvanized tins !! What an amazing place! I don't know how you resisted buying EVERYTHING !!! such treasures :) Thank you for sharing with us :)

  8. the architectural pieces are gorgeous!!!

  9. I love all your posts, but especially this one! Makes me look around my own home, because I saw a few things here and there in the photographs that reminded me of some of the things I have here and there around the house that I could actually move here and there around the house for a whole new perspective!!! Wheeeee!!!

  10. Courtney, Great pics of all the treasures! I could meander through though warehouses for hours... I had such a great time with you! Hope to see you again next Fall!

  11. Courtney, Great pics of all the treasures! I could meander through those warehouse for hours... I had such a great time with you! Hope to see you again next Fall!

  12. Oh,my word, that was heavenly shopping!

    What a shame some shipping vendor doesn't offer ship wares - seems like a good business idea to me.