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Flowering Branches Bouquet

You know how much I love flowers and bringing nature into my home
I just feel like a room is not complete without flowers in it.

For me- bringing nature inside brings so much warmth to a room

Take an all neutral room for example- which I love-
It is blanketed in shades of cream, white and taupe
add a pop of color with a pretty pink, purple or yellow flower
and it automatically makes it feel so much more complete and welcoming.

These are flowering branches from trees which we have in our yard.
They are so beautiful and their branches are covered in these bunches of tiny blooms

Every Spring- they bring such a welcoming pop of pink 

Yesterday I decided to head out and trim a few branches off of one of them
to bring indoors for a sweet and simple natural bouquet

The vase is a new pitcher from a local market here
that has such a large top that I knew would be perfect for flowers
and when I saw these branches blooming- I knew they were it.

I didn't know what tree these branches were from until I shared a photo on Facebook earlier
and a couple of ladies commented that these are Hawthorn Tree branches.
Some of the branches already have berries too and
how neat to put something up and have someone right away know just what it is.
So, I am loving my Hawthorn branch bouquet.

One more thing:
I wanted to quickly address an issue that I have been getting a lot of email and comments about- 
email subscriptions to my blog posts.

I can see in my subscription stats how many of you have signed up
and how many of you are receiving the emails when a blog post goes out-
Ugh. It is super frustrating and it is happening all over blog land to a lot of bloggers
on several platforms.

So-  I am trying a couple things over here 
and hopefully it will take care of those of you who are having issues.

But here are a couple things that you can try as well:

1. Make sure that when you subscribe- you reply to the email that is sent to you asking you to confirm your subscription request. 
 Unfortunately- once you send in your email address to subscribe-
 you cannot re-subscribe with the same email address. You will get a confirm request and if you don't confirm- no subscription- and it also makes it harder to get it to work.
I get email all the time asking me to go in and find a certain email and re-send the link so they can confirm or to remove and re-submit it so that the emails will work again
I am totally fine with helping out in that way if need be but I'm sure you can appreciate that it is a time consuming way to fix it so - please remember to click on the email when it arrives asking you to confirm your subscription.

Also- it was mentioned in the comments that Shirley simply signed up with another email
address- and the subscription started working again.
Another good option if you have more than one email address.

2. You can follow along on Facebook or Twitter 

Though they are not without issues of their own- every time a post goes up-
 it is shared on Facebook and Twitter. 
You can find me here: 
3. Subscribe on BlogLovin

 I am already signed up over there and haven't heard any complaints about the email feed not going through- yet. I only say yet because it seems like nothing is the perfect answer.
With Bloglovin- when you get an email - it will show you a list of blogs you have subscribed to- instead of just one post- which actually might be helpful to some- less clutter in your inbox- but it is not as easy to find a specific post.
You can find it by clicking the button below and I am adding it to the bottom of my posts as well.

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4. You can simply pop over to visit when you are online
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 I know, super inconvenient and not the best way of doing things at all
but it is an option.

I also just want to say thank for taking the time to email me
and let me know you are having problems with the subscriptions and I apologize for the issues. 
I so appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to come over and read
my blog and say hello. I hope everything is back up and running smoothly soon!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I agree. I would have flowers in every room every day if possible.

  2. Hi Courtney,
    I have a Hawthorne that blooms outside my bedroom window. I love to look at it even at night when it is in bloom with moonlight shining on it. The candy stripe blossoms are beautiful but fleeting and it blooms here in Canada much later in the season. In fact, it doesn't even have leaves yet, just buds as we are well behind in the growing season after a harsh winter. I agree that the freshness of flowers livens up a neutral room. Lovely post as always.
    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  3. We used to have Indian Hawthorne in Florida that bloomed beautifully...but cannot have it here as the deer eat them for lunch!...Beautiful .. I just re-subscribed under my email domain name that was created and all is well !!

    1. Great tip Shirley! I will add that to the post as an option too! :)

  4. It is always such a pleasure when my blogroll shows a new post from you! Such serene and lovely pictures ~ it is like a mini vacation reading your blog! Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and post such beautiful snippets into your home / life.

  5. I add my favorites in my blog roll so I can check right from my blog.

    Someone commented today that they weren't getting my updates - the woes of a free platform!

  6. Bonjour,

    La beauté de vos photos me font du bien... En ce moment il est tellement agréable de se promener dans la campagne et de pouvoir remplir nos poumons des senteurs de la nature. L'aubépine rose ou blanche a un parfum si subtil que lorsqu'on le respire en fermant les yeux il semble que le printemps tout entier vous habite !
    Un très joli billet.

    Gros bisous ♡

  7. Courtney,
    If you find how to fix the email subscription problem, I would really like to know what you did. I have worked on my Feedburner several times, but cannot get it fixed.


  8. I love flowers in every room too. Generally on Monday, I go out and pick enough roses or flowers for about three bouquet's for the hose. Always makes the home feel special. Your branches are so lovely and good really good in your new vase/pitcher.
    Have a great week.

  9. Very pretty. I used to have a Red Hawthorn tree in my previous home. In England most of the hedges in our country lanes are of the commom hawthorn which is white flowered. It is commonly known as May blossom. Lilac is beautiful here just now too, and such a lovely scent.

  10. Your bouquets are lovely and the white pitcher is perfect. I'm sorry you are having blog email problems. I subscribe to your blog on Feedly, another fine service and I am very happy with them.

  11. hai sempre delle foto stupende, complimenti

  12. Just lovely. There is something pure about blooms in a simple pitcher.

  13. I looove flowers in home and always have in my rooms !! Have a beautiful days!xoxo