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French Antiques~ Buffet Deux Corps

Something French
something antique
something filled with a collection of whites
and with so much character and charm.

you just find something that is meant to be yours.

I have shared this piece on my blog before
and the story of how it came to be mine
but thought I would share it again since the 
 theme for this months French blog tour
is Vintage French

Okay, technically, it's not vintage
This is an antique
and dates probably to sometime in the early to mid 1800's 

I love this piece.
 I love the dark finish. The patina. The curves and details. The huge size
I love everything about it.

One of the things I love to do is to change the look
by taking the doors off.

reversing the doors and propping them open

or simply leaving them closed and letting the beauty of this piece speak quietly for itself.

The details on this piece are gorgeous.

and it is amazing to think that someone hand made this
and each and every carving was one one little bit at a time
You can see the peg construction in the inside of the piece
and the old wood wearing years of age and patina
From research- I believe it is from the Normandy region.

It comes apart in 2 parts 
The top is separate from the base hence the name- buffet deux corps
or buffet with 2 bodies

I can never decide if I should display it with the doors open or closed
Honestly, I love it both ways
so I suppose it depends on my mood

But for this post- filled with whites or transferware 
it is a perfectly French vintage display

The story of how it came to be mine is by chance.
By chance I found it on craigslist while looking for something to put the tv inside of
( I have a thing about media being out and about- I hate it)
By chance it was available
She had not even answered any of the 20 other emails she had gotten about it yet- she was too busy.
I told her I had to have it
and asked her if she would save it for me for when I got home from vacation.
She was happy to and
so I brought it home with  me ( along with a few other treasures)
it was  $350 

So to find a piece as amazing as this one
 and have all of those things fall into place to make it mine- 
definitely meant to be.

Make sure to stop by and see what the other ladies are sharing
for their french love this month too

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  1. It is so gorgeous. A wonderful piece to 'play' with. :)

  2. Yes, gorgeous. A piece like that could easily cost 10X what you paid - at auction! I love old and naturally maintained wood. The fact that it's two pieces makes it versatile, but what you do with the doors is genius! I want something just as substantive for my dishes.

  3. The only thing I don't understand is how you could have walked away from that cabinet in the first place. I think I would've traded my first born for it if I had too! I always enjoy your posts, but this one will go down as my favorite.

  4. Your buffet is gorgeous, Courtney, and your ironstone collection is the perfect touch! I'm enjoying our monthly Country French group! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. What a great piece, Courtney and what a steal!!! So glad she let you have it and had not seen the other emails. It was meant to be yours.

  6. Beautiful piece, Courtney! Love the versatility; and reversing the doors is such a clever idea!

  7. Oh my goodness! I love the wood and the contrast of all the white inside! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Every time I see this piece of yours I get emotional. My grandmother was French. She brought to the marriage of home full of French furniture.. now would be antiques. Armoire with mirrored doors and the same carving as your buffet, a buffet ( pretty much a twin of yours) a china cabinet with glass front, farm table and chairs, bed ... I grew up with those pieces. But alas, when we moved to the U.S... all that was left behind. I would luv to have them in my home.
    LUV your piece!!!!

  9. " le coup d foudre"
    (Lové at first sight)



  10. Definitely meant to be! Love the story of how it came to belong to you. It is a gorgeous piece, no question. I think it's great that you can change the look when the mood strikes for it is stunning doors open or doors closed. Thanks for sharing. I'm a fan of the French Country posts group. Keep it up!

  11. It was meant to be yours. I had a similar situation with a French settee I found on Craigslist. Love it with doors, without doors; it's stunning either way.

  12. It's a gorgeous piece, I love all the beautiful details....


  13. Stunning piece. Some things ARE meant to be :-) lucky you!

  14. What a lovely buffet, Courtney! Yes, it was meant to be yours. :) I have an antique French armoire, one mirrored door about 1880's. Paid quite q bit more but still a good price. I was down with my kids at our dentist in Oceanside, CA, about 10 years ago. We always do things while there, so went shopping at the mall ( used to work there). A woman was selling two armoires as she was closing up her shop. It was meant to be! So, her lovely mirrored three piece armoire came home with me. Charles drove back with me to load it and bring it home. I think we tied the bottom legs to the roof of our Ford Explorer, too. The main body took up the whole inside. The bonnet went inside the main piece with lots of blankets. Will have to share online and FB you in the message so you can see it. :-)

    Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!
    Barb Chapman

  15. WoW Courtney---I wish it would have been "meant to be" .... FOR ME!
    Lucky girl, you are! It is absolutely beaUtiful, and I can't believe you let even 5 minutes go by!

  16. Courtney: Gorgeous! It's absolutely breathtaking. But above and beyond your beautiful cupboard is that absolutely stunning pillow! Where oh where did you find it? It bewitched me body and soul at first sight. It says ME all over it....LOL! Can you tell I'm smitten?

  17. It really is a gorgeous piece, Courtney. You got an incredible deal on it.

  18. What an absolutely stunning piece. I agree with Sheila, you got an incredible deal, Courtney.

  19. What a find! Beautiful and versatile piece!