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Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

I grew up in a house where things were always moving around.
Not just a new vase that showed up one day or a different arrangement on a side table
 or even artwork that moved from wall to wall.
I'm talking about furniture, rugs and complete rooms changing.

I would leave for school in the morning and have no idea that my mother
was carefully calculating a major change for the living room
and the dining room.
Something like turning the living room into the dining room
and the dining room into a little sitting area

You know how when you were little and were so used to the  placement of your favorite chair that you just automatically walked over and plopped in that spot 
after school to watch your favorite cartoons?
Yep, I had one of those.
It was in the corner of our large family room near a bank of tall windows.
I loved that chair and it was my
'back from school, grab my snack and plop down in my chair to watch cartoons before dinner' favorite chair.

Well, one day my little favorite chair had moved and I didn't notice right away
I mean, after being at school all day- I was on a mission to get comfy when I got home.
I got my snack- check
Put the cartoons on the tv- check
Plopped into my favorite chair- but... there was no chair when I sat down.
Instead- a very large, very prickly, very not so friendly potted cactus was where my chair was supposed to be.

Let's just say that even being it was when I was only probably  7 or 8 
I remember that like it was yesterday. 

So I learned from an early age that just because we had a comfy zebra striped sofa
and set of white leather armchairs and that awesome brown poof near the coffee table one day
 tomorrow we might have french armchairs and a different rug
and a stool instead of a poof to go with the lamps from the bedroom that were now on the sideboard.

 I also learned to double and triple check for the chair
 before even half thinking about sitting down. ;)

I loved that my mom was always thinking of new ways to make a room look fresh and interesting
and by mostly shopping the house. Decorating was her thing. We definitely have that in common- though we have very different styles. She is a raz matazz animal print and dark colors in every room decor lover and I am much more shabby and vintage loving over here.

But she taught me that a room is never really done.
That even though you love those drapes in the living room- you can move them to another room and love them even more until you get the urge to move them again and love them in another new spot.
That just because you love zebra print- and leopard and giraffe...
you can mix it together and mix in whatever you else you love with it too
and if you like it- that is perfect.
She is definitely a rule breaker when it comes to decorating- I guess that is where I get my own
rebel nature from.

Something that she has always liked to do is to create vignettes in areas
and a wall was never just a wall. Something went there.
Instead of the boring basics- with a desk, books and small chair for reading-
 the den was carefully laid out to show a small snippet that was a feast for the eyes as you walked by.
Or maybe it was the decorations on sideboard in the dining room-
well, when it was the dining room ;)

I definitely do a bit of vignetting over here as well and most of the time
 a new vignette in my home is inspired by a new treasure or a vintage find.
Like a fresh wreath and a pair of antique greenhouse french doors.

These doors are enormous and wearing original old shabby paint
and was inspired immediately.
You see- not only were they beautiful- but I knew that these were exactly THE perfect compliment
for a vignette for something else that I had just ordered

An absolutely beautiful fresh eucalyptus wreath from Balsam Hill.

Have you ever walked through a grove of eucalyptus trees? Oh my. 
We have tons of them here in California and the smell is amazing.

This Fall Eucalyptus Wreath smells just like a grove of trees and is absolutely beautiful
It is covered in 3 types of eucalyptus - spiral, berried and knife blade eucalyptus all put together
to create a gorgeous wreath that not only smells amazing but is a feast for the eyes.
It also comes with a pretty bronze ribbon that is perfect for adding a little more color for the seasons.

Even better- a fresh wreath will dry in a good way over time
which means you can use this wreath all year long.

I had no idea that Balsam Hill sold fresh wreaths
but  I am already in love with their beautiful Christmas trees-
 my Colorado Mountain Spruce - which is my new favorite tree.
So when I found out they make Christmas wreaths and even fresh and preserved wreaths,
 I knew that these wreaths would be top of the line and gorgeous

For this vignette -I envisioned something very simple.
Nothing too busy.
Nothing too chaotic with lots of knick knacks or furniture decoration
I have been paring back and leaning towards simplicity so much lately and so
 I wanted quiet and beautiful decor
 a vignette with just architectural salvage, a dainty chair
and that beautiful, large, fresh wreath.

* Out take*
(Loki wanted in on the photo action and climbed up on the chair while we were
playing around with  vignettes
 so we moved the books and the flowers for him to be able to sit for a bit- so cute! )

Here's what I used to get the look:
A chair- the french one is from a thrift store (I showed 2 options)
A pair of french doors - propped against the wall 
Roses - clipped from the climbing roses on our arbor
Vintage book
I am seriously loving how this vignette turned out and
every time I walk by and smell that eucalyptus
I turn to look at that gorgeous wreath.

Something exciting
Balsam Hill has generously offered to giveaway one of these beautiful fresh Eucalyptus wreaths to a French Country Cottage reader so that they can enjoy it in their home too! 
 I know- so awesome, right?

Here's how to enter:

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'Like' Balsam Hill on FB-  let them know by saying hello!
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Share the giveaway on your social channels (FB, Blog, etc) 

Also you can enter to win 2 boxwood wreaths and 2 $100 Etsy Gift cards over on the Balsam Hill Blog as well!

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  1. What a lovely wreath and wonderful memories you have shared <3

  2. Beautiful post Courtney!!! Thank you for sharing such a precious story and the lovely photos. My sons can so relate I am like your mom and the grew up with that. What a terrific read for my heart today. Have a blessed week!

    Kate xoxo

  3. My mom loved to switch things up too. I wish I had the imagination to do this!
    Well, the wreath sounds beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

  4. Great post Courtney!! Love the wreath and love those doors...beautiful!!

  5. Love the story about your mom and your vignette is beautiful!

  6. Shared on FB. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I love the simplicity of this vignette - so calming and serene. I shared this on FB.

  8. Shared on Twitter, I think. Wonderful story about your mother. The doors are gorgeous.

  9. I totally know what you are talking about. My mom loved to shake things up and "re-arrange" was a word I knew well. One day I stomped to my bedroom in a snit about something and threw myself face first onto my bed in a tantrum and.....NO BED! I went face down onto hardwood floor. Lesson learned!
    Linda @ a Toile Tale

  10. Beautiful! I believe I just read what my daughter's may say about their childhood home :)

  11. I'm salivating over those doors---o m g!

  12. I am in love with those doors! I wish my house was big enough for a set to look right. I shared about your giveaway here -

  13. Courtney, Your decor style IS quiet and beautiful. You have created a most beautiful vignette with that fabulous wreath!

  14. Love the doors, now I'll have to. Be on the lookout for some, shared the wreaths on Facebook LOVE them!

  15. Great doors..reminds me, I need to bring the arched porch door back in for the spring...miss you...xoxo and by the way, my aunt was like your mom,,,i think thats where the problems stem. its hereditary. lol!!

  16. The doors are wonderful, don't you love old memories! I shared the wreaths on Facebook.

  17. I love the scent of eucalyptus. I have some in my living room and my bathroom. Now, I just need a wreath hanging on my door.

  18. Hi Courtney, I love the smell of Eucalyptus! Those doors are amazing and it looks so lovely. Loved the story about your mom moving furniture and sitting on a cactus. lol! I grew up with a mom very much like that. Not quite as extreme, but moving things often. Thanks for offering this give away.

  19. Forgot to mention that I put this give away on my sidebar.

  20. My Mother liked to change Furniture around too, and it was usually on cleaning day~ I think Balsam Hill has the Best Fresh Goods Online~ Here is the Tweet I shared

    Thanks Courtney!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  21. Absolutely beautiful! I shared this post on Twitter! Thank you!

  22. Hi, this is beautiful! Shared this post on Twitter! Lori D.

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  28. I was blown away by the doors on which hang the eucalyptus wreath, which is stunning btw. I immediately clicked on their site (thanks for the link you provided so kindly) and was able to purchase a set of doors. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have these doors. Thank you for linking and giving the info to us. Love your blog. carry on!

  29. Simply stunning!


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