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New York City

Happy Sunday everyone
I hope your weekend has been going great! 

I am fortunate to have been able to be working & playing in beautiful NYC
 for a few days this past week.  I absolutely love New York City and
 thought I would share a quick random Sunday photo post
sharing a glimpse of some of what inspired me

Can I just say how much I love NYC-
 I absolutely love it.
 NYC is like my country living alter ego
 The city, the sounds, the hustle and bustle, the people, the architecture, the history
I love it all and put it all together-and mix it up~ it is an amazingly beautiful city

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from this trip

The blossoms were out in full force on the trees everywhere

Central Park.
In both the foggy rain and in the beautiful sunshine
it was gorgeous and it was a favorite lunch spot

Those birds on the statue are real birds just chilling

An otherwise ordinary thing like a quick ride on the subway included 
something amazing like this talented opera singer in one of the stations.

(I can't get the video to share directly on my blog since itwas an instagram video
but the link should open in a separate window if you want to watch it.)

That few moments listening to opera in the subway
 is just one more of the reasons I love New York City.
Truly an amazing, inspiring city.
 I am looking forward to going back to visit again soon! 

More about my trip to NYC and 
stay tuned for an awesome Mothers Day giveaway coming your way this week!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. As a (former) resident of NYC for many years, I can say you've done a fantastic job of capturing NYC! Your photos are beautiful -- I recognize nearly all of them, but where is that gorgeous ceiling? I feel like I've seen it - but I'm stumped! Plaza Hotel, maybe?

    1. Thank you!!! I think you are talking about the ceilings that are in the New York Public Library? With those gorgeous paintings... they were my number one from my first trip to NYC. So beautiful. :)

  2. Return visit enjoying the beauty of NYC. You share it beautifully.


  3. Great trip :-) For a moment I moved to New York ... ow me so cold today

  4. NYC is one of the places I want to visit one day... You made really beautiful photos of the city and the life of the people... Thank you, Alexandra

  5. I love NYC although I've never been there:( but it's one of my dreams:) Thanx for sharing those beautiful photos of NYC in spring:)
    Greetings from sunny Poland:)

  6. I love New York City and I also recognize all of your beautiful photos! Now I want to go back and experience it in the Spring......beautiful!

  7. Your NYC pics are amazing. It's one city that's on my "to visit list!" I can so relate to your alter ego comment. I'm a Northern IL rural living gal, that has a very prominent Southern gal alter....but also having worked in Downtown (Chicago) in my early years before kids, I still have that special draw to the hustle, history, & bustle of the city ways.....just won't drive down there...thanks again for sharing....might just be popping in the DVD "You've Got Mail" as I do my Monday must do's!

  8. Oh, It is gorgeous. My son moved there in March so we are planning a trip soon.

  9. You captured the magic of the Big Apple perfectly!
    Love it ALL!

  10. Great photos, I use to live near NYC and I miss it.

  11. Lovely photos. You captured some real beauty.

  12. Your photos are amazing...makes me want to go back! Love those blossoms!! Thanks for sharing! ~Kathy

  13. Similar to Audrey Hepburn's line in 'Sabrina', "Paris is always a good idea", so is New York City - especially in the spring! Gorgeous photos. My daughter and her husband are going later this summer - I know she'll love it!

  14. It will my fourth trip in July, can't wait to go, loved your pics!

  15. My husband is a native of Harlem so we have visited quite often but not in a few years. I would love to go in the Spring...been there in August and Christmas...Your pictures make it look so different in Spring! It is nice to have someone who knows everything about the city as a tour guide!

  16. I just love how you see things! You see the NY I see when I go... just beautiful! Nicely done. Enjoy your time there.

  17. Beautiful photography - love the buildings.

  18. Wow! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!!!

  19. Your photo shots of NYC are bea-u-ti-ful! You have captured the essence of the Big Apple. For those who've not experienced New York City, you should add it to your bucket list.

  20. I always think of NYC as this crazy busy place with millions of people everywhere and tons of traffic. This gives me a whole different perspective. It is beautiful!


  21. I grew up in NYC but moved to FL as a teen, so never really had the appreciation for the beauty until I started going back to visit as an adult. Looks like you had a great trip! xox, Janet

  22. Lovely photos. I've always been a bit weary of visiting the crowdedness of NYC but, from your photos it looks like you had a wonderful time sight-seeing.

  23. Hi Courtney, WOW NYC is my backyard! You really took amazing photos! I LOVE NYC too and it's an amazing an exciting place and so much to see and do. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle