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French Country~ Summertime Blues

Yes, it's true.
I have been feeling a little *blue* over here lately
but in a good way.

There is something about bringing in shades of blue in the Summer 
Blues are fresh and welcoming at the same time and there are so many shades
to choose from

Like the color of just picked blueberries in a white bowl

or the vibrant sky on a warm summer day.
or the soft color of the waters of the ocean

I have always been drawn to a touch of soft faded blue in a room
and especially when it is paired with red and white
Some what patriotic and beachy inspired yes, but it's also just simply a beautiful combination
and especially in a french cottage setting

One of my favorite designs Charles Faudree was known for mixing patterns and colors
and red and blue were some of the most inspiring mixes to me 
A red toile wallpaper topped with blue transferware?

I have been making a few changes in my bedroom recently
that involves new colors and new patterns
and I brought in a few touches of  blue
to mingle with the red and white and dark woods
Sharing just a couple of the pillows today
and will share the rest of the changes shortly
 I am waiting on a couple things to get here.

It's the little things that make the difference.
The little things like this gorgeous-gorgeous-gorgeous pillow.
Honestly, there is so much to love about this pillow of course- and it is my favorite
but the palest of pale  super soft gray-blue color edging around it~ 
(More about this pillow and others coming soon)

The darker blue striped linen pillows were fun for layering on the bed
and bring in a little more of the rustic feeling with their darker linen color

Something a little more bold on the settee 
Though it isn't my usual color choice being that it is far darker than my quiet look
paired with the as equally bold oversized red and white check on my settee
it says french country to me

This pillow was added for a special French Country photo project and I loved it- 
it fits right in with the blues- though there are so many places I am loving it-
it will move around I am sure

Another one of my favorites~
this french floral ticking stripe blanket bringing in more of the soft blue & 
creams with reds and pinks in all those dainty blooms.
I have had this blanket for several years and the soft color
 and pattern never get old.
 It is so me and I think it pretty much epitomizes the french cottage look I love.

Totally feeling behind over here- because it seems like it's Monday to me.
I have a lot of Summer decorating ideas and mini-reveals coming your way in the next couple weeks
as well as some fun stuff to share too

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. The blue is so pretty amidst all the red and floral.
    Summer, summer, summer :)
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Honestly the way you photograph everything makes me in awe. I love all the touches of blue and I especially love the pillow with the roses and pale blue. You make it look so lovely.

  3. Love the blue - it looks so refreshing. The pillow is lovely, I can see why you love it. Everything works so well together. I am in love with your Buffalo check couch, it's stunning.
    Looking forward to your future post o your master suite.

  4. I love the blanket! Do you have the source?

    1. I think it is Ralph Lauren from abut 6 or 7 years ago maybe?

  5. Delicious print on your bed! Love that gorgeous pillow too!

  6. I love it all, but your blanket is lovely with the soft colors. Love the hidden light blue stripes:)

  7. I love the comfortor at the end of the bed. Do you remember where you got it from? Its beautiful!!

    1. I think it is Ralph Lauren- from about 6 or 7 years ago maybe.

  8. I love, love the red plaid settee..I have been looking for one for ages. You don't have it anymore?
    I love all the colors in your room just my color pallet. pretty post!
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

    1. Oh yes, my red settee is there right where it has been :) It is the blue pillow that was a special project that wasn't sure to stay. The settee is not going anywhere. :)

  9. Love the added blues and that blue pillow is gorgeous. I have brought a lot of blue back, too.

  10. As a color person, I love your changes. But then, I love everything you do.

  11. Just gorgeous!!! Enough colour but that lovely bit of serenity that every bedroom needs. I feel like its Monday too. J

  12. Those pillows are beautiful. I love the blues and reds of French Country too.

  13. I love that check sofa and the touch of blue is fabulous.

  14. Oh how I love the blue and red!...and the pillows are gorgeous!...I so admire the wonderful way to style your pretty things!!...

  15. Big sighs of delight, Courtney. Love this look. Your red buffalo check with the touch of blue is perfection for me.

  16. Courtney, I've had that first pillow you're showing for many years now--I'm STILL in luv with it!
    Now if only I find that blanket or some fabric like it---be still my heart!

  17. So gorgeous!! Everything about your room!!! Perfectly my colors and I love the combinations all together!

  18. I am always drawn to your settee, but that blue pillow on it is perfection! I do not normally decorate with blue but you have made is all so beautiful!

  19. It's all very beautiful, Courtney. I love blue as well, especially the soft shades and your blanket with the ticking stripes and floral design is perfection!


  20. I love Love Love the large red & white checked settee material, I have wanted a wing back chair covered in that bold checks for years and I am dragging my feet , wish I could just walk in a store and it be sitting there for me to bring home.
    I have blue in every room of my house

  21. Where did you get the pillow with the soft blue and fringe all around it? Love it!

  22. Love the light blue pillow with fringe around it. Where did you get it? Also love the linen blue stripe pillows on the bed! Do you know where these are from also?