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Vintage garden container

You know those thrift store shopping days where you stop because
you are sure there must a treasure hidden in there somewhere?
So through the  kitchen section you go-looking for old silver and ironstone maybe
then you weave around the furniture, look through the books
sift through the linens
and stop in the higher priced vintage section even
but you don't find anything that you love?

It happened to me a few weeks back.
After shopping, I was on my way out when there it was.

A little blinking beacon over in the garden section.

I usually glance in the garden section- looking for old tools or statuary
but this time, I walked right past it
walked right past this vintage garden planter pot.

I shared this cutie on Facebook the other day and had requests to see more
so sharing a couple quick photos of it out on the patio.

It has a beautiful soft white color
with embossed detailing and the most delicate little charming swags and bows all around.

Not to mention it is covered in crazing which only adds to its charm in my opinion.
It is marked Italy on the bottom and says something like 'A. Meygill something' that I can't make out  but I don't know much more about it than that.

It's perfect as a vase filled with those week and a half old roses that are drying to perfection 
out on the patio but I am also thinking it would be great for an herb on the kitchen windowsill

It was raining here today so my project was on hold but there should be a little painting
going on over here tomorrow.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. simply beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

  2. I love these thrift shopping stories - love it that you can find treasures in the cast offs! Beautiful find and your patio looks amazing.

  3. Oh, she's a true treasured find, Courtney! Glad you have "I spot it" talented experienced eyes! Well done, ma'am!!

  4. You sure found yourself a beauty! A "treasure" for sure!!!

  5. It is very pretty and just perfect holding your roses, Courtney! What a wonderful find.

  6. Your pictures are beyond beautiful!!!
    My tongue popped down to my knees.Love it!
    Tovehugs :)

  7. Really beautiful, it's simply gorgeous!


  8. beautiful! No two words for it :) and you've styled it so well... Love it.

  9. A beauty indeed. Luv all the detail and the drying roses :)
    Hugs, Gee

  10. Simply beautiful...details, color, texture, ceramic/pottery, French style....
    Something tells me we will see this again in future posts, perhaps sitting in the background with just a glimpse.


  11. So pretty! Great vintage find.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the table too

  13. It's always so exciting to find a treasure at the last minute and realize how you almost missed it! This is so beautiful!

  14. Do you ever use depression glass? It's beautiful and comes in so many patterns and compliments white so beautifully as well as your peonies and roses