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Crushing on~ blue glass jars

What is it about blue glass that just begs to hold a bouquet of pink flowers
It is soft, faded, shabby and romantic- with just a touch of color
and it is perfect for so many places- especially in Summer.

Perfect for marching down the center of a table

Or holding the most delicate blooms on a side table

or even on top of the fireplace for a Spring vignette

Gosh, I just love that shade of blue with pretty pinks... sigh.

My favorite use for blue glass as you can probably already tell ;)
is to use blue jars or bottles grouped together or by themselves
for holding small bouquets of flowers 

Most of the vintage bottles and jars I have were found while junking
but they don't all have to be vintage to be gorgeous.
Like those reproduction mason jars- though the blue isn't quite that pale delightful color.

But... just a couple weeks ago I bumped into a set of 
gorgeous -took my breath away with their pale color 
small recycled glasses at HomeGoods 

I just about knocked 5 people over trying to grab them.

They are chunky and heavy and oh so perfect for setting a small candle inside 
I love that their color changes with the lighting and that they have small imperfections.

Sometimes they look so perfectly sea glass green
and other times- they are leaning more blue.

They have the most gorgeous sea glass color
 for using with a nautical  Summer inspired table 

and are even perfect for serving a scoop of ice-cream or smoothie inside

That gorgeous pale green blue color even inspired a simple table setting
in the woods
(more coming soon)

Pretty much in love with this color right now and
and the softer the color is
 the better in my book.

Do you collect vintage or reproduction blue or green glass?
I have a hard time resisting the urge to bring pieces like these home with me
so yes, you will be seeing more treasures like these soon. ;)

I am playing catch up over here this week
and we are getting ready for my sister to come up for a visit and a party that is coming up.
Washing slipcovers, restyling the patio and notching off a few of those back burner type projects.
We might even try to squeeze in a little bit of a girls trip this weekend too.

Hope your week is going great!

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Soft blue with pink flowers? Mmmmmm, perfect.

  2. I can't get enough of the jars either but now I suddenly have to go to HomeGoods today. :)

  3. Stunning photos !!! Nice day ! xoxo

  4. Love those cups! I'm going to have to head over to see if ours has any!

  5. These are so pretty! I was at Homegoods last week and didn't see them! Nice excuse to go back! :)


  6. All so pretty and sets a lovely atmosphere. Blessings, Catherine

  7. Oh my, I love your collection of blue glass jars! And all of those pink bouquets are gorgeous, pink and blue - pretty!
    Sally @cottagefix

  8. I am always jealous of your constant supply of fresh peonies and ranunculus. The blue glass jars are a nice compliment to the pink flowers.

  9. gorgeous!!! I invite you to share at my hop ( starts tonight 8PM MST) hugs

  10. Your flowers are beautiful and well as your photos -- reminds me of an English garden.

  11. I so agree with you Courtney. Your flowers are gorgeous with the blue of the jar. I recently did a post about my Ball jars, too.

  12. Just lovely! So fresh and soothing.

    I bought 3 boxes of blue glass jars at a local hardware store last summer. My plan was to can something special in them and give some away as gifts. Well, I still have 2 of the boxes (one I gave away as gift to my daughter). Now, I plan to dress up my master bath in our new home. My theme is "Sea Breeze." So, blue jars would look very nice. I'll be posting the progress on my blog at

  13. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    liefs from Holland

  14. le tue fotografie sono sempre stupende! grazie