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Faucets, friends & inspiration

A couple months ago, I was invited to come to Indianapolis 
for a blogger event that was all about faucets and inspiration. 

Did you know how much time is spent on design and research and innovation 
in faucets and fixtures? I had no idea and was amazed to learn about all that goes into each one.

Last week, I was so excited to travel to the Delta Faucet headquarters 
and spend a couple of days there learning more about all of the faucets and technology behind them. 
If you follow me on instagram- then you already know that it was an amazing, fun trip filled with so much inspiration.

Truly, the people at Delta and Brizo were instantly like a family and when we arrived
we were all welcomed into the family with a wonderful warm greeting.

After grabbing a cup of coffee we were off and running with 
learning all about just what Delta does.

Of course we knew that they make faucets but
I learned so much more about faucets and how they are made and work than I knew before
 Aside from the ins and outs-  their faucets are beauties.
From gorgeous kitchen faucets

to bathroom faucets

to shower and toilet designs.

Not to mention the amazing touch technology that they have on faucets 
where you don't even have to turn them on with the handle.
You know, like when you are baking or gardening or painting and your hands are covered
in grunge and you want to wash them but you don't want to touch anything.
Just a simple tap from your arm turns the water on and off
Similar to the ones in restaurants and airports- except they work so much better.

Another favorite of mine was the shower technology with the Universal Valve
 that allows you to replace the handle and change the look with a simple step.
I know that might not sound like a big deal but
from someone who has a shower handle that I would love to change
that is from the 1960's and is not very attractive- 
I know that I cannot change that shower fixture without breaking out the marble 
and redoing the valve in the wall and then re-doing the marble (or tile)
But if I had the universal valve, I would be able to unscrew the handle and in a couple steps
it would be out with the old and in with the new in no time with no mess.

More shower love-
 these jets actually pop out of the wall when you turn them
on and are adjustable for different heights

Loved the oil rubbed bronze finish 
and their brass finish- amazing. 
I also loved their Brizo line- which if you aren't familiar is a higher end
line of faucets that Delta makes. 

After morning inspiration- we were treated to a beautiful catered lunch in a 
gorgeous white tent they had set up outside the offices

The ambiance and food was amazing -
they truly made each of us feel so special.

(that is one of the amazing designers at Delta in the photo) 

Had such a great time at lunch with these girls- almost all of us in this photo
are also on the team in the Lowes Creative Ideas Blogger network. 

Back inside- we learned more about the inspiration behind each of the designs
and how much thought and work goes into each of their faucets

Like this gorgeous one that has a refined twist in its design
 that was inspired by an architectural element in Europe

I never knew how much inspiration goes into the design of a faucet
and what is inside and behind the design is even more amazing.

Like the technology behind their shower heads that save water 
but make you feel like you are having a fantastic water filled shower.

Here in California, where we have water restrictions with the drought
having a shower has become a pretty quick in and out and and don't use too much water experience.  
With the technology of Delta H2o Kinetic shower heads- the way the water pulses through the shower- and the placement of the holes in the shower head makes it feel like there is 40% more water in your shower than you are actually using. Saving water and having an awesome shower.
Pretty amazing if you ask me.
We even got to try out the H2o Kinetic shower heads in our hotel rooms
where they had installed them in our showers so that we knew what they felt like  first hand.

Oh and did I mention- 
We came. We saw. We installed a faucet
and a toilet.
In about 15 minutes each 
with no cursing involved.
Yep, it was that easy.

Which if you have ever installed a faucet or a toilet 
 you can totally appreciate.

 That evening, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with wine pairing at a local restaurant 
and had so much fun relaxing, talking and laughing with the bloggers and Delta family.

After a wonderful morning learning much more about Brizo and Delta
 I was on my way home feeling super inspired and grateful for the experience.
 I know it sounds like I am a walking commercial- but I truly was inspired and loved what I learned.
 I never knew that so much went into the design and details in faucets 
and will definitely be bringing some Delta technology into our home.

I was provided with a trip to visit Delta Faucet Company, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. amazing faucets!! :) the event looks fun and i bet you got so much knowledge on this. i wish i went here.. if only i'm not from the other side of the world. haha! :))

    xoxo, rae

  2. That sounds like a great experience. With four bathrooms needing new toilets and faucets I would have loved the experience of changing them out. I admire all the new finishes but I still personally like chrome faucets for our home. We try to be water conscious but it must be so much more important in your area. Wishing you a great weekend.

  3. We just renovated bathroom and my plumber said Delta is the best - best quality, best for repairs and so much better priced than all the imported brands we've used in the past. Love that twisted design you included!

  4. You were in Indy?? That is only an hour away from me! Hoosier hospitality is well known and I'm glad they treated you well. We are so lucky to live in a time where there are many new things we can enjoy in our homes :-)

  5. Hi, I am just popping by to say I featured an older post of yours in my post Pink-spiration for Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. I used a small photo from Pinterest not your blog and a link back to your post. If this is not acceptable to you please let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

  6. I love and own the oil rubbed bronze faucets and fixtures and was wondering if you happened to find out what is the best way to clean them? As I know vinegar is not the answer, nor regular store bought cleaners.

  7. I was wondering if you found out how to clean the oil rubbed bronze? I too love and have it, but also know you can't use store bought products, nor vinegar.. So I was wondering if you have tips?

  8. I did not find out about that- but I can ask and see if they have any tips

  9. So jealous, I LOVE faucets...and the no cussing aspect sounds divine!!!