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Inspiration in a bottle

Can you find inspiration in a bottle?
I am thinking yes

and if one bottle is full of inspiration
then a tiny collection of them is filled with even more
wouldn't you say?

My sister was visiting this past weekend
and on one of the days that she was here
she and my daughter and I went out on a little road trip 
for a little exploring and shopping.

We took crazy photos and watched an old west reenactment 
and a film that was in the making 
and then
we did a little shopping.

I stopped in at a small antique store and found a shelf with several 
of these gorgeous little bottles in different sizes and colors.
The softest shades of pale green, blue and even hint of purple.

I have a big time weakness for vintage bottles
but usually, they are  pricey especially if they are green or blue

But when I picked up one of these
I was surprised to find that it was marked $2.50

I had a moment... 
and paused...
and then picked up each of the other ones
to see how much they were as well.
They ranged from $1.25 to $3.50 each.

Need I say that they were all gathered up and coming home with me?

Well, yep, they were
and they were perfect for a couple of clippings of sweet peas 
from the garden.

Loving them simply grouped together for display
but I used them for something else too.
More on this tablesetting coming soon

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I wish I was lucky as you and find such a beautiful bottles!

  2. So lovely......
    Fine afternoong

  3. Love your colored glass bottles. Such nice arrangement with flowers in them. Good shopping day for you!

  4. Very sweet! I collect old bottles too and now I know how to dress them up for summer. =)


  5. What wonderful bottles! I love sweat peas. Beautiful photos.

  6. Oh...wonderful! I love putting flowers in different bottles!

  7. Great finds Courtney..and the Sweet Peas from your garden look so pretty in them!...

  8. Lovely bottles but your photos are compositionally exquisite.


  9. le tue fotografie sono sempre bellissime...

  10. What a wonderful way to spend the day and to find your adorable bottles is a bonus. Your photos are beautiful -- truly a work of art.

  11. I have a weakness for vintage bottles too Courtney. Sweet Peas are one of my favorite flowers. It's what I often call my grand kids. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  12. I too like bottles, especially if they have cabernet in them! Courtney, thank you for a wonderful blog!!