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Entertaining Fresh fruit salad smoothie

You might say that we are a little crazy for fresh fruits over here

We usually have fresh fruit with dinner almost every night
whether it is simply a few pieces cut up
or a mix of several together in a large fruit salad

For us- our fruit salads are pretty much a hodge podge of anything and everything
and most of the time, there will be a little bit leftover in the fruit bowl after dinner 
especially if using any melon - which goes a long way.

So a favorite thing for us to do with those leftovers
is to whip them up into a blended all fruit- smoothie

Seriously, it takes about a minute and so in the morning
it is easy to make before heading out to work or school

1  ingredient-
that leftover fruit salad
(or just toss in whatever fresh fruit you would like)

3  steps-
Place the fruit salad in a blender
Add a handful of ice 
blend for about 30 seconds.

Ready to enjoy.

*This is an all fruit smoothie but
you can add milk or juice or a protein powder or anything else you like as well*

They are perfect for making for kids and their friends
and with a simple addition~
are perfect for a blended fruit drink for those Summer evening get-togethers
with friends 

Simply add a splash of rum
and a little juice (if you want more sweetness)
to thin the consistency when blending

for a super simple sangria
 you can add a glass of red or white wine

Perfect for Summer entertaining

Happy Weekend!

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  1. We do the same thing in our house! I usually add peanut butter for added protein and because my daughter loves it.

  2. I make a fruit smoothie almost every day, adding protein powder and sometimes milk. It helps me get through the 4:00pm munchies... We also cut up fruit that is on its last legs and throw it in a baggie in the freezer for smoothies. Great post and absolutely stunning photography!

  3. lovely photos as always. We have been enjoying a lot of strawberry smoothies lately. Our garden is producing strawberries faster than we can eat them, :-) Hugs

  4. We eat these daily but I always add spinach to mine. We just got a Vitamix from Sur La Table which makes them even easier to make. Your photos are so pretty.