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Weekend View~ Hiking in Lake Tahoe

When I was growing up
every Summer our family would spend a week at Tahoe
I remember waking up to the sound of nothing but peaceful quiet in the morning 
 and running out across the sand and onto the dock.

Even now
I remember the feeling of that rough, weathered wood
under my feet
the fresh smell of the Lake 
and the sound of the water lapping against the shore
Together- they almost create a song that to me says

Some of the best memories I have of Summer vacations growing up
are the times spent in Tahoe.

We are fortunate to live in California where getting to
Lake Tahoe is just a quick trip
and yesterday, we decided to head up and spend the day hiking

Hiking in Tahoe involves a lot of climbing 
among the rugged wilderness
It is a bit of a work out- but the views you get to enjoy are definitely worth it

There are huge mountains and a lot of rocky terrain
and absolutely beautiful vistas and nature.
We were headed towards Eagle Lake on the Eagle Falls Trailhead
and into the Desolation Wilderness area

I love that there are so many rock steps on parts of the trail
Some of the areas are a bit of a climb- but its definitely a great leg workout
and when you reach the lake- you can stop and relax
and swim - it's a little cold- but you can dip in for a minute

Eagle Lake is a small lake that is set inside a little area higher up in the mountains
This is the view from another trail we took that went up a different peak
Truly beautiful.

Most of the trail is a lot of simply climbing rock and rock steps 
but there were a couple areas that were more of a soft dirt trail underfoot
on trails that wound through the trees 

Another view from the back of Eagle Lake

There truly is so much beauty in the Tahoe wilderness
There are waterfalls

and gorgeous rocky mountains that seem to reach the sky
with beautiful meadow mixed in.

This trail especially reminded me of The Sound of Music
and yes, I might have been singing a little in my head as we walked

Love this photo of Cullan when we stopped for lunch

and this view of Emerald Bay with a peek of the larger view of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is simply one of those places that takes your breath away with its beauty
whether you are enjoying the lake or the surrounding mountain areas

This trip was all about hiking and enjoying the trails for the day
but the next trip will include a little lake shore time and relaxing. 
More about the lake itself then.

Happy Weekend

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  1. Simply lovely. I too feel lucky to have all of this beauty within reach. Recently spent the day hiking in Yosemite...perfection!

  2. Oh it truly is beautiful. I have been there many times, so good to see your pic, it brought back great memories too.

  3. Beautiful, Courtney and I can't wait to see it in September.

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous place, Tahoe! The lake seems as smooth as glass and the mountains are magnificent. Your photos are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with your readers! Have a beautiful week ahead!

  5. Just beautiful. I have never been here but really enjoyed your pictures.

  6. I hiked this same trail as a teen back in 1972 (unfortunately, without a camera.) Years later, I tried to describe the beauty of this favorite hike into Desolation Wilderness with my husband, but of course words weren't enough. We just now sat on the sofa together as I shared your post with him. It's like I was there all over again. Very special. Thank you!

  7. gorgeous! i've never been, but these are gorgeous photos.

  8. Wow. Just so beautiful. Mountains and water .... So calming.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Would love to make it there one day!...just breathtaking!