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Black & White Dishes

I am a pretty big fan of toile and transferware over here
For me- the patterns and colors are timeless and with so many different styles and colors
to choose from- it is easy to incorporate a little bit in your own home-
from wallpaper, to fabrics to dishes on display.

In my bathroom- it's red floral toile wallpaper that I love

and I have gathered various color transferware dishes to display together in the buffet
or the open shelves in the kitchen.
Though I have been staying with the whites and ironstone recently
 I do bring in some transferware to spice it up or change the look 

Especially when there is a pattern that just begs to come home with you
 like this stack of gorgeous floral toile plates with the sweetest little bird on them.
They looked familiar when I bumped into them at HomeGoods
and they were. 

Remember when I was in Boston for HomeGoods blogger day and participated in
 that design challenge?
 HomeGoods brought the same dishes for me to use- except they were in blue and white.

I have been keeping an eye out for them ever since- and haven't found them
until now.

They didn't have a full set of them 
 but that isn't going to stop me when I find a pattern that I love.
 Mixing and matching works perfectly.
There were enough that I could put together a tablescape 
when I shared the recipe for an all-fruit smoothie recently

and I can also use a couple of them on the wall  as decor. 

Since I only found one smaller and several large plates
 I mixed in a thrift store find antique black and white transferware bowl

It's fairly stained and crazed but I love it
Changing dishes that you display is a super simple way of changing the look
in a room- and you don't have to spend a ton to get  a different feeling.
Bright pops of color like a cobalt blue or sunshine yellow would make it feel completely
different as well.

Since these were photographed awhile ago- these peonies have long finished blooming now
Never seems like peony season lasts long enough.

Busy week ahead- will share more on what I am up to soon!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. How pretty. We don't have a HomeGoods in my city :( The nearest is about 2 hours away. Maybe that is a good thing, as could get in some real trouble there...

  2. Love those dishes, Courtney! Black & white is my favorite of the toiles, but you had me at the birds.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Hi,
    Just discovered your blog recently and I am really enjoying reading it. I was so excited to see your "Toile", I have the same dinnerware. I got them from the Onieda website about 6 months ago and the pattern is Adelaide Gray. They are beautiful. I use them everyday, they don't get hot in the microwave like ironware. They hold up well to my everyday family use. I think today might be the last day for 20% off, but coupon code is JJ20.

  4. Beautiful dishes, I love Toile especially black and white I'm going to be on the lookout for that gorgeous pattern.

  5. LOL! I found the blue ones at my TJMax and bought them all.....all the while wishing they were black, but love anything TOILE.
    Low and behold, found the black ones at Homegoods and bought those too. Too funny!!

  6. Bonjour,
    Votre vaisselle est très belle et les motifs d'une grande élégance.

    Gros bisous ✺❀✺

  7. Love the black & white mix of new with the old vintage thrift find.
    You have such a way of tying your look all together giving each piece a vintage look.
    Courtney, do you have a Marshall's store, last week I spotted the very plates large selection of them there in the black and white same pattern, I reached out and held one, looked it over and pondered them, I was so close to buying them, and then did not due to the bird plates I am trying to sale and thought more bird patterns.

    They look fabulous in your vignettes, and such a perfect fit with the flow of your home, a perfect bedside plate filled with goodness.

    Enjoy all you inspire here.



  8. Hi Courtney, I live in the UK and we have a Victorian pottery that is still in production called Burleigh. Take a look at their website. They do toile patterns in a variety of colours and tend to do black as specials. Gorgeous!

  9. This is truly beautiful, I love anything toile! The peonies are a lovely compliment to this setting!

  10. I love the toile. The look with the white is perfect. Your photos make me wish I were in your yard enjoying the surroundings and sipping on the smoothie. Fantastic as always.

  11. Lovely! You know I'm partial to black and white dishes. '-)
    Will need to stop in Home Goods and see if they are here too.

  12. Love the dishes, I'm a fan of anything toile. I need to stop into HomeGoods more often!

  13. No Peonies do not last long enough at all :)

    Pretty Dishes / I have B/W toile in my galley kitchen as window treatments. :)

  14. So pretty! They look great mixed together with the true antique also. You're right…peony season isn't long enough!