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Crushing on~ Fresh Lavender

Fresh. Lavender.

I'm giving lavender a little love this week and 
just the words Fresh Lavender pretty much already says everything

Well, except maybe how it smells absolutely amazing

and that just this one bouquet of lavender in a pitcher filled the entire living room
with that incredible scent.

Or that placing a little bundle of it on the nightstand next to the bed 
seems to just make sleep that much more restful

That when it dries and the seeds start falling off
collecting them and placing them in a tiny tea cup
is a way to enjoy the fresh smell of lavender in several rooms

I love to tie a bundle of it together with twine
and hang it on a cupboard

or use it in a table setting
tied to the flatware for an added touch

There is something so perfect about mixing the delicate look
of lavender with something rustic-
like wrapping bundles of it in burlap and filling a basket with them for
 the sideboard.

I have some lavender plants in my garden and love them

but these bundles were found at a market and were the last two that they had.
I am hoping they get a few more in so that I can stock up on it
for holiday treats and a couple more vignettes

What is your favorite way to enjoy lavender around your house?

Hope your week is off to a great start
Happy Monday! 

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  1. Oh Yes Courtney, nothing compares to the beauty and fresh scent of lavender.
    As for your photos you have captured ever reason why we love lavender so.
    I love the bundled lavender hanging from a favorite cabinet of mine in your home, I should say one of my favorite cabinets :)
    I often do the same hang some sort of florals from something in my home. Again you have inspired beauty to connect with here.

    See you soon, a beautiful week ahead with all it inspires.


  2. I love lavender! Sadly I have not found any at my market this year! Yours looks beautiful!

  3. I make lavender bottles and later in the year, when squeezed, the lavender bottles emit a very strong lavender scent even in the winter months.

  4. Oh I love lavender too! It's so beautiful in such a simple way and smells amazing. I love the tea cup idea - I will have to remember that the next time I have lavender around :)

  5. So inspiring...I love Lavendular very much...your photoshop are great.
    Greetings from Germany

  6. le tue fotografie sono sempre bellissime!

  7. This is so pretty, Courtney! I love a spritz of lavender water on sheets.

  8. I picked fresh lavender last Thursday in a tiny little town in Texas from a Frenchman from Nice. Of course it made me homesick, however, now that we are back home, I have lavender everywhere.. in crystal bowls, in mason jars, on my nightstand and in our bathroom. My brother, who still lives in Digne, told me that you can revive the dried buds just by crushing them with your fingers. Enjoy.. gorgeous photos.

  9. I so love lavender..actually just used some in a new vignette...Your lavender vignettes are gorgeous...however, they could be prickly thorns and with your photography you can make the ordinary, extraordinary!!!....Breathtaking!!

  10. I have lavender essential oil I love to enjoy in the bath. Love your pics, as always!!


  11. I loved this post -- lavender reminds me of my mother and her sweet soul. Beautiful photos!

  12. I have lots of lavender out my bedroom window. I do not have a great sense of smell but I enjoy lavender as a filler in bouquets. I am glad you posted this for I haven't put some in my vase for quite awhile. I like having several varieties. They draw bees and also make me enjoy the sight of them blooming nearly year round. It makes it hard to prune!!

  13. I definitely need to grow more lavender in my garden! You've inspired me to use it in the house. Your vignettes and photos look marvelous.

  14. Beautiful post! I love your idea of putting some lavender beside the bed for a good night sleep! I have some lavender out in my garden too - I wish it would bloom like the beautiful bundles in your post!
    Sally @cottagefix