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Inspirations~ Hammocks

I have been doing some dreaming about a new something
in the yard recently.

Something that is for relaxing on lazy Summer days
and enjoying quiet nights under the stars

In some of the outdoor dining photos I have been sharing recently
you can see the little  faint silhouette of a hammock
in between the trees in the background.

It is one that we have had for years
but it has been looking a little worse for the wear recently
so, I have been shopping around a bit for a new one

Did you know that today is National Hammock Day? 
Well it is- so what better time to share some of my recent inspiration for hammocks and settings 
You can find all the links in my Pinterest board For the Home

Love this one in an old room

All I can say is absolutely gorgeous.

So charming

Love that this one is tucked into a little corner

A different style of hammock- but comfortable and inviting nonetheless

Absolutely love this photo and inspiration
I think it might be time to finish the attic.

I will be sharing our new hammock when it arrives and gets all set up.

What about you? 
Do you have a hammock in your yard?

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  1. Nice photos... Great Post Thank you!

  2. Those options are all stunning, I don't think you could pick a bad one! I'm loving the idea of a room with one hung up in there. How fun!

  3. Gorgeous! Lovely Summer post xx

  4. Sigh... the gentle rocking of a hammock....

  5. So thank you for sharing. Love that last hammock also. We have on in between two posts on our balcony. So fun on a cool night.
    I found you through pinterest and I am so happy!! I saw your drapes in french country magazine. Loved them!!! I have have spent the last 8 years trying to replace the drapes in my front room. But have not been able to find fabric or panels I liked. When I saw yours in the magazine I fell in love and although the article said you made them it did not mention where to buy the fabric. Thank you for sharing that detail. I love your blog. You are you key talented.

  6. So pretty! I especially love the one with the mosquito net, what a great idea!
    Sally @cottagefix

  7. no hammock in our yard. I look forward to your photos when yours arrives. You have such an inspiring blog. I always enjoy my visits. Hugs

  8. No hammock! I'd feel guilty. But it would be a beautiful addition and everyone else could utilize it. I'd be busy taking care of "things".

  9. Beautiful! Love the table love the hammocks! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I've been looking for one too - thanks so much for sharing - they're all beautiful !
    I can so see myself laying on one with a magazine :)