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Transferware Tureen Bouquet

The other day, while trimming and cleaning up 
that big bunch of lisianthus that I brought home from the market

there was a little teeny tiny oops that happened.

I was happily working away, peeling leaves and clipping the stems
when I reached for the next bunch and glanced over -
and saw a photo. Not a photo... but a photo opportunity.

That big bunch of flowers draping over the counter
with the soft gray basket peeking out-  
I had to grab my camera 
that is just how my brain works sometimes. 
I see 'pictures' everywhere and cannot resist the urge to capture them

So I dashed off and grabbed my camera
 took a quick photo
 and then went into the other room to set my camera down
 it happened.

A little quiet 'crash' of sorts. 
Like something was tumbling and landing on the ground 
a soft thud, and then another and another
But not a breaking like glass noise...
 just breaking
 like the snaps of the stems of the flowers.


Yep, the flowers had started falling off the counter
and they continued until about half of them had landed on the hardwood floors. 

My husband walked in and saw them all over the floor 
and just started shaking his head.

'What? They are fine.' 

'They are broken.' 

'No, no, they are fine...there are always some broken ones...
I was going to trim them down anyway...'

Uh... yeah... lies. 
They were going to be tall and beautiful. In a big vase and with their blooms reaching out
far and wide.
But as I picked each of them up 
I saw an opportunity
and grabbed my scissors to start cutting those broken stems 
down even further.

*Random note* 
Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your own hand
while pressing the button with one hand and holding the other steady for 5 seconds until the timer goes off? 
 Best one out of about 15 before I gave up.

A favorite look of mine is a small container overloaded with gorgeous blooms
But sometimes, I have a hard time with cutting stems down so short.
You know, what if I decide I want to put them into a larger vase with other flowers
or in a different spot?

But given the opportunity with these already short stems,
I felt free to clip each stem even further to place them into an antique soup tureen.

I love tureens filled with blooms- always so gorgeous
and transferware?
 Even better.

Simply trim the flowers to be long enough to stand up in the tureen- but not too long that they stand up too tall.  For reference- these are about 4-5 inches long each.
I like to place them along the front and then fill in towards the back. 

There is always a lot of tweaking and to fill a container fully
you will need quite a few of them. So actually some of the flowers
that didn't break- ended up being cut down and used in this bouquet as well.

A simple and inexpensive cheat? 

Add some larger bulkier blooms in a similar color- like a bouquet of $5 Friday roses
to help fill up the container and add some of the oomph to get the other flowers to stand up.

  A simple way to use short blooms -
especially when you have an oops and your husband thinks you ruined the flowers.
You can just say something like-
'What these flowers? The ones that were long and are all now kind of... short?
Oh, I totally planned on using them like that.'


Happy Monday

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  1. Sometimes when accidents happen something new and beautiful is created. Blessings, Catherine

  2. Absolutely beautiful bouquet, Courtney. I love how it turned out and I'm not sure if I've ever heard of these blooms before.....stunning!

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. Beautiful Courtney! A happy accident.
    :) Hugs, Gee

  4. They look beautiful in that gorgeous tureen, Courtney! The pink and green together is a lovely combination. I agree with Gee ~ a happy accident!

  5. Oh, I know that feeling well, making another small flower arrangement from what is left of an old bouquet. I simply cannot just throw all of them away...not when I see a bit of life left in a few. Beautiful post and gorgeous as ever!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Pink and green are so pretty together. I'm sure you knew I'd LOVE this post! lol

  7. Man, in my opinion the only oops (which I feared at first) would be a bad crash of breaking glass.......YOUR oops is absolutely

    You create amazing beauty, Courtney!

  8. How Pretty! I Love the way your arrangements come out! Your a very talented lady! ;)

  9. I was already about to do this (on purpose) with a vintage tureen I just scored on vacation. Love the look of flowers in tureens, always have. I actually bought floral foam today and I think that will help with the "short" blooms:)
    xo Kathleen

  10. One of my favorite looks, Courtney. I love to use tureens for flower arrangements. This is a gorgeous arrangement!

  11. Oh, the end result is sooo pretty! Love your photos.

  12. Nice save, Courtney ;) Your arrangement looks gorgeous!

  13. Sometimes when I read a blog post, I wish I could respond picture by picture (leftover instinct from Facebook?). Laughed my head off at your attempt to take a picture of your own hands. Pic came out rather well, actually. Also, your comment about "seeing pictures everywhere" completely resonated with me. Just yesterday I went for a run in the park and wished I had brought my camera. Going back today equipped... :-) Your serendipitous arrangement is quite gorgeous! Definitely looks planned. My question - do you grow your flowers or buy them? They always seem to have the most lovely "drape" to them in the basket or on a table, before arranging, which makes them feel home grown. Absolutely sharing some of these wonderful shots!


    1. Haha! Thank you Lory!! ;) The hand photo... aye aye aye... I see all these wonderful 'on the moment' working photos and seriously have no idea how they get that great shot to happen when working by themselves!
      I do grow some of my own flowers -roses, hydrangeas, etc but these are all actually from the market. The lisianthus does always seem to have a soft drape to them- probably because they have been cut and then trucked for who knows how long before ending up in the market for sale. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  14. That accident sure turned out beautiful! It could not be more beautiful if you had planned it that way!

  15. Beautiful photos Courtney! Ha yes sometimes I have the timer on the floor and I use my toe to push the button.I know crazy right,but when you are home alone taking photos that's what you have to do.Now if someone could see it and take a photo of me doing it that way,that would be funny!