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Hidden Treasure Adventure 2014 ~Shopping & driving

Happy Friday from Kentucky!!
  It has been a busy couple of days already on the Hidden Treasure Adventure with GMC-
 lots of fun and oh the inspiration!

In case you missed my post earlier this week and are wondering what I am up to- I am traveling along the Worlds Longest Yard Sale with GMC and a group of bloggers this week

We are driving gorgeous 2015 Yukon Denali vehicles that are amazing

and we are shopping for 2 families who are just wrapping up the process of building their own houses. We each have a room (or 2) to decorate with treasures found along the yard sale and even better- they have no idea. I feel so honored to be able to participate in this opportunity to give back.

 I have the dining room and the basement drop space area in the Foundation blogger house.
I will share more about the ideas and plans... but let's just say- there is a certain piece that is garnering quite the attention on this trip - and it's not necessarily in a good way.
It might be the butt of jokes but I am hoping to take that sad forgotten treasure
 and change into something else. 
Stay tuned.
 We did a little insta video about it if you are curious- you can find it on my instagram.

We started at the Re-Store in Atlanta
and then drove up to Tennessee

For now- sharing a few glimpses of the treasures and shopping we did today on the sale.

Number 1 random fact-
We spent the night in a haunted hotel- the Sheraton Reed House.
Yep. Apparently an attraction in Chattanooga Tennessee.. who knew?
We simply admired the moldings and details and enjoyed the beautiful
stay. But fun conversation nonetheless.

The next morning, we gathered to discuss details and then
tanked up on Starbucks
and then were off to start yard sale shopping.

Sawdust & Embryos were off to a great start at a small sale
while we waited for a thrift store to open.

Silver Pennies- discussing the best option for her rooms

Amy and Rene chatting 

As we drove, I had to snap a few photos of beautiful scenery 

and a few pretty houses 

and yes, some pretty 2015 Yukon Denali's 

Then we would stop and junk for a bit, discuss the choices 
and either purchase or move along to the next sale.
 Here are some of what we found

Vintage bottles- and yes they were all filled.

I might have tried to come up with a way to get this architectural salvage 
in my carry on...

 Oh and these too...

well, you can guess how it has been shopping today.

My partner in crime- MJ checking out the goods

Blue bottles everywhere- but not super great prices honestly.

Peaches anyone?

A little shabby style with vintage slips and dresses

and more sales 

and treasures as far as you can see

I pretty much wanted them ALL

Then it was off again towards our next destination
through that gorgeous countryside

Tonight it's Kentucky- and tomorrow into Ohio.
If you are out and about on the sale- would love to say hello!
We have already bumped into another blogger who lives locally
and saw those GMC cars and signs and came over to say hi.

See you with more adventures and treasures soon!

Follow our adventures along by following the hashtag #gmchta on Twitter, Instagram and FB
where we will be sharing peeks and snippets each day

my trip to participate in the GMCHTA was provided- but I was not compensated
 and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I used to live in Chattanooga and we always went up through Signal Mountain when they had the 127 yard sale. I have many treasures in my house from those sales. I also remember the Bread Basket bread store they have on the mountain...Yummy muffins and sourdough bread. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Not sure if you'll cross over into Indiana on the way, but if you find any great antique or vintage venues in that state, would love if you could post the info. Have a daughter studying in Indy and would love to find somewhere to shop when visiting... :-)


  3. I can smell those peaches...yum!! Have fun and what a great adventure you are all the details of each day.

  4. Another fun road trip for a special cause. Have fun, travel safely, and buy, buy, buy!

  5. Having so much fun treasure hunting with you! x

  6. These sales sound amazing as does the generosity of the group to furnish and style someones home as a surprise. Warm regards

  7. Oh boy! I want to go there!!!! Were the peaches delicious? They made my mouth water!

  8. Have a great time, Courtney! And, I'm so proud of you for helping with the Habitat for Humanity program again!!! Truly a unique way to help people who couldn't otherwise help themselves. :)

    Happy shopping! (I'll live vicariously through your shopping adventures!),
    Barb :)

  9. Courtney,
    The World's Longest Yard Sale is on my list of things to do. It just seems like last month that I read about your adventure last year and Pinned the map for this year. Looks like it will have to be next year. LOL

    Happy bargain hunting for a good cause...


  10. Looks like fun and love the architectural pieces. I have never been to this yard sale!

  11. Those sales are insane! Why don't we have stuff like that in NY?

  12. I started my love of antiques when I lived in Paducah Kentucky bought my first iron bed at a junk shop for $10, back in the 70's there was No antique malls or stores

  13. Oh my I think I would have had a hard time restraining myself!