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Inspiration~ Ruffled pillows

The other day
I dreamed about ruffles

No not those ruffled potato chips 
but floppy, gathered, romantic bits of fabrics.

The ones that wrap around pillows, make a perfect edge on duvets
 and that layer on sweet skirts that you wear when you are indulging that girly side

I thought about those ruffles as I was digging through boxes looking for Christmas stuff
and choosing the right tree and setting aside just the right colors of 
pretty glass ornaments to go with it.
Don't ask me why- I don't have a good answer.
It is just how my mile a minute in 25 different directions brain works sometimes.

I realized I was missing some of that romantic touch that ruffles bring to a room.
You know, how they perfectly finish the edge of a pillow
and flop just so where ever they are placed.

How a ruffle along the edges of a duvet adds that little touch of drama and elegance and it just makes that linen feel so much more sweet than if it was simply finished with a cording.

Ruffles can be big and loose ruffles or tucked tightly with just a little flirt to them
basically, anything goes. I say go forth and ruffle the way you like.

A few favorites of mine are the ruffled drop cloth chair skirts I made 

and the big old ruffled tablecloth that seriously made me question my sanity 
when I was making it.

But my latest ruffle obsession comes courtesy of HomeGoods- where I picked up all of these gorgeous overstuffed white pillows

 with a perfect little gauze ruffle trimming them.

Perfectly white- and perfectly priced too- just $19 and $29 for the larger ones.  
Yep- the pillow insert and cover included.

Yes, you know that I fed that ruffle obsession and brought them home with me.

I am loving them in the living room for Summer
and they will be perfect with that Christmas shoot I am working on too.

Yes, pretty sure there is always a place for a little romantic ruffle.

A little more HomeGoods fun~
last week I shared 5 tips for styling a room with flowers
over in my post at the HomeGoods blog
You can find it HERE if you would like to take a peek!!

  Happy Tuesday!

In the interest of disclaimers-just so you know:  
Though I work with HomeGoods on their blog
I was not compensated to share my HomeGoods happy with you in any way
I'm just letting you know where you can find the goods 

sharing at

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  1. They are simply yummy! But the unbelievable thing, the price! Was that just the pillow cover or the entire thing... as in pillow included?
    Awaiting the Christmas shoot!! Glad to know I am NOT the only one already designing Christmas :)
    Happy Tuesday.

    1. Yes- the pillow AND the cover included for that price. I.know. Awesome right?

  2. non c'è niente che dia un tocco più romantico alla casa... belle idee!

  3. Can you hear the stampede of people off to Home Goods to buy the ruffled covers. Divine!

  4. AGREED!

    They're beautiful.

    I have been trying to stay away from my favvie favorite store of all time, HomeGoods - daughter getting married and every penny counts towards making her dreams come true.............but boy oh boy I think I need a HG fix today. Thanks for your beautiful inspirations, Courney. Always so awesome to visit your pretty blog. Hugs.

  5. I love the ruffled pillows, and your pictures...Stunning!

  6. Gorgeous ruffled pillows, Courtney! The prices are great, too. They fit in so well in your living room with those beautiful roses. Such a romantic looking room! : )

  7. Pillows really do add a finishing touch to a room or chair; very nice. Blessings, Catherine

  8. Ok, that's it... I really need to get myself to Home Goods. I've actually never been there. Thought it was low end but these look amazing and fit perfectly with your beautiful room. Your delicate ruffles have the same kind of drape as your flowers often do - that's a signature thing I notice about your styling - the perfect drape, owed no doubt to the correct softness and weight of the particular item, whether it be fabric or petals. So Christmas, huh? Will you be doing a white Christmas?


  9. Beautiful! The pillows are awesome...however, I am obsessed with your amazing tablecloth! Is that burlap? If so, did you wash it first? I'be heard that makes it more pliable & easier to work with. If it is a blend do you know the name of it? (I adore burlap and have a Pinterest board just for 'Burlap is Brilliant).' I have yards of it in many colors waiting on me to get the gumption to make something amazing - but cannot figure out what project I want for the colors I have! My fav is a coral color and of course the naturals printed w/French themes!

    Also love the chair! Pillows are good but the tables ape & chair got my attention!

    My mom covered a lampshade in all white ruffles & it turned out beautifully. She is a sewing maniac and made tons of ruffles in varying sizes and colors for two reasons. Good way to use up excess fabric and she put them on our website just ready to finish of any kind of project!

    Lately I've seen bed covers, shower curtains, window treatments, etc. everywhere! As a girly girl--I'm loving the comeback!

    Btw, if you want info about our website/ruffles just let me know. I would never disclose the site in your comments section.

    Thanks for an awesome post!

  10. Gosh Courtney ... I've been to the Greensboro store and was at the Winston Salem store just today and they have never had anything similar to these gorgeous pillows. Have never seen them and I am in there quite often, hope they get some?

  11. I saw them at Homegoods and resisted from buying them because we already have 20 white toss pillows floating around our cottage. They are beautiful and perfect in you french country cottage

  12. Isn't it amazing how something like a gauze ruffle can make us so happy? I'm in love with HomeGoods! They give us a chance to decorate with the "BIG decorating dogs" out there and not go broke. Awesome post!!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  13. Those ruffles have just the right floppiness. They are very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the photos from your shoot.

  14. Oh, I love the ruffled pillows and they would be perfect on my antique daybed! Too bad the nearest HomeGoods is an hour away.

  15. I have a sudden need to go directly to Home Goods! I love the soft romantic look you have created - always enjoy your words and pics!