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Weekend Randomness

I love random weekend posts 
It's kind of like a wrap up of the week, the various things going on
and snippets that don't really go together

Like a grain sack tote filled with flowers

 an acorn the size of a walnut
a pair of gold scissors.

Which brings me to number one.

#1. If an acorn falls from a tree- does it make a sound?

Yes, and it hurts when it lands on your head too.
 I have no idea if I made a squirrel mad or if I just was in the wrong spot 
when a walnut sized acorn (literally) decided to fly and aimed right for me
but either way, the little sore spot on my head is a reminder. 
Of something inspired to come or to be more careful of angry or playful squirrels
 when out walking in the woods. 

#2. Loving gold
I am officially with a pair of gold scissors. 
HOW does that happen?
 I have no idea..I bumped into them while shopping and swooned. 
I feel like I am looking for things that needs to be trimmed just so I can use them.

#3. Grain sack love
I am also in love with grain sack stripes. 
Not that they haven't been crushed on for awhile but it is a renewed love. 
I recently found this grain sack tote and decided it was the perfect thing to bring all those books home from the midwest on the plane. Oh, and it's also perfect for holding flowers. :)

#4.  On the grain sack note
You probably already know that there are some amazing sales going on this weekend. 
  I admit, I  have started shopping for some new things for a little change going on over here ;) 
and  I bumped into this grain sack slipcovered chair & ottoman

You can find this chair & ottoman and shop the sale
which is up to 79% off this weekend

#5.  That's a wrap
Speaking of room changes, I just wrapped up a makeover for a sweet college girl room
I love that gray poof and the room and more importantly - so does she.
I will share the reveal soon

Have a safe and fun long weekend everyone!

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  1. Court - squirrels DEFINATELY throw stuff at people. My daughter - who lives in the city and has a shaded small back yard with lots of trees call hers "Urban Warriors" because they truly DO throw things. She was pretty mad recently when pelted with one of her OWN tomatoes out of her potted plants. LOL. Yes, they're territorial ornery lil varmint rascals, aren't they? Sorry you got an acorn, they're hard! Ouch!

    Happy holiday weekend to you.

  2. Courtney - curious what camera you have? I'm in the market to purchase a new one and am looking for some advice from other bloggers like you! Look forward to hearing back - xoxo, Tracie

  3. We have a pair of squirrels that visit our garden - they are tolerated because they are quite cute but feisty. Their antics are on my blog

    I love your flowers, so very pretty!

  4. They can be vicious critters!! And they also throw limbs and twigs - especially when they are building a nest. One day we looked at our drive and there were limbs and leaves everywhere -- we thought a storm had come through and didn't hear it. The storm was one pesky squirrel high up in a maple tree. He did this for over a week. I am so sorry for you poor head.

  5. Ooooh gold scissors, oooh grainsack *sigh* . Your home, every room, is just gorgeous! I love your blog!