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Hydrangeas~ Simple Autumn vignette

Denim and florals
paired with an old weathered orchard ladder
with freshly clipped hydrangeas

Yes, please.

I might be obsessed with denim shirts and coats
oh and that perfect hat

Especially when they are put together
with old books and a rustic orchard ladder
and a few freshly clipped green hydrangeas

It was a super simple way to add a little rugged 
a little country 
and a whole lot of charming
in the cottage for Autumn

You know,
I wasn't really feeling 'Autumn-ish' when I put this vignette
together and I had no idea what I was going to be doing.
A recipe? 
Not ready for pumpkin spice anything just yet.
A vignette with pumpkins? 
Not a pumpkin to be found in stores here yet either.
So as I often do when I am looking for inspiration
 I looked to nature.

 I thought of acorns and oak leaves and the apple in the orchard that are trees heavy with fruit 
then I saw those hydrangeas.

They were drying beautifully on the plants and some had already dried all the way
but I decided to clip a couple of them for decorating that old orchard ladder in the cottage.

A super simple early Autumn vignette
and those hydrangeas just might have given me a few more ideas for Fall decor this year.

I am thrilled to be joining a great group of bloggers for an 
Autumn Abounds Blog Hop today

I hope you will go by and visit everyone and see what they shared!

Then tomorrow,  come back for an Autumn Link up and giveaway!
A pretty good way to kick off the Autumn Season, don't you think? ;)

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. The soft look of the photos remind me of a romantic West. I love the hydrangeas hanging from the latter.

  2. Love all of your fall touches Courtney! I love the beautiful, comfortable look you have brought to your home for fall! So fun to join you in this amazing fall blog hop ~ Heather

  3. A whole lot of charming is right! Oh, I love this Courtney!!! As usual, you bring out my romantic side! Pinning and featuring your beautiful vignette on fb.

  4. That ladder is amazing and I love your fall country vignette!

  5. What a great idea. Hydrangeas are my fave! Gorgeous photography too. I pinned and will also share through FB. Happy Autumn!

  6. Last week I removed the sea shells from the décor . This week I added dried hydrangeas all over.... Had my first pumpkin spice latte Sunday night :) I am ready for Fall!!! But summer is dragging it's feet.
    Luv your Fall vignette Courtney.

  7. Ahhh…this is so pretty!!! Love every little detail! XO Kristin

  8. What a pretty vignette. I fall in love with that ladder every time I see it!!

  9. Just beautiful! I love hydrangeas and your arrangement and display is just gorgeous Courtney.

  10. So lovely and not overly cluttered ~the perfect look for a stunning autumn display!

  11. So, so, so beautiful Courtney! It's like a celebration of the sweet simplicity of harvest you know? Love it!

  12. Such a beautiful way to bring the feel of a "pre-autumn" vignette...beautiful!