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Weekend Musings

Happy weekend everyone.

It's a lazy kind of Sunday over here.
The kind where you sleep in just a little bit longer in the morning 
 and enjoy an extra cup of coffee while waking up and getting your day started.

This week, I have been enjoying having my oldest son and his girlfriend here.
They have been visiting for a bit and I am so loving the hustle and bustle
that goes along with everyone being home.
It's so funny how even when they are big- the kids are just the same
as they were when they were little.  I love it.  :)

So...this weekend-
it's a random weekend instead of Saturday-
but it's no less random than usual.

I have realized that I am obsessed with topiaries.
Especially little cute basil topiaries in little clay pots.
Add in that I had a good excuse to bring home this mix of gorgeous flowers 
for a few extra styling projects this week- and it's even better.

I was actually playing Christmas music the other day while making a wreath 
and hanging a fresh clipped cedar swag.

But, it was in the 90's out and every time I went outside
 it felt like it was time to run to the beach for a few hours.
Such is the way of working ahead for magazines
and on timelines that are ahead of the seasons. It's all good - just different.

I did realize that I am more excited about Christmas decor this year than Fall decor.
This could be a problem as I have an Autumn tour I am participating in next week
and I have Christmas decor up.
Though, that will be coming down for a bit and Fall will be making an appearance but
for now, I am enjoying Summer as long as it is warm and 'Summery' outside.

I left my heart in San Francisco yesterday.
With all that fresh sea air and sunshine and beautiful architecture-
San Francisco is such a beautiful city.

 I had a wonderful time helping out at the Brit & Co Re:Make conference with Lowes
and was super inspired by all the creativity that was everywhere.

Sometimes, you just have to go with something when you find it
Like my latest big time crush- everything gold and now... wait for it... rose gold.
I am bordering on becoming obsessed and when I saw this flatware- well, you can guess.
I  will share a closer look at them and more details in a post this week.

Hope your weekend has been going well!

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  1. Happy today!!
    I am struggling with my Fall décor this year. I am going for a natural theme... so hot the last week or so, that I have NOT wanted to go outside to get some much needed vines. But I am enjoying the heck out of some apple /pumpkin candle :)
    Hugs, Gee

  2. I am loving the rose gold as well. Saw a rose gold watch I'm dying to get.

  3. I too am ready to start my fall decorating. My pumpkins are ready to pick. I've got new soup recipe's to try and ideas for new wreaths to start. But it's 104 degrees today and I'm sipping iced coffee trying to decide what to wear to my son's wedding on the beach in Florida.
    Hurry up fall.
    Barbara Ann /shop/ barbaraannscreations

  4. Yeah, we are still swimming here in hot ole Arizona but it's all good. I love our winters with no snow!! I'm looking forward to cooler days soon.

    Adore your topiaries and decor, even though you play Christmas music, decorating and styling is the best!

  5. I like your new photo! I love your arch dripping in cedar. It is early yet for me. Fall stuff won't come out for a few more weeks.
    My husband always teases me about listening to Christmas music too early but I love it anyway.
    Have a great week.

    1. It's way too early for me too- but working ahead for publications means- early, early, early. I am not ready for Fall decor yet even- enjoying Summer.

  6. I've looked all over for those topiaries and cannot find myrtle one is struggling. Elaine

  7. I love my two ivy topiaries that add a stylish touch of nature inside.

    Even though it still feels like summer (yippee!), pumpkins don't look totally out of place in the stores--I enjoy Fall, I just really really REALLY miss summer when it leaves!

    1. I am the exact same way. I love Summer- it is my favorite season and I am such a warm weather girl over here! I am in no hurry to usher Fall or Christmas in- just working ahead for publications. :)

  8. I am so not a seasonal decorator, maybe a tweak here or there but nothing major. I think I've gotten a little lazy when it comes to getting things out and then having to put them away. Shame on me!

  9. That is very lovely flatware and I adore the color!