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Colorful Inspirations ~ Loloi Rugs

Sometimes you just need a little more color in your life.

Something that dazzles with jewel tones and geometric patterns.
Or maybe you prefer a more traditional design but with a twist
like an unexpected, saturated hue.

 Loloi Rugs  is one of my favorite companies to work with at High Point Market
and they have some of the most beautiful, fashion forward designs for your home 
when it comes to rugs and pillows. 

Their designs are timeless and current at the same time- 
which  can be hard to achieve and they also have something to fit every taste and budget.

From contemporary to classic, to shag to transitional to bright and beautiful- 
you name it.

I tend to be one of those who craves neutrals in most spaces
but that said- show me a pattern and colors like these... and I am so in.

Seriously- how amazing does that display of gorgeous rugs look? 
That saturated and yet perfectly worn teal in the Journey collection- seriously amazing and
I can't even begin to tell you which one is my favorite- because frankly, I love so many of them.

Loloi rugs Viera Collection is traditional with a touch of contemporary at the same time- and that red and that faded blue- well, it has definitely stolen my heart.

Maybe you are looking for a more jazzy modern look like these rugs to say 'You' in your room.  The style and pattern in the Vista Collection might be the one. It's different than your average traditional style rug- but you know what?

Sometimes, a little touch of something different is exactly what a traditional styled room needs.
Like this 'room' for example- 

The Elton Collection are somewhat traditional patterns and colors but look at how well they pair with the clean lines and details in the more modern take on the chairs and ottoman. 
 Seriously, this is one of the reasons why going to High Point Market is so inspiring. 
 It's those juxtapositions that you find you are unexpectedly loving that turn into a whole new perspective and idea for bringing a touch of that to your home.

Another favorite?
Bold accent pieces. 
It's easy to add a burst of happiness in a room is with throw pillows
and they are easy to bring in and change when you want a new look so 
 you can play with patterns and details galore.

These my friends- these are amazing. 

Just look at the details and texture- need I say more?
 I am in love.
The pillows at Loloi were some of my favorites at Spring Market-
 and they have brought in a whole new line of them since. 

Whether you are looking for soft, subtle colors that let the texture do the talking

or maybe a touch of color 

or you are going for the gold (or orange!) with a bold burst of color-
they have something for everyone.

As always, 
I am truly inspired by the beautiful rugs and pillows and the amazing quality that Loloi offers.
You can look through their catalog at more about their extensive line of Pillows HERE
and more about their collections of rugs HERE

I have several favorites and definitely think I need a little (or a lot) more rug in my life.
What about you? 
Do you have a favorite rug or pillow?

I was compensated to share Loloi Rugs with you
but all opinions and my big time crushes on their rugs and pillows 
are all my own.

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  1. These are nice - just the term 'Journey Collection' draws me in and makes me understand that the choices are unique.

  2. What gorgeous, gorgeous rugs. That is one thing I have the hardest time in the world picking out. I think it is really the centerpiece and starting point for a room and if you screw it know! lol There are some beautiful examples here. I would be in heaven walking in and feeling the texture of these beauties. The pillows are fun, too. xo Diana

  3. It is hard to pick a favorite from that amazing collection...they have something for every interior and style...from contemporary to traditional to just plain the textures on the pillows....Loloi definitely had an amazing showroom...

  4. So beautiful, Courtney. Colors are amazing and there seems to be something for all . The showroom is wonderful...Happy Monday..Judy

  5. Very beautiful - I like the colors and almost ethnic vibe. The pillows are gorgeous. xo Karen

  6. I love the faded rugs. They remind me of time worn rugs that have been used and loved forever. Thank you Courtney for the reminder.