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Crushing on~ Baskets

Can you be in love with a basket?

Especially if it is chunky and full of character
with a great size and shape 
and that can do double duty holding 
this and that and looking charming at the same time.

This month's French event is all about baskets.
I'm not sure that I have any baskets that are  specifically 'French'
but I do have a love of a baskets 
and love to use them in several ways around my home.

Like this large basket used as a coffee table in the cottage

or a stack of these baskets  in the corner of living room

But, of course, my basket love doesn't stop there.
Baskets are one of those things that are always stand outs when shopping 
and sometimes as I pick one up and look it over and start to imagine where it could go,
I have to rationalize with myself about if  I really 'need' to bring another home.
I literally set a great basket back down just last week
knowing I had one similar to it.
And now I'm thinking about it
 and wondering if it's at the thrift store...
Am I the only one who does that?
Enablers unite... ;)

So here are a few of my favorites
and my favorite ways to use them.

#1. Rolling along

A chunky basket with handles and a beautiful finish and...better yet-

Yep, don't know what it is about a basket on wheels- but I know I like it.
I also love it's soft weathered, whitewashed finish too.

I have a couple vintage baby bed baskets that were thrift store finds 
and they are some of my favorites atop an armoire or cupboard.
The ones I have are very vintage and fragile
but usable in a simple way like for holding flowers.

This one also has the perfect amount of pink and green chippiness coming through
the old white paint.

#3. Bicycle basket on a door

This one is from the archive archives.
But yes, it's a bicycle basket on a door filled with flowers.
Seriously simple
and since it has that nice flat back for attaching to a bicycle
it was a perfect style and size for door decor.

#4. Bolga Basket 

What about a basket with a little bit of a different flair?
Even though I love all things French or Cottage inspired- I do like to add a little pop of something different sometimes and this Bolga basket
 was talking to me. Loudly.

#5. Baskets as display and storage 
A favorite use for baskets is as storage, of course, they aren't always just decorative.
You can hide a multitude of sins inside the right basket- 
and maybe a multitude of perfume, make-up or toiletries too if you would like.

In my bathroom, on the shelves inside that French armoire
I have several chunky baskets that do double duty.

There are a couple smaller ones for holding things like face cream,
toothpaste and whatnot 
and a larger one for holding laundry.
So not only are they working baskets ~ they are also so pretty on display.

I love how they look
and how much they can store things and keep them out of the way.

I am joining these great blogs in sharing a love of baskets today- stop by and say hello to them.

What about you? Do you have a favorite basket or a favorite way to use baskets?
Happy Sunday everyone

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  1. You have some beautiful and unusual baskets, Courtney! I love the ways that you have found to use them, too! Hugs...Debbie

    1. Thank you! I just stopped by your place this morning.... love your baskets and how you use them as well!

  2. I would say many of your baskets are French or a French style. I love them all and I like you pick them up and look at them when I find them and have to justify bringing it home.

    1. Thanks Kim! I love your baskets- especially the ones with the markings on them. Going to be on the look out for some now- and yes, I am already justifying bring those home with me ;)

  3. ANDDDDDDD-The baskets have it!!!! I love them-especially old ones. I have several that belonged to my grandmother and feel fortunate to have them. I have loved them my whole adult life. You see that "baby basket" you have there? Well, it may be MY OWN because MyHero took it upon himself to take it to the THRIFT STORE when he was unsupervised because (as the argument went) Well, we don't have any babies to use it anymore. I won't even tell you where the rest of that conversation went! lol

    I love all your sweet baskets and I think that one on wheels is perfect, too. Have a wonderful Sunday. It is so nice to see you posting again, Courtney. xo Diana

    ps. I just visited Kim-SSLiving and she is posting all about baskets today, too. Great minds think alike.......

    1. Oh my! I have two of those 'baby' baskets- love them both and I imagine that they might have been taken to the thrift stores by men who might have paid the price when they got home ;). Thank you for stopping by! :)

  4. Can you please tell me where you found your dining room Chandelier's? Pretty please!

    1. Hi Jasmin,
      The chandeliers I have have been discontinued for awhile now- but- stay tuned because I will be sharing a source for some chandeliers that are very very similar soon :)

  5. Oh Courtney know one does French better than you! The baskets are amazing in all your beauty, between you and Anita, I am inspired to squeeze more in my small space.




  6. Seriously. I just love what you do and every image you take. It's like always visiting a magazine. ;-) #fellowaddict

  7. You have a lovely collection of baskets and they are displayed so nicely in your beautiful home. Thanks for inspiring me to look for more.

  8. Gorgeous!! I love all of your baskets, but especially love the look of the baskets in your armoire. Now I see that I need to set out a basket I have in the shed and stack some other baskets on top. Love them all.

  9. Where did the door wreath holder come from? I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank you

  10. Beautiful, beautiful baskets Courtney...I love the collection that you have stacked, that sweet white basket with your signature roses and that pretty bicycle baskets to welcome family and friends!...

  11. Whenever I am out and about I look for baskets. Love the way you have styled yours with a French flair.