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A new French chair

Sometimes you find a certain something that just gets you.
and that understands what you are looking for.

Something that speaks to you in perfect French.

Something like that perfect silvered weathered frame

and linen upholstery

that is loaded with details and classic proportions
and oh so much  gorgeous French charm.

One of my favorite things-
french chairs.
Oh I love them so and  have been known to spend quite a bit of time
scouring antique stores and craigslist to find them.

Honestly, antique chairs are not so easy to find in the right size and shape and style
especially in good enough condition to feel comfortable using them for everyday seating.

Often times, when I have found a perfect little french chair for decoration in a room-
it is simply that.
A perfect little french chair that no one uses for fear of breaking it's loose joints 
or ruining that upholstery with everyday wear and tear.
I also like knowing that any upholstery is clean and free of dust, junk and yes, critters 
and some of the best bargains out there- are more work to clean up than you bargain for.
Though I love tinkering with furniture and doing those DIY projects
when it comes to upholstered pieces- I prefer something to be new and clean
and have the look I love.

So how do you find the perfect piece that looks amazing
 and has old world charm and elegance
and that you can feel good about using and enjoying without worrying about it?

a beautiful reproduction is absolutely perfect.

Like this French inspired bergere chair. 
Yes, even though it looks very vintage with it's weathered frame
and vintage look linen upholstery
 it is brand new.

There are so many things to love about it- but my favorite might be the exposed stretcher 
I love it when furniture is as beautiful from the back as it is from the front
and this one definitely makes an impression in both ways.

This chair is dainty and elegant- sized just like an antique is. 
No oversized, overdone attitude here.
I have seen these bergere chairs- both vintage and new
 priced in the thousands- 
so when I found this one at Soft Surroundings
 I definitely loved being able to get the 'look' I love for less.

This is a classic chair that is timeless in style 
and neutral enough to tuck into a corner anywhere- which means
even as your taste changes or your rooms change
it is one of those pieces that can go right along with the changes.

You can also use the custom fitted ruffled burlap slipcover 
that comes with it for a different look if you would like

Yes, I'm thinking it might be love.

You can find this chair and that darling little star shaped mirrored table 
at Soft Surroundings
They have so many things that I am in love with
I admit, I might have a 'must have' list about a mile long.


Like this absolutely gorgeous toile quilt

and these floral shams 

and  oodles of
beautiful chandeliers

They even have a brocante section
if you would like something authentically antique 
like this gorgeous armoire

These items are all hand chosen from markets and shops in France and some of them are
reproduced exclusively for Soft Surroundings.
Robin has impeccable taste -I  pretty much love everything she chooses
and I am thrilled to be working with them on several different projects.

I am also hosting a giveaway for a gift card so that
you can do a little shopping of your own- stay tuned!

You can shop the look for your own home if you would like!

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own of course!

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  1. I absolutely love Soft Surroundings, their home decor is gorgeous!!! I have the longest lists of items I would love to fill my home up with someday, looking forward to chance to win that gift card ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. It's been a long time since I've added a new bookmark to my home furnishings tab. Thanks for the heads up on this one!!


  3. I LOVE Soft Surroundings...I am giddy every time I received their new home catalog...the chair is simply amazing!...and love that you can spin a new look just by placing that beautiful cover on it....and that star table is charming!!!...and I agree Robin has impeccable taste and she has successfully made it possible to obtain amazing reproductions and magnificent items in their brocante section...

  4. I've never looked at their home furnishings other than a fabulous balloon bedskirt I have my eye on. I love their clothing. So glad to have their beautiful things called to my attention. I'll check out the furniture now.

  5. This chair just whispers to me to come, have a sit and just be, even if just for a moment, just be........
    All their things are beautiful, but I am especially drawn to the chair. Simply beautiful! Nanny

  6. wow is she a beauty or what the seat looks like it is down and it looks so soft love it xx

  7. For many years I would shop the catalog for their clothing but always enjoyed the little glimpses of the beautiful furniture. I am so happy now we can purchase it ! The ones here are some of my recent favorites too. I definitely could use a gift card. Thanks so much for your beautiful posts. Hugs, Kathy

  8. Wow, Courtney, what a gorgeous chair. I also LOVE the bedding and the chandeliers. Going to check out the site. x

  9. Totally in love with the french chair and burlap slip cover.

  10. Great find. I can't decide whether I love it more with or without the burlap cover!

  11. It is a beautiful French chair and a beautifully fitting chair for your French home. Truly a perfect design for all the beauty you create here.
    I really have to check out this site much closer.
    You my friend inspire the best of all things weathered, and worn with all things French.



    PS. Enjoy that sweet addition :)

  12. Soft Surroundings is a great resource for many things I like. Your new chair certainly fits your look.

  13. I LOVE Soft Surroundings...I spend hours looking through there catalog when it comes!! Love your new chair and that sweet little accent table!