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Inspiration~ Apple Orchard Table

One of the first places I look for inspiration is nature.
It might be colors that inspire- like vibrant greens or rosy reds,
or maybe it's the soft faded yellows and reds in those falling leaves
that mingle with nutty brown acorns.

Sometimes it is simply a pattern.
Such as subtle ticking stripe in this tablecloth.
When I found it, I fell a little head over heels for it
and I instantly imagined it mingling with copper tones
simple whites and lots of greenery.

I knew the perfect spot in the yard for an inspired breakfast table
that was tucked under one of the apple trees branches

One of my favorite spots to sit and read or relax
is under the branches of a tree
They are also a perfect spot to get a little lazy in a hammock. ;)

Those tree branches just feel so welcoming and protective
and seem to inspire me so much.
So setting a table nestled up to one of those trees
was a perfect spot.

The trees are heavy with fruit even though
the apples and acorns and leaves have been falling like crazy with the wind.

I gathered a few of each of them up to scatter on the table and clipped a few branches
for a centerpiece.

 White dishes
copper mugs
and a few blueberry bakery treats

and a sweet and simple treat is served.

I also wanted to share that tonight
Stonegable's Joss and Main Holiday Hostess event is kicking off!
Click on over to shop her Holiday event which I know is going to be amazing!
And then stay tuned because next week the
 French Country Cottage Holiday Hostess event is up!!
Did I mention I was super excited?

If you need an invite to join Joss & Main and do a little shopping
you can click HERE 
yes,  it's FREE to join.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. The table is beautiful Courtney. It looks all so pretty and inviting..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. This is so serene and pretty, Courtney! I envy you for being able to do this outdoors in the fall. It's already coooold here! I love the copper mugs, I am seeing them everywhere.

    I have to check out Yvonne's picks. Love Joss And Main, I just bought an area rug from them and love it!

    Jane xx

  3. Thank you Jane! I love the warmer weather for sure- but we do not get as much pretty fall colors and seasonal changes as some other areas. The copper mugs are fantastic- definitely new favorites!

  4. You have wonderful taste.I really like your blog,blessing.

  5. I love the copper mugs - they give that pop of shiny metal to the photos which are excellent. I'm looking forward to your party.