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Random Saturday & Christmas projects from the past

Random Saturday time

It's a Christmas past & quiet time edition.

#1.  Quieting my mind

The constant chaos of random thoughts, to-do's, inspirations, notes, ideas, etc.
are always swirling around in my mind.
I kind of equate myself to the Tasmanian Devil sometimes-
spinning and whirling happily, creating and having fun
and busy, busy all the time- which I totally LOVE.
I also have been trying to add in some more quiet time to meditate the past couple weeks. I have done it before and it is amazing when you can do actually steal a few minutes to rejuvenate.
So I have been focusing on getting up early,
taking my time to enjoy a few quiet moments in the morning
and meditating.

#2. Or not

Okay. Confession time.
 I do not have an easy time quieting my mind. 
I start out meditating and am quiet for about 2.78 seconds.
Then my mind starts to wander on some hidden path (or five)
 About 7 minutes in, I am fighting the urge to peek and see how much time is left because,
my tapping foot is telling me that I have a list a mile long of things I really should do
and that the list just got longer when I was sitting quietly enough
 to remember   all.those.things. that I also wanted to remember to jot down.
So then I re-focus.
And again.
well, you get it.
I am working on it though and if you haven't ever meditated- don't give up.
It truly does help spur your mind to new levels.
(And help you remember everything you wanted to jot down before you forget ;) )

#3. La Boheme

The highlight of my week this week was a night out to the opera.

My husband took me for an evening performance of La Boheme
 and a night at the Fairmont in San Francisco.

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time- you know that I love opera.
As in. LOVE opera- and my favorites are by the great Puccini.
I have seen La Boheme before- and I absolutely loved it- but simply put-
this performance of it completely, utterly
I was smiling and swooning inside with tears brimming in my eyes the entire first act as they fell in love and talked about what made them who they are
and tears were rolling down my cheeks with sadness when it ended.
 I won't share what happens in case you are planning to go sometime
I am one of those people who start getting choked up with butterflies in my stomach
 at just the first few inklings
and this was an absolutely incredible performance -  honestly the best I have seen.
I was so moved and enjoyed it so much.

If you are near SF and have a chance to go see it- I highly recommend it.
Tickets are also 40% off right now- so you know what I'm thinking,
yep,  I might have to go again ;)
Read more about it here- SF Opera 

#4. Christmas past

I am sharing some projects from the past
that are easy DIY that you can do for gifts, decorating or just because.

Easy to make DIY shabby stockings

DIY Cork coasters-
perfect for gifting or just enjoying yourself- or both!

Sweet white berry and dried roses wreath for a romantic touch for the holidays.
Super easy to make.

A simple to make Grainsack inspired tablecloth~
 made out of - you guessed it- drop cloth.
 Find the how to here

and one more for the road~
DIY boxwood napkin rings 

That's it!! 
Hope you enjoyed this random edition of Random Saturday.

Happy almost December everyone!!

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  1. Not being able to shut your mind off...the saga of a creative mind! The struggle is real!
    Have a very blessed weekend Courtney!

    Nina ~ Farmhouse Junk

  2. I've not been to the Opera, but do LOVE live theater. How exciting for you to go again.
    Your ideas, and DIY posts are so very nice, Courtney.
    The photo of the white Christmas tree near the mantle is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Debbie! You should give Opera a try sometime if you like live theatre. It is truly amazing. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Courtney, your mind may constantly race, but one would never know or even think that your life wasn't calm and serene. Every image you show is full of serenity. I love coming to visit just for a respite from the busy world. It is so refreshing and calming to visit French Country Cottage. Merci!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Serene and wonderful and busy- which I love!! :) Always enjoy you stopping by and saying hello!

  4. Oh how I can relate to the shutting down your mind thing. It just doesn't happen as much as I try:-)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. I am now able to meditate for at least ten minutes a day, but then there is the avalanche of What if I ...

    I love the drama of opera and the passion.

  6. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Your decorating style is magical. I wish I could copy to a tee EVERYTHING I've seen here.
    Thanking God for you :)