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Sneak peek...Decking the halls

You know how when you play that first Christmas song of the season 
and it snowballs into bringing out just a touch of Christmas...
and then a little more...

Then maybe you find some beautiful new pieces or colors that inspire you
and before you know it- you are decking the halls with boughs of holly
and singing Fa la la la la as you decorate away.
Well, that is how it happens for me anyway.

Did you know that I usually have almost all of my Christmas decor up by Thanksgiving?
I do... and yes, I admit...
 I have already been doing a little shopping for the holidays
singing a few Christmas carols 
and doing a little decorating.
I might even have a couple of trees up already.
shhh... don't tell anyone, but I am loving it.

This year,
I added a couple new pieces to bring some Christmas cheer into the house
and am sharing just a peek at them today.

I fell in love when I saw this beautiful  huge majestic pine wreath 
When I say huge, I mean huge. I hung it on the front door so you could get an idea of 
how large it and vibrant and detailed it is.
I am in love.

I am also in big time love with this tree.
It is the Frosted Fraser Fir and I know, I am showing just a peek for now
and you want to see the whole tree... it's coming soon. 
But seriously, it has the perfect amount of flocking
and the perfect detail in those branches. 
It looks absolutely amazing without even wearing all kinds of fancy ornaments and decorations.

Then there was that shabby pale color 
(and sweet little face) that inspired me...

This  faded blue peacock  charmed me right away.

Right down to those pretty pearls.

I also found a few other things that could be out all year long
like these pretty sets of silver leaf look candle holders 

I am loving the finish on them.

These all came from Balsam Hill and I can hardly wait to show 
you just where each of them end up in my decor this season.

What about you have you started decking the halls yet?

Happy Friday everyone!

I am partnering with Balsam Hill to spread some Christmas cheer 
 and share these pieces with you but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Tease!!!! I was all ready to drown myself in in some Christmas décor. Today, my sister and I were just saying that were are so ready to put ours up! But no one else in the home is of the same thought. Looking forward to seeing your trees.

  2. I just saw your photo in the latest issue of Lowe's creative ideas! yeah girl!

    What lovely photography here! Love the JOY pillow on that lovely blue chair. You really should have a party and invite all of us! I'd love to see it all in person!

    1. Aww thanks! It's so fun to see it! :) The Joy pillow is a definite new favorite of mine too!

  3. Love that wreath, it is stunning and the tree is fabulous too. So pretty.

  4. I love all your Sneak peek Christmas decoration,the JOY pillow and the blue chair are so beautiful
    I have all my Fall decoration on ready for Thanksgiving we put the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day.
    we have the same from door you has what color you have on in your door I like a lot.

  5. Just lovely, thank you for sharing. Di@Cottage-wishes

  6. I love the cool glitzy appeal. I went with this theme in our upstairs family room! Lovely space !!


  7. Oh yes. I've started too. Can't help it! It's the most wonderful time of the year ;-)

    1. Hi Carol! Once you start- well, you know ;) Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Courtney, every year I look forward to Christmas at your house and I'm so excited about this year. It looks like this year will be fabulous.

  9. Courtney, your tree is lovely! Am thinking of Christmas decorating myself.
    Happy decorating,
    Barb :)

  10. I am totally inspired! I love your vignettes!

    1. Thank you- vignettes are definitely a favorite of mine to create :)

  11. Already started some trees up and its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

  12. Courtney, what a gorgeous tree! I have been looking for a flocked tree and this one looks perfect.

    1. Sherry, it is truly my most favorite tree yet. I am actually thinking about ordering another one in a different size. Highly recommend it! :)

  13. Everything is looking stunning and gorgeous! Beautiful photo's!

  14. I love the tree! I noticed the reviews for other flocked trees from Balsam Hill noted how easily the "snow" came off. I love the look of this tree, but don't want to have flocking all over the floor and gifts. Hopefully they are using a better method and this one doesn't come off. Would appreciate your comments since you have it! Thank you! Love your blog, BTW!

    1. Thank you Linda! Well, yes and no. The flocking does come off while setting up and fluffing the tree- but once it's up- I haven't noticed much flaking off. It is a different type of flocking- it is not heavy heavy flocking like some trees- it is more of a 'dusting' of snow that seems to be less chunky. I love it- and for me, having flocked trees are worth the mess so I would recommend it. :) Hope that helps!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Thanks, Courtney. I was so hoping you would say that! Thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas!