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Blue & White Cottage Bedroom

It was a quiet morning morning yesterday.

One that was filled with the sound of Christmas music softly playing
the flicker of flames in the fireplace
a warm cup of coffee
and the glow of the Christmas tree twinkling next to me.

I love being up early and enjoying a quiet morning working, creating, dreaming, writing.
I am one of those types of people who would rather forgo sleep 
in order to enjoy an extra hour or two of quiet early in the morning.
Stupid? Probably.

Especially if I decided to climb out of bed at something like 3 in the morning
 to get my day started.
But the reward of having that little bit of extra time to quietly wake up
and get a little bit of work done is worth it.
You see, I am kind of a glutton for punishment.
I am a night owl who loves the solitude that late nights bring 
and an early bird who loves getting a head start of my day.

Sometimes I find myself up in the middle of the night thinking and planning
 and jotting things down. Like getting a guest room ready for the holidays and
 moving that piece here and pairing this pattern with that one.

 Like a blue & white ticking stripe
with a blue floral
and grainsack striped pillows.
With a Christmas tree glowing in the corner
and fresh garland draped on an old green door against the wall.

Maybe fresh wreaths hanging 
on the double sliding barn doors to welcome 

and a simple pitcher filled with sparse fresh clippings on the chest
for just enough of a cottage charm

A chunky, chunky knit blanket on the bed 
for that extra layer of warmth that the chilly nights bring

and maybe just maybe...
 a couple of presents that are waiting to be opened too.

This is a large bedroom that is out in the little cottage and
my middle son most recently lived out here before he moved to LA a couple of months ago
I haven't shared it before because well, frankly, it was man cave territory.
Manly posters, weights, a lovely vintage and not in a good way sofa and all the appropriate
teenage boy stuff. 
I thought about just how I would decorate this room when he moved but wasn't 100% sure
and so I waited for inspiration to step in.
Which literally happened while I was in Las Vegas at the Furniture Market and found that.bedding. 
which I schlepped home with me in my suitcase.

Yes, I guess it's true...
what happened in Vegas- didn't stay in Vegas

I am loving the mix of the ticking with the floral and grain sack stripes
and of course- that sweet fresh garland draped on the headboard just makes my heart swoon.

Big progress happening on a project this week over here- so exciting!

And it's the week before the week of Christmas.

And I have bought all of 5 gifts.

And haven't photographed 2 of the trees yet.

Or the rest of the cottage since it has literally been raining for days
and the lighting has left much to be desired.

On a side note: I think the drought might be over.

A cram packed week for sure with lots to share-
one might even involve a video. Yikes! ;)

I am off to grab another cup of coffee and get moving.

Happy Monday everyone!

You can shop the look here if you would like

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  1. Love Love Love the blue and white! A favorite of mine.

  2. Oh my ... just beautiful. Casual elegance :)

  3. SO pretty, that simple wreath is the perfect accent!

  4. I love this! I just want to grab a glass of hot tea, a novel and slip in that bed!

  5. Would love to be a Christmas guest in this room, it's truly a room to love.


  6. So Pretty! Would you happen to know where I could get the curtains :)

  7. Courtney, your home is so beautiful. I love seeing your photos and your wonderful decorating.

  8. Sooooo, are you accepting reservations?! If so, please add me to the list ... just warning you, though ... I won't want to leave !! It's all incredibly beautiful ... so serene ... inviting ... and, sure to make anyone relax and enjoy the holiday season !!

  9. I love it. The dresser is darling and the tree is so pretty.

  10. oh my ... so beautiful. At the end of your post you mentioned that we could shop the look ... but I do not see the link. i adore this and would love to buy some of the pieces!

    1. Hi Nancy Jean,
      Sometimes the widget just takes a long time to load- sorry about that! You can try refreshing the page if that happens- but here is a link to the 'get the look' bedding-

  11. Oh my Courtney...just gorgeous....I cannot imagine being a guest in that room surrounded by such beauty!...Glad the drought is over!

  12. This is serene and simple. Love the flocked tree with only lights very pretty.

  13. I too am a glutton for lack of sleep. I stay up entirely too late, then have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.
    Your bedroom looks like what I want mine to look like, but mine somehow ends up being where we stash Christmas gifts, clothes hanging to dry, and all of my sewing paraphernalia. I'm trying though...just need to find a spot to move everything too ;)

  14. I know what you mean sometimes when i wake up early i can't go back to sleep,ideas just keep coming.Love your bedroom and that lovely tree,thanks for sharing,have a great day.

  15. Very shappy chic, always love blue and white. Something about that always looks crisp and clean and very "crawl into me". Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays.

  16. As I read this about 4 am this inspired me to love the quiet...your bedding is beautiful!

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous guest room ( or cottage ) The bedding is so inviting and I love that you put a tree in there - pinning!