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DIY~ Cedar branch wreath

You might have noticed that I pretty much love using fresh greens
 for Christmas decorating in my home

For everything from dressing the mantels 

french country cottage DIY cedar branch wreath

to making my own simple fresh cedar wreaths.

You know those  unstructured and oh so pretty wreaths
that look like you just walked out into your yard
 filled a basket with  fresh cedar branches clipped from the trees 
and tied them all together?

Okay, well, yes, that is pretty much what I did
but seriously- they are so simple to make.

french country cottage DIY cedar branch wreath

 I just love the look of cedar leaves draping down and that softer shape
that these rustic wreaths have.
With nothing but a ribbon to accent it
they are perfectly charming in their simplicity
and you can make them into any custom size you would like.

If you don't have cedar trees- or are allergic like I am 
( yes, I know and yet I do it anyway)
You can use whatever type of fresh green you would like.

An easy place to find some loose branches?
The Christmas tree lots and places like Lowe's where they will trim
the bottoms of the cut Christmas trees and give away the loose branches.

You can use a wire wreath form if you would like- 
but I love the loose barely formed look
and the cedar draping down just makes it even better.
Since I only use the branches themselves as the wreath 'form' 
 that is how this tutorial is based.

What you need:

Fresh branches and small clippings
wire clippers

Start by separating your branches and clippings into large and smaller.
Start by taking the largest  of the loose branches 
and tie a piece of wire to it to start.
Don't cut the wire- you will want to keep it going as you wind 
around and attach each branch.

 As you work your way around the wreath and wind the wire- 
pull it tight and wind it around a couple of times each time to secure it better.

You can form a circle as you are going and you can also make the wreath totally custom in size.
With each new branch- start tying it about halfway down the previous one and keep going
and then do that again with the next. 
Eventually you will reach the first branch and will want to attach to that to form your wreath.

Don't cut the wire yet~
now it's time to fill in the wreath with smaller clippings
and branches to give it a nice fullness.
Simply wrap the wire around each one as you tuck them in.

Once you get the wreath as full as you like
simply clip your wire and twist to secure it.

french country cottage DIY cedar branch wreath

Then add a pretty ribbon bow 
and enjoy!

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in my post HERE if you missed it

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. VIOLA, I was already planning to create wreaths and now I have pictures to go with it. Merci for the wonderful tutorial.

  2. So so lovely! I just love the romantic casualness of that wreath. I just read you home tour, too, and every shot, as usual, left me saying "that's so beautiful!!"

  3. Love fresh greens for holiday decorating! =)


  4. LOVE the simplicity of this wreath....just placed cedar clippings all over my home...:)

  5. how simply pretty and smells so nice too!

  6. Great tips for making your own wreath. Thanks can't wait to try!

  7. Beautiful. I know. Lowes and home depot always give away the branches that they clip. Love it. I get stuff from them at Christmas all the time. Simple is perfect for me as well. Happy holidays!

  8. So nice you show the tutorial! Love your home too. Do you have any tips on keeping the fresh greenery from drying out? In especially interested in the bay leaf greenery on your mantle;)

  9. Love making my own wreaths, the less then perfect speaks to me.
    Your beauty here is holiday at its best.


  10. just found your blog it is so beautiful!!

  11. Courtney, the cedar wreath is so pretty especially with just the simple bow. Cedar is my favorite greens to decorate with. It all just fits in so naturally. Wouldn't you know, in a county that is famous for Cedar trees, I have not one in sight..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. Love it! I think I have a few cedar trees that need clipping! :o)

  13. This is just gorgeous Courtney - 100 times nicer than store bought wreaths - and going to Home Depot for the cuttings would bring such a Christmas-y smell into the house !
    Thanks for sharing - pinning now