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{DIY} Fresh Mixed Garland & Randomness

I cannot believe that Christmas is just 5 days away.

I seriously feel like the month of December
has absolutely flown by.

I promised a tutorial on DIY mixed garland... 
and here I am 5 days before Christmas and just now posting it.
So if anyone would like to add some fluff to their garland
before the holiday festivities~ here you go.
Seriously an easy project that looks like it would be super expensive
 but it's not.

DIY Mixed Garland

Here's what you need:

Pre-made fresh cedar garland (in the length of your choice)

Loose fresh bay branches (or other leaf branches)



The key to keeping this super easy and inexpensive
 is to start with a fresh garland that is pre-made.

I found fresh garland at Traders and at Lowe's this year. 
They ranged from 8'- 20' of gorgeous mixed pine and seeded cedar-
which has a really nice drape to it.

Honestly, most of the fresh garlands that you will find for around $10
are going to be a little on the sparse size and not going to be that big thick gigantic and full 
variety that you see the designers using.
No worries though- because it is super easy to give them a boost and
 make them as big as you would like.

 Double up your garland for an instant boost.
So take that 20' long piece and make it a 10'.  Instant oomph.

I almost always double the fresh garlands- whether I add to them or not.

On the living room mantel- I used fresh Bay branches.

But for this tutorial- I mostly used ligustrum clippings-
and yes- they are soaking wet in case you are noticing
we have had almost non-stop rain for.days.
I have also clipped boxwood and random other pretty greenery to mix in- 

There are no rules- just shop your yard and use what catches your eye.

Once you have your fresh leaf greens-
clip them to a length that they are not too long (but not too short)
 and then you can start tucking them into the cedar garland.
They don't need to be super full pieces you add in-  tips and sprayed out sparse
branches work well also.

Use the wire that is already there if you can. 
Sometimes you will need to wire the new branches in but other times you can simply slide the new branch right into the existing wiring- which is much easier if it works.

To attach without using the existing wire-
simply wrap a piece of wire around the new branch tying it to the existing garland-
similar as how I shared in the DIY wreath project.

You want to avoid tying down the loose cedar too much- so you might need to work around it a bit
and tuck the wire under a full piece.
Continue with the next addition piece
 and so on until your garland is fairly full and you have covered the whole length.

I always like to do a 'test' run with it
and place it on the mantel or staircase to see where it needs a little help
and where there are any bare spots.
Sometimes when the garland hangs- the pieces don't always
end up the way you first tied them in and you have spots that are 'branchy' and open
(like that one right behind the pinecones)

Add a little piece of greenery in after it is up if you like until it has the look you want
and then step back  and admire your gorgeous full garland
that cost you just around $10 and a little bit of diy time.

A couple Random  quick notes 
and then I am off to get a little bit of shopping done  ;)

Holiday Party Time 
I am hosting a Holiday Home Link party over at the HomeGoods blog this week. 
All Holiday all the time.
It is sure to be filled with inspiration- if you would like to join in and link up your own posts-
or just browse the links - you can find it here:
 Design Happys 2nd Annual Holiday Home Link Party

Behind the Scenes 
Behind the scenes on the blog stuff going on over the past couple weeks 
and for the next couple weeks. 
Some changes being made with how things are laid out, themes, placements, etc 
 I apologize for any inconvenience it might be causing you right now when you read
I know that sometimes things are looking wonky and not running right
and I appreciate your patience. 
Things will all be running smoothly again soon!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

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  1. These are great tips. Of course, we don't have the same greenery here in the Midwest as you have, but I totally get the idea of adding different sorts of stems to the already made garland. I have boxwood galore!

    Looking forward to your changes Courtney! Merry Christmas! Yes, just 5 days away! :)

    Jane xx

  2. Merry Christmas Courtney! I thank you for all of the inspiration!

  3. I needed these tips!!! Have fun shopping.

  4. Looks so pretty lucky you to have such an accommodating bannister, mine is solid, I have somehow managed to twist a fresh down the stairs! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas! Happy Christmas, Caroline

  5. Courtney, thanks for the great tips. Great idea to add in the fresh greenery. I need to do that here.
    Everything looks stunning! Merry Christmas!

  6. The prettiest mantle And garland seen. So lush and gorgeous! Love your home and blog! Merry Christmas!