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Random Saturday

Happy Saturday after Christmas!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
We have been taking it a little slow over here and regrouping after a busy couple of days. 
My boys and their girlfriends have been up this way for a visit and aside from 
 running the dishwasher 3 times a day ;) we have all been fairly lazy 
and enjoying eating leftovers, watching movies and spending time together.  

 I have also been working on a few projects and am busy jotting down ideas for next years posts
setting goals and dreaming about possibilities in 2015.
This week though, it's all about Christmas and a few random things from the past week

1. Christmas
My big kids {and my boys girlfriends } and one of my brothers and sister
and Sebastian on the floor ready to eat Santa.

Christmas was fun and super busy this year. We went to my moms house for a get together and played with my twin nieces and enjoyed a casual lunch. We also had fun laughing and goofing off when instead of our usual Karaoke- we played Heads Up which is super fun game that you download onto your phone or iPad.  Basically, get a few friends and family together and try it. So much fun.
 Act it Out is probably my favorite- absolutely hilarious.

My mom has been on Pinterest.
 It's not that exciting I suppose, but I have the type of parents that don't read my blog all the time because,  well that would require going on the internet.  ;)
 My mom is more of an instagram type of girl but using Pinterest?  Well that is pretty huge.  
Even better- she might be addicted now and even made a delicious crafty treat for Christmas inspired by it.
courtesy of Bakepedia
I should have taken a photo of the actual dessert as it was so cute but I was too busy enjoying it :)
So just  sharing a recipe (courtesy of Bakepedia) if you would like to try it.

3. New Year, New Look, New Moi

I mentioned earlier this week that there are some changes going on behind the scenes over here-but I wanted to mention it here as well just in case anyone is noticing crazy stuff.
 A new look, new ideas, new topics and changes in the overall. 
One of these days my blog might look a little different when you come by.
 It's a slow process as I change my mind often ;)
 but just a heads up so that if things are looking a little wonky for a bit and 
not running as smoothly as usual-  you'll know why.

4. New Years Eve 

Can you believe that it is almost 2015? 
Seriously. 2015. 
I honestly feel like we just celebrated the arrival of 2014
so I am kind of wondering where the year went.

It's that time of year for reflecting on the year and making goals for the coming year.
It also might involve a get together to ring in the New Year. 
Do you host a NYE party? 
I like to do something that is easy to put together but has the wow factor.
Something with a little glitz, a little glam and a whole lot of sparkle.
Will share a look back at a few ideas from last year and what I am thinking this year 
coming up this week.

5. After Christmas sales

Are you all shopped out? 
Me too, but I have a hard time resisting some major sales on some amazing things. 
So I am shopping a few favorites for After Christmas bargains and stocking up on things like new sheets and towels for the new year. So thought I would share a few that I am shopping.

JCPenney has a fantastic sale going on- and with an extra amount off- and they have a white sale going on. I am a little bit in love with fluffy white towels for sure.  

Macy's has some amazing deals- and an extra amount off clearance. Talking my lingo there.
Loving these boots- AND the price.

Target has an awesome sale and clearance going on. I might be stocking up on some holiday stuff for next year- oh and indulging in a few more sets of that gold flatware I am in love with.

Coming your way this week-
New Years Eve inspirations
Top 10 posts of 2014
Getting a little personal 
and so much more

Happy Random Saturday everyone!

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  1. You are so talented and I love you style and your blog! Thank you for being such an inspiration!
    Blessings for 2015! ~ Nina/ Farmhouse Junk

  2. I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas! I'm looking forward to the sales as well. And of course, your blog changes. Exciting!

    Jane x

  3. Glad to know you are enjoying family time. It's always a treat to visit French Country Cottage, Courtney. Looking forward to following along in 2015.

  4. Can`t wait to see your ideas for 2015... You inspired me so much in 2014! Thank you, Alexandra

  5. Hello Courtney,
    We've done the very same thing at our house. A little different - both my son and my son-in-law are Sheriff's Deputies and they had to work - we had an early Christmas lunch so that my son could be there. Dearest bought me some girly loungie pants - I suppose he was tired of me borrowing his - so it was fun taking it easy, enjoying the time together - with some good movies. I'm looking at some changes too and wondering about new areas to discuss on the blog - personal as well. I'm pretty excited about 2015 - I hope you have a blessed new year and I'm looking forward to seeing your changes.

  6. Looking forward to your 2015 creativity. When I click on the link for your gold flatware, I get the boots linked to Macy's. Can you offer a different link? Thank You!

  7. All I know is that I love looking at your images, Courtney! With a family at home I have no idea how you find the time to take them all, but I'm so glad you do : )